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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who can pass up two loads...

There are days when all I want is to give a hot guy a fast, quick no string blow and go.

This was a great day for it.  Who can pass up two loads?

I logged into a cruising app and saw that someone was headed to a local tearoom.  It was close enough that I figured our timing my work out.

When I walked in the last stall was already occupied, and I took the next one. 
Because the floor is marble and polished, you can check out the other guys without much difficulty.  I saw that the other guy was hot, young and bearded.
After seeing him checking me out, I reached my fingers under the stall wall to let him know I was there for the same thing.

He stood up and started stroking.  I got on my knees and motioned for him to come to the wall.
I slid my head under enough, and he slid his cock into my waiting mouth.

Easily an 8 incher, hot bulbous mushroom head and rock hard.  DAMN.

Using my hand to stroke him a bit, I also angled my head to let his natural curve slide into my throat.  This also let me see and cup his hairy ball sac.

I went back and forth between sliding every inch possible, and just using my hand to edge him.

Once I heard his breathing begin to get heavier, I knew it was not going to be long.

Suddenly his cock throbbed, grew and he let out a moan...and his load blew out of his piss slit right into my mouth.
I could feel the volume, and the I was able to taste the nectar.   Sweet, thick and milky.  Awesome.

Wham, bam, done.  Perfect.  

As we exited, I asked if he had been on the app and he said yes.  I told him my online name, and he has seen the, there may be another meet up soon.

Now onto the second load....

You know how it can be when you have a taste of cum, and it just makes you crave more.

With that first fast load still lingering on my tongue I walked a block over and thought I would check out the other tearooms before hopping on the bus.

I saw a cute young bearded cub checking me out, and decided to see if I could get his cock.  There was too much foot traffic going on, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.
Leading the way, I headed out onto the street and took him a block away to a bathroom that has been perfect in the past.

We walked in to an empty bathroom. Perfect.
I checked the only closed stall door and it was vacant.  At that point I just pulled out my cock at the urinal and he followed suit.

He could not be over 25, about my height and he was packing a hefty 7 inch cock, mushroom head and some heavy balls hanging down low.

Not wasting time, I pulled his head into my mouth and worked my tongue around the shaft.  Once I had a taste of his cock, I was ready to pull a load out of him.

Holding his balls, and using my hand to stroke him I milked him for a few seconds and then had to deep throat.  Damn, it was silky smooth shaft of hot cock and his head filled my throat.

It was not long before he told me that he was close.  I took that as my cue to go right back down and take it.

Seconds later I was rewarded with a large hot volley of spunk being shot onto my tongue and down my throat.  Being young, he was definitely full of cum and it seemed to keep spilling out.
I swallowed every drop, and let his spent cock slide off of my tongue.  

As we were putting out cocks back in our jeans, he asked if I had been there before and I told him that I found that bathroom a few years earlier and it was a scene for a video.
He mentioned that I looked familiar from my videos, so I told him that if he wanted to meet up again just send me a note and we could make one....

Stay tuned....  

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