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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Business man's load at the urinal

Today I decided that it was a good one to head over to my old stomping grounds.

There is a tearoom in the neighborhood that I would see people at occasionally and today I made that my destination.

Taking the elevator up to the floor, I exited and it appeared that no one was around. That can be advantageous if the tearoom is occupied.
I headed inside and saw a stall door closed. Well, when I tried the handle, it was unlocked and empty. Okay.

Knowing it could be just a matter of time, I headed out into the main area.
Sitting in a lounge chair was a young dark haired guy in a business suit. He was on the phone but I caught a glimpse as I walked out.
Stopping by a doorway, I pulled out my phone and checked a few sites.

Soon enough, he hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom.

Not being 100% sure, I gave him time to have settled in or be on the way out.

As I walked in he was at the urinals. I took one nearby and set down my backpack.
I looked over and he was also looking over...and since it was long enough and he was not moving, I pulled back a bit and let him see my hard cock going back into my briefs.

Right away he made a move and I could see him holding a nice cut cock.

Smooth, with a nice mushroom head. He stroked a bit and I walked over to him and asked if he liked being sucked.
He was not opposed but seemed nervous. I told him about the empty stall, and he said it was good at the urinal.
I am not one to argue when a hard cock in right there.

As he was stroking, I got down on my knees and told him that he could cum on my face. He smiled and nodded.
Then he got down to really stroking out a load. At one point I had my mouth open and gave the head of his cock a quick flick.

As I was watching the precum ooze and form a glistening lube on the head, I bent my neck back to give him a full canvas of beard to aim for.

He started to cum and I was able to catch the first drops on my lower lip, and the rest went onto my lower lip and the sides of my mouth. Some even slid into my mouth as he was stroking out the last drop.

Once he was done, I was already licking my lips and stood up to swipe the rest into my mouth.

I headed to the sinks and mirror and could see that I missed a few spurts and took care of them.
Before we left I made a point of thanking him for the load and he smiled.

Maybe I will have to try this tearoom more often...

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