My favorite snack

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working on 9 x 5

I was exiting the showers when I saw a young bearded guy walking to the lockers.  He was dressed in street clothes, but I saw a huge bulge in his pants.
As I stood at the sink, he began to strip down... and I was treated to a spectacular ass view.
He leaned over to pull off his pants, and that gave me an unobstructed view of his low hanging balls, thick cock and tight puckered hairy hole.   FUCK.

Young, shaved head, and bearded lean swimmer build.  Just enough hair on his chest to be sexy, and that lovely trail of hair that surrounds the ass crack.

He put on a towel and went into the steam. 

During this time of day it can be rather slow at the gym, especially in bad weather. 

I had time, so I grabbed a new towel and went in.   He was seated on the bench, towel open and a good thick six inches of cock laying between his legs.

Now, I have seen him before but never had an opportunity to be alone, so I played it cool and just sat on my towel...dropped open, of course.

After a couple of minutes I saw him stroking his cock.  Damn, that grew! 

He was now pulling on at least 8, maybe 9 cut inches and thick - at least 5 inches around, if not closer to 6.

I scooted over, reach out my hand and gave it a few strokes.  Then, I could not help myself...I had to swallow it.
He did not object, and when I actually had about 7 inches down my throat he was letting out a low moan.

Knowing the locker room was empty, I shifted around to let my throat open more and shoved another inch down. 
Now he was really moaning and let me take over. 

My hand could barely fit around the shaft, so I was in my element and just used my mouth and throat to coax and slide all of him into my mouth.
At one point I had all that would fit, and there was still an inch left...he was that rock hard and thick.

No matter, I just took it and kept swallowing. 

Now that I felt his shaft twitching and his moaning was louder, I got right down on my knees between his legs and slid his entire cock into my waiting throat.
He shuddered a bit, and when I pull back and used my hand that was all it took.... and I knew the load about to boil up.

I slid the swollen head and shaft back in my mouth, and he let loose. 

His balls slid up towards his body, and I could feel spurt after spurt leaving his nuts and blasting out of the head onto my tongue. 

After about 4 or 5 thick cum shots, he sighed and I let his cock slide off my tongue.  I used my fist and milked the shaft, to be rewarded with a few extra drops of his nectar.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who can pass up two loads...

There are days when all I want is to give a hot guy a fast, quick no string blow and go.

This was a great day for it.  Who can pass up two loads?

I logged into a cruising app and saw that someone was headed to a local tearoom.  It was close enough that I figured our timing my work out.

When I walked in the last stall was already occupied, and I took the next one. 
Because the floor is marble and polished, you can check out the other guys without much difficulty.  I saw that the other guy was hot, young and bearded.
After seeing him checking me out, I reached my fingers under the stall wall to let him know I was there for the same thing.

He stood up and started stroking.  I got on my knees and motioned for him to come to the wall.
I slid my head under enough, and he slid his cock into my waiting mouth.

Easily an 8 incher, hot bulbous mushroom head and rock hard.  DAMN.

Using my hand to stroke him a bit, I also angled my head to let his natural curve slide into my throat.  This also let me see and cup his hairy ball sac.

I went back and forth between sliding every inch possible, and just using my hand to edge him.

Once I heard his breathing begin to get heavier, I knew it was not going to be long.

Suddenly his cock throbbed, grew and he let out a moan...and his load blew out of his piss slit right into my mouth.
I could feel the volume, and the I was able to taste the nectar.   Sweet, thick and milky.  Awesome.

Wham, bam, done.  Perfect.  

As we exited, I asked if he had been on the app and he said yes.  I told him my online name, and he has seen the, there may be another meet up soon.

Now onto the second load....

You know how it can be when you have a taste of cum, and it just makes you crave more.

With that first fast load still lingering on my tongue I walked a block over and thought I would check out the other tearooms before hopping on the bus.

I saw a cute young bearded cub checking me out, and decided to see if I could get his cock.  There was too much foot traffic going on, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.
Leading the way, I headed out onto the street and took him a block away to a bathroom that has been perfect in the past.

We walked in to an empty bathroom. Perfect.
I checked the only closed stall door and it was vacant.  At that point I just pulled out my cock at the urinal and he followed suit.

He could not be over 25, about my height and he was packing a hefty 7 inch cock, mushroom head and some heavy balls hanging down low.

Not wasting time, I pulled his head into my mouth and worked my tongue around the shaft.  Once I had a taste of his cock, I was ready to pull a load out of him.

Holding his balls, and using my hand to stroke him I milked him for a few seconds and then had to deep throat.  Damn, it was silky smooth shaft of hot cock and his head filled my throat.

It was not long before he told me that he was close.  I took that as my cue to go right back down and take it.

Seconds later I was rewarded with a large hot volley of spunk being shot onto my tongue and down my throat.  Being young, he was definitely full of cum and it seemed to keep spilling out.
I swallowed every drop, and let his spent cock slide off of my tongue.  

As we were putting out cocks back in our jeans, he asked if I had been there before and I told him that I found that bathroom a few years earlier and it was a scene for a video.
He mentioned that I looked familiar from my videos, so I told him that if he wanted to meet up again just send me a note and we could make one....

Stay tuned....  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two young men load me up

A few months ago I was on my way to breed a hot ass in the financial district.  On my way, I had an online message from a young guy that knows my xtube work.

Early 20's, tall swimmer's build, uncut and hung.  We went back and forth a few times trying to connect...and then this weekend it clicked.

By chance we met face to face, and later that day I had a quick sample of his uncut cock.

He and his boyfriend told me that he can take awhile to cum, and we arranged to meet up so I could take care of both.

Last night they arrived and within minutes I was on my knees with his uncut dick in my mouth and his low hanging balls in my hand.
After a few minutes, I had him rock hard and we had some hot face fuck action.   Then we switched positionis - he wanted me to service his hot young cub (also our cameraman).
We all got onto the bed and I slid between the cub's legs and took his cut cock into my  mouth.

While on my knees,  our fellow top asked if he could rim my ass - oh, hell yes!   He went behind me and I felt  his tongue slowly flicking on my hairy ass and then into my hole.  Damn!

Before meeting, he had asked if I only suck cock.  I said that I top or bottom, and he asked if a condom would be ok. 
I have no problem with a rubber, and I told him that I could be he was about to find out.

While going to town on the young cub, the uncut top worked over my hole - and that just got my juices flowing and I started to get hungry for cock and cum.
The young cub was trying to keep filming while watching his man attack my ass - and he had a perfect view over my back.

After a couple of minutes rimming my hole, he started to venture further in with fingers and the uncut head of his cock.  Fuck, that was hot to feel it sliding in with spit.
Once he had me opened up enough to piston his cock in, he reached over and grabbed the rubber.

Sure enough, once he had it on my ass was tight but ready.  He pushed forward and I pushed back when I felt that first inch enter.  BAM, he slid in to the hilt.

Now he was ready to use my ass.

With him fucking me slow, and then fast I was still going down on the young cub...and he was beginning to moan and twitch with the anticipation of his orgasm.
Once in awhile I would come up for air while the uncut cock was buried and the cub and I would look at each other and just smile...before I had to feel his hard cock buried to the base.

With all of the visual action he saw, it was not long before he was at the edge and shouted out that his load was going to blow.
I took the first spurts in my mouth, then I pulled off to let him spray his cum.
The next few shots hit his stomach and then it flowed down over my hand.   I could still taste the first mouthful of cum he shot, and I licked up a bit off of my hand.

Now that he had drained his nuts, the cub was ready to take some video of his guy pounding my hole.

I kept my ass up in the air and let him use my ass for all he wanted.  And damn, there were times when he was close to fucking my load right of me.
Hard, intense pounding followed by a slow steady deep fuck...and then all over again.
During some of the full deep thrusts he would lean forward and we could kiss for a few moments before he leaned back up and slammed in to the hilt. 

Once I reached under and grabbed his cum filled balls - as they were bouncing hard and fast against my ass.  FUCK it was amazing to feel those heavy nuts banging away, while at the same time feeling his uncut cock abusing my hole.

As he was getting closer to cumming, he was impaling my ass and I was leaking precum like a sieve.  I told him to just cum when he wanted to.

He pulled out and said the wanted to fuck a load out of me and THEN cum all over  my face.   OK!

I flipped onto my back, legs pulled up and he slid back in.

It was not long before my own sperm was flying out of my cock. 
After my nuts were fully drained, he helped me onto my knees and began to stroke his cock.
I could see the head getting more pink and swelling...damn, I love to see an uncut man about to lose his load.

Then it was time.  With just a quick shout out that he was about to blow, the first volley flew out.
And the next, and the next....

Holy shit, there were thick ropes of cum hitting my beard and cheeks.
So much cum, that the scent was more intense - on top of my own spunk scent and the young cub's - FUCK, a hot as hell cum pig scene!

And yes, there will be a repeat.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hot young ginger load in the stall

This week I had a message from a guy that works very close to my office.  He found me online and wanted to find out if I would be up for taking a load from him during the day.
I replied yes, as you know I would...

Today I saw him and gave him my contact info.  About an hour later I had an email saying that he wanted to be blown.

This is a younger guy, and from the cock pics I saw I knew it would be a mouth full and I also saw the he had some ginger in him.  Yum.

At the designated time I was in the bathroom when he walked in and headed for the largest stall. I followed behind and got down on my knees.

As he was pulling out his semi erect cock, I was already getting hard. 

Yes, it was a hot red head, and with some tantalizingly hairy nuts too.  HOT.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth and started to suck and slurp.  It was not long before he was at full mast, and I was giving head to the cock I knew would be filling my mouth and throat with it's thick shaft.

Sure enough, once he was rock hard I opened my throat and let him slide in.  Well, he took that as a sign and began to fuck my face.
My cock was bursting to be released, but I did not want to waste any time pulling it out.

Because we could hear people in the adjacent bathroom I made sure to curb my gag reflex - and it was not easy with that cock pummeling my tonsils so hard. 
Fuck, it was hot - I had to pull off a bit to catch my breath, but then went straight back down on him.

I used my hand to stroke the shaft while I worked my lips and tongue around his swollen head.  My other hand was cupping and fondling his cum filled balls. 
More stroking and swallowing, then it was time to see if we could get every inch down my throat again.
Yep, perfect fit.

His breathing started to get heavier and his mushroom head was also starting to swell....and you know those signs!

While I had him in my mouth he told me that he was about to cum.

Usually I would love to have a first time load hit my face and savor the feeling of his splattering onto my tongue and lips, but I had no way to clean up in this bathroom , so I just nodded and let him begin to blow...

With the first spurt his shaft swelled and I could feel how thick his load was....fuck!!  After that first shot, I leaned forward to let his cock bury down my throat and blast it straight down my gullet.
Sometimes there is not a scene more hot than a deep throat blast and being able to feel the pulse as each volley of jizz gushes out. 
This was one of those - not a drop missed and the sweet flavor of hot young ginger spunk as I headed back to work.