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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time for a break...then I took his load and another on my ass.

Ok, some friends have even asked my husband if I broke my jaw or some other tragic event that stopped me from servicing the public...nope, just been extra busy looking for a new job in the current economy.
Well, it was time for a break from that and time to get back to my cock hunting!
And by the way, yes that is a beard I am growing - trying to see if I like a goatee or beard (comment if you care to).

Many of you will recall the tearoom incident that I shared with two buddies that had their own reasons for wanting to see me in action and taking a video. The camera man that day is back in town for a couple of weeks and wanted to arrange something again. I said that was perfect and we started planning.
As anyone that has ever tried to herd chickens, cats or cocks can attest there is always something that goes wrong or not as planned.
My buddy had sent my pic and info to two friends of his and shared their pics with me. These two guys were going to fuck my ass full of cum, he was going to film it and then share his load all over my ass.
When the day of the cumfest arrived I got in touch with another buddy that has a nice locking bathroom near his office and he agreed to meet us.
In the end, the two fuckers (no pun intended!)bailed/flaked/no showed...however you want to phrase it - I was not privy to the reason but they missed out.
The camera buddy was still interested and so was my other buddy so we three met up.

We went into the bathroom, shut the door and I handed over my video camera.
I got down on my knees, sucked that nice soft cock into my mouth and started my role as cocksucker. When I am able to meet up with a guy more than once I try to be sure and do what they like most and this guy likes to have me work his nipples and in the past he would tweak mine.
He knows that my nipples are connected to my throat and cock which he uses to his benefit. Once he is fully rock hard it is a hefty piece and fits right down my throat.
So after a couple of minutes of working his cock, I was rewarded with a full rock hard cock and my camera guy was really getting into watching and taping.
This was the first time I sucked my regular buddy off with someone else there and capturing it on cam. Quite a while back he and I met up alone and took some video, but I think he really got into having a third cock being stroked and watching because it was not long before I felt that well known twitch of his shaft and swelling of the head before he moaned and dump his load into my mouth.

I am not usually a fan of the porn guys that will let a guy shoot his load but then they just let it all run out of their mouth. For this one video I did open my mouth to show the cum and some dribbled...DAMN, a waste of any cum is a tragedy and if I don't know what has been on the floor I will not lick the cum up, anywhere else that I have the control and oh yes, you know I will swoop down and savor every drop.

Once I swallowed the cum down, I turned and asked if my camera guy was still interested in shooting his load all over my ass.
YES! He was and his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas.
He was stroking his cock the entire time I was sucking my buddy and it was not long before he let a nice thick load start to coat my hairy ass cheeks. Sometimes it is a huge turn on to feel the warm splash of fresh semen hitting your cheeks - face or ass.
In the past I would use his cum to jack my cock off and then lick my fingers clean to taste his spooge and mine mixed.
This time though I just wiped all of his cum onto my ass and cock before pulling my jeans back up and heading back outside.

Walking down the street and watching the video we had just taken I counted 4 good cum shots hitting my ass...HOT to know I was walking downtown by all the business suits and cocks reeking of sex and cum.


helloworld said...

the beard looks really good on you. but you could do wrong i suppose, in terms of facial hair. but don't shave it all off! that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

wow I'm loving your blog, new fan here!:)