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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working on 9 x 5

I was exiting the showers when I saw a young bearded guy walking to the lockers.  He was dressed in street clothes, but I saw a huge bulge in his pants.
As I stood at the sink, he began to strip down... and I was treated to a spectacular ass view.
He leaned over to pull off his pants, and that gave me an unobstructed view of his low hanging balls, thick cock and tight puckered hairy hole.   FUCK.

Young, shaved head, and bearded lean swimmer build.  Just enough hair on his chest to be sexy, and that lovely trail of hair that surrounds the ass crack.

He put on a towel and went into the steam. 

During this time of day it can be rather slow at the gym, especially in bad weather. 

I had time, so I grabbed a new towel and went in.   He was seated on the bench, towel open and a good thick six inches of cock laying between his legs.

Now, I have seen him before but never had an opportunity to be alone, so I played it cool and just sat on my towel...dropped open, of course.

After a couple of minutes I saw him stroking his cock.  Damn, that grew! 

He was now pulling on at least 8, maybe 9 cut inches and thick - at least 5 inches around, if not closer to 6.

I scooted over, reach out my hand and gave it a few strokes.  Then, I could not help myself...I had to swallow it.
He did not object, and when I actually had about 7 inches down my throat he was letting out a low moan.

Knowing the locker room was empty, I shifted around to let my throat open more and shoved another inch down. 
Now he was really moaning and let me take over. 

My hand could barely fit around the shaft, so I was in my element and just used my mouth and throat to coax and slide all of him into my mouth.
At one point I had all that would fit, and there was still an inch left...he was that rock hard and thick.

No matter, I just took it and kept swallowing. 

Now that I felt his shaft twitching and his moaning was louder, I got right down on my knees between his legs and slid his entire cock into my waiting throat.
He shuddered a bit, and when I pull back and used my hand that was all it took.... and I knew the load about to boil up.

I slid the swollen head and shaft back in my mouth, and he let loose. 

His balls slid up towards his body, and I could feel spurt after spurt leaving his nuts and blasting out of the head onto my tongue. 

After about 4 or 5 thick cum shots, he sighed and I let his cock slide off my tongue.  I used my fist and milked the shaft, to be rewarded with a few extra drops of his nectar.


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mmmmm nice. love action like that at the gym - hot!