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Monday, December 8, 2008

The mushroom head and minty fresh breath load

I decided it was time to check out the glory hole booths again today. The tearooms are still busy but with the holiday season in full swing the retail stalls are being used by the straight guys not looking to get blown.

When I first arrived I ran into my park buddy from way back when. He mentioned that a hot guy was around and I said a three way could be hot.
The guy he wanted to play with was not as interested so I went on my way for a bit and wandered around.
I came to a door that was unlocked and when I opened it there was a hot dark haired guy obviously shoving his cock through the hole.
He nodded for me to come in and join him so I did. When I got into the booth I reached down and he pulled his cock out of the hole. Wow!
Massively nice large mushroom head, shaft about the same size as me and easily 7 inches of horny cock. I went right down and took his head down my throat.
Well, he had been sucked but was primed for me and I was hungry (extra horny today for some reason...had gotten well and truly fucked before work and shot a huge weekend load).
It was not long at all before he was telling me that he was about to cum and I just moaned around his cock and kept swallowing. He let loose a sweet tasting load that I kept in my mouth for a second and swallowed it all down. He smiled from ear to ear and said thanks, which I said right back and told him that it was my pleasure.

So after that I ran into my park buddy in the halls again and he pulled me into one of the booths. There was no hole but he could tell I was hungry and he wanted to get rock hard so we could hunt some more. He has a THICK cock, long and throat filling with full set of semi smooth balls. I went down on his cock and was swallowing like I was a drowning man and his cock was a breathing tube.
He commented that I was obviously hungry and suggested we find another cock for me to suck.
We went to one of the glory hole booths and the guy he wanted to three way with at first was in the other booth. My park buddy was primed to let me put on a hot show and get our third to join in. Well, sometimes a guy just wants to watch and that is all he wanted. We put our cocks away and went back into the hallway.
Just before we went in I happened to see my older suit buddy that has been profiled int my posts earlier. He always has minty fresh breath and comes with a cock that is mushroom head topped, thick shaft and loves to shoot huge loads that have a tendency to choke me they are so thick.

As my park buddy and I were going into another booth I saw Mr.MintyFresh and he joined me in a booth. Before I shut the door I motioned Park Buddy to join and we all got in.
Right away I was getting Minty's cock out and Park was already out. Since these were both guys I knew I was ready for a very intense mouth fucking. Minty likes to be deep throated without coming up for air and that is what I did.
I let the two of them direct who was being sucked and they took the initiative each time. I was being directed from one cock to the next, back and forth, back and forth.
Finally MintyFresh said he was getting close and asked if I wanted it. I said yes, all over me - I had taken my shirt off because I knew how thick ParkBuddy cums and I was wearing a dark shirt.
WELLLLL, as I said, his loads are thick but this was a first time for me not to take it down my throat. His first shot went from my chin to my eyebrow..directly up the right side of my face. It was heavy and I knew it was white and thick. His other shots were right along the same direction. I almost blew my load right there.
After he shot and was catching his breath he used his thumb to let me see out of my right eye.
I never fault a guy for shooting into my eye - you just never know where that cum will fly sometimes. He was apologizing for the aim and I said no worries...I wanted it and I got it.
ParkBuddy had a tissue and was about to wipe my face for me. I said it was fine and then he asked if I wanted to walk out that way...sure I said and he wanted a picture of it ...he said it was thick and hot.
I put my jacket on, grabbed my shirt (did not put it on) and we found a booth with a light on. He tried to get a shot with my camera but it was not easy...if I can get a couple shots I will post them later.

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Danny said...

Walking out with jizz on your face is about the most ballsy thing I have never done!

HOT story and I hope you post a couple shots.