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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tahoe skiing - minor accident but doing ok

So we came up to South Lake Tahoe on Wednesday and have been skiing.

There are some very hot men, as you would expect. We lived in Aspen for a few years and know the best spots are the ski in/out bars and even the bathrooms are good for catching hot cock and watching the guys get hard.
I of course was wearing my cock ring...just in case.

Well, that was a fine idea until yesterday when I took nasty falls on a powder slope and the second one put me in Urgent Care and now in a brace. I will be on crutches for a few days until we get back to the city and see what the real damage is.
Some friends asked about my lunches and it was discussed that NOTHING stops me from getting to a hot load - as you know.

My husband was laughing because my doctor in Urgent Care was HOT and I was still trying to flirt.
Large hands, a bit of grey in the hair, tall and no wedding ring.
On the way to the clinic I took my cock ring off in the car since I knew they would need to see my legs.
After I was on my back the doctor asked if I could take off the sweats to see my leg and I said "Sure, but there is nothing underneath...ok!"
He left and then came back...but not before I tried to be sure the PA would show when he tried to move my leg.

Today I am in the house and hope to get out know I am on the lookout for any tearooms or possibility of straight or horny gay cock.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The tearoom text and the three guys

Electronics can really be a cum pig's friend. Amazing how simple they make it to meet, find, finish and in many cases record for the masses...

Due to some occupation issues and my video cam being on the blink I have been out of the loop, so to speak, for a couple of weeks now. Of course, when you have a hot horny husband to keep your holes filled it is nice to take a break sometimes too.

Friday I had a text from a tearoom buddy and we did indeed hope to work it out but I was too busy and it got to be too late. I had a cocktail party to attend at a location that has been featured in some of my videos. With that hook-up delayed, we took a raincheck.
Fast forward to today.
I was at my desk and had the message "want to try today?" Ok, I was in the mood and had some time for lunch.
When it was time to leave I texted him back and we agreed on the tearoom spot.

I got there and two stalls were occupied...ok, which is my buddy?
I went into the third stall and my phone signals that I have a text. The message was from my buddy saying that he was in the 1st stall. Well, I was in the third - which I relayed back.
We both noted that the center stall guy was apparently cruising and at that point I said fine with me if we want to all play.
Of course that is when a fourth guy came in. Whodathought....
Now we are all wondering who is into what and I text back to my buddy that if the newbie is not into anything I am up for leaving to another floor.
Well, guess what??? I not only already know but have also done the fourth guy, so we are all good to go.
Stall #2 (center for those following the flow chart) gets on his knees and goes towards my buddy.
Stall #4 wants to be patient and check out the action. OK, I can be patient.
Then stall #2 comes my way and (dramatic pause) take a wild guess....
Yes, I know him too. He has fucked my ass in the same tearoom.

Someone walks in and we all have to stop - then after the coast is clear once again I get the offer from stall #2 that signals a fuck is an option.
Now, you all know I do not pass up a cock and load in general, so when I have a load ready to blow in my ass and two others watching I am up for it.
I get down on my knees and turn to the wall to present my ass to him. He lines up for the entry and I postion for the cock - and in he slides.
After some hot and quick fucking he is blowing a HUGE load loose into my ass. I can feel the volume and the others can hear his orgasm - of course anyone walking by in the hall would have wondered what the hell was that noise in a bathroom.

He is done and heads out. Now there is a vacant spot near the guy I was I text him and say "take his place?" He says sure, and I head over.
Stall #4 takes my spot and we are now three horny guys in a row. Two have seen me get fucked and know I am hungry for more.
I kneel down and my text buddy gives me his cock...tasty, thick and full of cum.
We are both up for some action and already know the other guy is watching. Not long after I have his cock buried in my mouth and working his cock over, he is ready to blow.
I lean down and let him fill my mouth and put that hot thick load all over my lips.
It is awesome to get a tearoom load but even hotter to feel such thick, sweet cum just coating your lips and mouth - that is the cum this guy shoots.
I smile up at him after he unloads it all and then go back to my stall.
I clean up the little bit that gravity took to the floor - YES, I know that it is crime to waste but even more of a crime to leave evidence to annoy the straight people.
As I am wiping, I see stall #3 cleaning up the mess he made by losing a load on the floor. I would have taken it but he seemed to enjoy the two shows and that is fine.

As we are heading out I had a chance to say thanks to my text buddy and we talked about the irony of not only having to text in a tearoom but that I knew everyone and we all had a very hot tearoom encounter.
Until next time...and when I get my new video cam....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hung blond chokes me with his massive cock

This has been a great week for the booths...

Today I was done with finally processing some reports and took a break. It was a cold San Francisco afternoon and I thought some guys may be wanting to stay indoors and shoot some cum, so of course I headed to my favorite bookstore.
Once I got inside there were a few hot men walking around but all glory hole booths were full.

Finally I happen to see this hot guy standing in the height, facial hair, blond and smiling. We passed by each other a few times but never seemed to connect. Then I see MrMintyFresh from my two previous visits.
Well today he was in the mood for some fresh mouth but I saw him go into a glory hole booth. As luck would have it the blond went into the other one before I could make it over.
At first I thought "what, did I just get cut off in traffic?"
I bowed out and took another lap. On my second trek around (all of 30 seconds) I tried the doorknob of the blond. It was locked but then I heard a click. I opened the door and he signaled me in.

All I can say is WOW! If that grows I will be choking!!

Before I could even get his cock in my mouth he was pulling up my shirt and commenting on the chest hair. I was hoping that he was not into sucking because all I wanted to do was swallow every inch and his load.
Right away I got on my knees and took the plunge...literally. I took his cock to the base in one swallow just to feel it and he was a bit shocked based on his intake of breath.
Well, that set the tone for the next five minutes of intense cock swallowing, gagging and slurping deep throat action.

Once he knew what I wanted and could do he pulled out a leather cock ring and put it on. I took off my shirt because if he was going to blast that load I wanted to see it. Then I got down to business.
After that first deep throat and no gag I was ready to work it all the way and take it all.
As some of you know, I don't like to gag but it happens and this guy got hard each time.
There are guys out there that have the cocks for gagging and it scares some, which means they don't get the satisfaction of really fucking a face. I have some friends that comment when they see me swallow something that large that it is obvious I am in my utopia.

I set to work on making sure he had the most intense deep throat I could. Swallow it to the base, and then pull of to stroke the shaft was only one of the techniques we used...
Since we were in a well lighted booth I asked if we would like to use my video cam to take some video and he said sure.

This guy really got into me staying down to his balls often and a few times I felt his head push that extra inch and open my throat for him. On a couple of those head bursting moments I made sure to keep it there and use my throat to milk his cock.
This cock was large enough that when I took it all and then came back up for air there was that hot throat spooge that you get and it was hot to see the thin stream of clear spooge coating his head and shaft.
While I was working his cock I reached down to start stroking my cock and he encouraged me to work it.
I was in my element working a load out and he was getting close. I pulled his cock into my throat, let that head open up the extra inch. I pulled off and he took the opportunity to really fuck my mouth for a bit. Not too long because he was close and I was stroking my cock - we both needed to drop a load.

When he was ready to let loose he let me know and I leaned back to take it.
There was a few drops that hit my chest and then it came out onto my goatee and lips. Thick and white and so delicious.
There was enough that I used some of his cum to stroke my cock even more.
He kept the cum oozing and I was stroking my cock and leaning back to savor the flavor.
Then I shot my second load of the day all over my own shaft and pubes ( I was planning to let it all dry in my jock over the rest of the day).
After we both finished off he looked for a business card but I gave him mine...after all a repeat is fine with me and my husband has a fetish for hairy blond guys.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The scrucnchie cockring on the largest cock

Ok, they say that necessity is the mother of invention and I think that today I swallowed the proud cock of the papa. One of that largest cocks I have seen go from soft to hard was proudly sporting a beige scrunchie for his cock ring.
I can only hope that it was in the car, he got extra horny and his wife will never know how it was if you only want to hear about the scrunchie proceed down to HUGE COCK - #2.
And for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, a scrunchie is the elastic cloth protected rubber ring that women wear to make a ponytail...but of course if you have a huge cock it can be a great last minute "pop into the bookstore and get a blowjob" cock ring.

I had to kill some time before going into the Castro and thought it was a good time to check out the hill again ( my fave glory hole spot). I had been there yesterday after a long absence and figured that I should give another shot.
Boy am I glad I did...

Those of you that follow often will recall MrMintyFresh from yesterday. Well as luck would have it, he was horny two days in a row.
He asked how my eye was and I said it was fine and then told him that the load he gave me was worth it. He smiled and we went our separate ways.
As you know, I don't mind repeats and in many cases I love to get the same guy so I can relax and know what he likes and how to get the best load possible.
After a lap around I went into one of the more private booths with no glory hole.

OK David - pick yourself up off the floor and take a deep breath - yes, sometimes I want to just give all my attention to a hot cock with no voyeurs or distractions.

MrMintyFresh followed and asked if it was ok...I smiled and said absolutely.
We got the door shut and I was working his belt to get it off.
Right away he was rock hard and I was ready to work another load out.
This time he wanted a thorough ball swallowing and ass tongue tickle too which I was happy to provide. After all I already knew the load I was going to swallow or wear would be substantial.
Today it was a bit longer but oh did he want to give me his cum. I told him that he could give me the load where he chose.
When it was time to blow, I was leaning back with my mouth open to catch every drop of sperm. He obliged and shot one spurt after another into my mouth.
We both stood up, put our cocks away and after another thank you from him he was out the door.
Now on to Mr. Scrunchie.


Before MrMintyFresh gave me a second load of the week I had seen a very hot older gentlemen walking around. I tried to get his attention but he was either on a trail of someone or not sure.
After I took the first load and was walking around I needed to adjust my cock (I was beyond rock hard after two days of sucking AND taking MrMinty again!). Well apparently seeing me with a cock shoved up got this guys attention. I went to a glory hole booth and he went right into the next one.
The guy was mid to late 40's, clean cut, light dusting of silver in the hair, loafers, sport coat and I think a sweater.
Once he pulled out his cock it was about 5 inches and very soft. He did seem a bit more nervous and I always assume that guys will grow.
He put his cock through the hole and I began to work on it.
I know that a soft cock likes to feel warm and wet to get growing so I kept up my mouth and tongue action while keeping every inch in my mouth. Sure enough he began to grow. Every minute or so he would moan and pull back, pause and let me work it over again.
That was fine with me since I was getting it harder each time, and it was getting more spit soaked and I think he got off on seeing my spit all over his shaft. As he got larger and longer I started taking him further down my throat and couple of times had my mouth all the way down to his balls and pubes.
I could see that beige scrunchie right before my eyes.
After a few more minutes of that I asked if he wanted a booth to share and he said that he liked the holes. OK, fine with me.
Then he put his now 9+ inches of rock hard cock in the hole. I was swallowing him to the bone and he would pull back until I had the head in my lips. I kept using my tongue to work him to a frenzy and keep him oozing precum.
This was one load I was NOT going to let walk away.
At one point pulled out and stepped back... he was breathing a bit heavy and I was waiting...then he leaned down and asked if he could cum in my mouth. HELL YES!
That was the answer he wanted and I knew his load was mine.

He shoved that cock through and I did what I love to do and after a couple more minutes we both had our reward.
I had 5 - 6 massive shots of cum filling my mouth and swallowed it quick as I could...and I knew he would like it so when I swallowed the first shots of cum I then went down to the balls with my throat and let him send the last few drops right down my throat.
He pulled out and all he said was "that was awesome" and I had to agree.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The mushroom head and minty fresh breath load

I decided it was time to check out the glory hole booths again today. The tearooms are still busy but with the holiday season in full swing the retail stalls are being used by the straight guys not looking to get blown.

When I first arrived I ran into my park buddy from way back when. He mentioned that a hot guy was around and I said a three way could be hot.
The guy he wanted to play with was not as interested so I went on my way for a bit and wandered around.
I came to a door that was unlocked and when I opened it there was a hot dark haired guy obviously shoving his cock through the hole.
He nodded for me to come in and join him so I did. When I got into the booth I reached down and he pulled his cock out of the hole. Wow!
Massively nice large mushroom head, shaft about the same size as me and easily 7 inches of horny cock. I went right down and took his head down my throat.
Well, he had been sucked but was primed for me and I was hungry (extra horny today for some reason...had gotten well and truly fucked before work and shot a huge weekend load).
It was not long at all before he was telling me that he was about to cum and I just moaned around his cock and kept swallowing. He let loose a sweet tasting load that I kept in my mouth for a second and swallowed it all down. He smiled from ear to ear and said thanks, which I said right back and told him that it was my pleasure.

So after that I ran into my park buddy in the halls again and he pulled me into one of the booths. There was no hole but he could tell I was hungry and he wanted to get rock hard so we could hunt some more. He has a THICK cock, long and throat filling with full set of semi smooth balls. I went down on his cock and was swallowing like I was a drowning man and his cock was a breathing tube.
He commented that I was obviously hungry and suggested we find another cock for me to suck.
We went to one of the glory hole booths and the guy he wanted to three way with at first was in the other booth. My park buddy was primed to let me put on a hot show and get our third to join in. Well, sometimes a guy just wants to watch and that is all he wanted. We put our cocks away and went back into the hallway.
Just before we went in I happened to see my older suit buddy that has been profiled int my posts earlier. He always has minty fresh breath and comes with a cock that is mushroom head topped, thick shaft and loves to shoot huge loads that have a tendency to choke me they are so thick.

As my park buddy and I were going into another booth I saw Mr.MintyFresh and he joined me in a booth. Before I shut the door I motioned Park Buddy to join and we all got in.
Right away I was getting Minty's cock out and Park was already out. Since these were both guys I knew I was ready for a very intense mouth fucking. Minty likes to be deep throated without coming up for air and that is what I did.
I let the two of them direct who was being sucked and they took the initiative each time. I was being directed from one cock to the next, back and forth, back and forth.
Finally MintyFresh said he was getting close and asked if I wanted it. I said yes, all over me - I had taken my shirt off because I knew how thick ParkBuddy cums and I was wearing a dark shirt.
WELLLLL, as I said, his loads are thick but this was a first time for me not to take it down my throat. His first shot went from my chin to my eyebrow..directly up the right side of my face. It was heavy and I knew it was white and thick. His other shots were right along the same direction. I almost blew my load right there.
After he shot and was catching his breath he used his thumb to let me see out of my right eye.
I never fault a guy for shooting into my eye - you just never know where that cum will fly sometimes. He was apologizing for the aim and I said no worries...I wanted it and I got it.
ParkBuddy had a tissue and was about to wipe my face for me. I said it was fine and then he asked if I wanted to walk out that way...sure I said and he wanted a picture of it ...he said it was thick and hot.
I put my jacket on, grabbed my shirt (did not put it on) and we found a booth with a light on. He tried to get a shot with my camera but it was not easy...if I can get a couple shots I will post them later.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time for a break...then I took his load and another on my ass.

Ok, some friends have even asked my husband if I broke my jaw or some other tragic event that stopped me from servicing the public...nope, just been extra busy looking for a new job in the current economy.
Well, it was time for a break from that and time to get back to my cock hunting!
And by the way, yes that is a beard I am growing - trying to see if I like a goatee or beard (comment if you care to).

Many of you will recall the tearoom incident that I shared with two buddies that had their own reasons for wanting to see me in action and taking a video. The camera man that day is back in town for a couple of weeks and wanted to arrange something again. I said that was perfect and we started planning.
As anyone that has ever tried to herd chickens, cats or cocks can attest there is always something that goes wrong or not as planned.
My buddy had sent my pic and info to two friends of his and shared their pics with me. These two guys were going to fuck my ass full of cum, he was going to film it and then share his load all over my ass.
When the day of the cumfest arrived I got in touch with another buddy that has a nice locking bathroom near his office and he agreed to meet us.
In the end, the two fuckers (no pun intended!)bailed/flaked/no showed...however you want to phrase it - I was not privy to the reason but they missed out.
The camera buddy was still interested and so was my other buddy so we three met up.

We went into the bathroom, shut the door and I handed over my video camera.
I got down on my knees, sucked that nice soft cock into my mouth and started my role as cocksucker. When I am able to meet up with a guy more than once I try to be sure and do what they like most and this guy likes to have me work his nipples and in the past he would tweak mine.
He knows that my nipples are connected to my throat and cock which he uses to his benefit. Once he is fully rock hard it is a hefty piece and fits right down my throat.
So after a couple of minutes of working his cock, I was rewarded with a full rock hard cock and my camera guy was really getting into watching and taping.
This was the first time I sucked my regular buddy off with someone else there and capturing it on cam. Quite a while back he and I met up alone and took some video, but I think he really got into having a third cock being stroked and watching because it was not long before I felt that well known twitch of his shaft and swelling of the head before he moaned and dump his load into my mouth.

I am not usually a fan of the porn guys that will let a guy shoot his load but then they just let it all run out of their mouth. For this one video I did open my mouth to show the cum and some dribbled...DAMN, a waste of any cum is a tragedy and if I don't know what has been on the floor I will not lick the cum up, anywhere else that I have the control and oh yes, you know I will swoop down and savor every drop.

Once I swallowed the cum down, I turned and asked if my camera guy was still interested in shooting his load all over my ass.
YES! He was and his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas.
He was stroking his cock the entire time I was sucking my buddy and it was not long before he let a nice thick load start to coat my hairy ass cheeks. Sometimes it is a huge turn on to feel the warm splash of fresh semen hitting your cheeks - face or ass.
In the past I would use his cum to jack my cock off and then lick my fingers clean to taste his spooge and mine mixed.
This time though I just wiped all of his cum onto my ass and cock before pulling my jeans back up and heading back outside.

Walking down the street and watching the video we had just taken I counted 4 good cum shots hitting my ass...HOT to know I was walking downtown by all the business suits and cocks reeking of sex and cum.