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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The tearoom text and the three guys

Electronics can really be a cum pig's friend. Amazing how simple they make it to meet, find, finish and in many cases record for the masses...

Due to some occupation issues and my video cam being on the blink I have been out of the loop, so to speak, for a couple of weeks now. Of course, when you have a hot horny husband to keep your holes filled it is nice to take a break sometimes too.

Friday I had a text from a tearoom buddy and we did indeed hope to work it out but I was too busy and it got to be too late. I had a cocktail party to attend at a location that has been featured in some of my videos. With that hook-up delayed, we took a raincheck.
Fast forward to today.
I was at my desk and had the message "want to try today?" Ok, I was in the mood and had some time for lunch.
When it was time to leave I texted him back and we agreed on the tearoom spot.

I got there and two stalls were occupied...ok, which is my buddy?
I went into the third stall and my phone signals that I have a text. The message was from my buddy saying that he was in the 1st stall. Well, I was in the third - which I relayed back.
We both noted that the center stall guy was apparently cruising and at that point I said fine with me if we want to all play.
Of course that is when a fourth guy came in. Whodathought....
Now we are all wondering who is into what and I text back to my buddy that if the newbie is not into anything I am up for leaving to another floor.
Well, guess what??? I not only already know but have also done the fourth guy, so we are all good to go.
Stall #2 (center for those following the flow chart) gets on his knees and goes towards my buddy.
Stall #4 wants to be patient and check out the action. OK, I can be patient.
Then stall #2 comes my way and (dramatic pause) take a wild guess....
Yes, I know him too. He has fucked my ass in the same tearoom.

Someone walks in and we all have to stop - then after the coast is clear once again I get the offer from stall #2 that signals a fuck is an option.
Now, you all know I do not pass up a cock and load in general, so when I have a load ready to blow in my ass and two others watching I am up for it.
I get down on my knees and turn to the wall to present my ass to him. He lines up for the entry and I postion for the cock - and in he slides.
After some hot and quick fucking he is blowing a HUGE load loose into my ass. I can feel the volume and the others can hear his orgasm - of course anyone walking by in the hall would have wondered what the hell was that noise in a bathroom.

He is done and heads out. Now there is a vacant spot near the guy I was I text him and say "take his place?" He says sure, and I head over.
Stall #4 takes my spot and we are now three horny guys in a row. Two have seen me get fucked and know I am hungry for more.
I kneel down and my text buddy gives me his cock...tasty, thick and full of cum.
We are both up for some action and already know the other guy is watching. Not long after I have his cock buried in my mouth and working his cock over, he is ready to blow.
I lean down and let him fill my mouth and put that hot thick load all over my lips.
It is awesome to get a tearoom load but even hotter to feel such thick, sweet cum just coating your lips and mouth - that is the cum this guy shoots.
I smile up at him after he unloads it all and then go back to my stall.
I clean up the little bit that gravity took to the floor - YES, I know that it is crime to waste but even more of a crime to leave evidence to annoy the straight people.
As I am wiping, I see stall #3 cleaning up the mess he made by losing a load on the floor. I would have taken it but he seemed to enjoy the two shows and that is fine.

As we are heading out I had a chance to say thanks to my text buddy and we talked about the irony of not only having to text in a tearoom but that I knew everyone and we all had a very hot tearoom encounter.
Until next time...and when I get my new video cam....

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