My favorite snack

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buddy from the past feeds me again

A few years ago a guy posted an ad about hosting a lunch group and I responded immediately.
That lunch was attended by almost a dozen men and it began a continuous group for me to service.
At one of the lunches, I met up with this guy that had one of the largest cocks in the room and we both knew it was going to have to be in my mouth...

Yesterday I emailed that guy to tell him about my new office location, and today he sent back a note that he was living in the city and only minutes away by train...and told me that if I had the time, he had the load.

I  told him that I wanted his cock again, and headed right over.

He met me at the door in his underwear and I saw that he was already bulging and half hard.
Heading into his place, we barely got in the door before I was grasping that cock in my hands and he let the head slip out..and showed me the tip glistening with a huge drop of precum.
Then he told me to lick it off.

Once we both knew that I was starving for cum, he led me to the entryway where the light was better...because he wanted to share this on Xtube.  
His screen name is MonkeyAroundSF.

Well, lets just say that seeing his bulging cock had me dripping my own buckets of precum. Before he would let me even get on my knees he put my tongue and mouth through a good ten minutes of lip locking and cock groping.
Finally he said that the movie was ready to get started and I got into position.

Handed him the camera and proceeded to SLOWLY pull out his cock and then it was time for me to refresh his memory about how my throat felt.
Precum was leaking and I took a moment to swipe up a drop with my tongue and then there was no turning back.

Remembering how much he loved to feel the back of my throat, we both made sure that I had him balls deep between moment of stroking and slurping.
A couple of times I did hit the gag reflex, but that just caused his balls to leak even more precum and got me hungry to taste the sperm building in his balls.

He had warned me that his balls were churning a multiple day load.   After all the foreplay lip locking and stroking, it was only a matter of minutes before he was telling me to get ready...and then he let it fly!

The first shot took me by surprise, and then I let him direct the rest onto my lips.  My tongue was ready to slurp it  up and after the third or fourth shot had gone down I saw some that had overshot and was on my, I had to be sure and not miss a drop.
I licked those drops up and cleaned off the head.  Then I took the shaft, licked the cum off.
Slowly I kept milking and with each stroke there was more cum oozing out.

Damn that was one massive load (as he warned me)!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pierced hung cock fill my throat and coated my tonsils

As I was walking around at lunch today, I suddenly had a message on the scruffy man app. 
It was a hot dark haired, dark eyes, bearded guy that I had seen earlier online.
He sent a note that he would love to have a lunch encounter...and I was only a block from the office.
So I sent back that I was already at lunch.. and hungry.  Told him that I could take him right now.
Well, he replied back asking "where?"... 
I told him about two spots that were available.  Then he said that he was only around the corner.
I told him to meet me outside.

As I saw him on the street, I smiled...his profile pic was already a cock engorger/ball churner for me and he was tall, lean and young.
We both said hello and with my cock starting to tent my jeans, I told him to follow me.
We went up the block, and I led him into the building and into the bathroom.

When I locked the door he started to undo his pants, so I did the same.
Then as he pulled out his half erect cock, my mouth dropped to the floor - almost as fast as my knees did...
At least six or seven inches around, with a large vein running towards a huge mushroom head...and then I saw the glint of metal!
Pierced, hung, thick and all right in front of me!! 
I immediately went to work on taking every bit that I could, but it was so mouth watering that I did try to start off slow and work my way down
the shaft feeding him into me inch by inch.
As I pushed more and more into  my mouth, he also got thicker and harder...damn!

Once he was fully hard, I had my hand wrapped around as much as I could and took him into my throat. 
Let me tell you that mushroom head and PA pushed right down past my tonsils.
Using my hand gripped around his low hanging balls, I pushed him from the base further into my gullet until I heard his intake of breath.
I would have moaned as much as he did, if my mouth was not consumed and filled with cock. 
Breathing through my nose, I kept him there until the last second and then let him slide out of my mouth. 

Gripping that shaft with my fist, I was staring at his throat slimed cock and that spit shined PA hanging from that mushroom head.
It was time to go back down and let him choke me with his meat again. 
Now, most of you know that once that shaft and head are throat slimed, it is like instant deep throat and so much easier to slide.

Using my mouth to coax his thick shaft down my throat again, I went for the tonsils and again pushed further past.
Amazingly ( I mean he was literally that huge!) I felt my throat open and he was suddenly buried up the balls and there was no room for ANYTHING else
in my throat.  That sent a signal up his shaft and I felt it throb as he let out another moan.
Leaving him buried for a few seconds, I thought my own load was going to explode out of my cock before I got his.

Now that he had been balls deep and his cock was lubed beyond imagination, I went back to enjoying the chore (well, not a chore for me) of drawing out a load.
I used my hand to stroke him a bit between working on the bulbous head and sliding his shaft down to meet me tonsils.
Soon enough he let out a low murmur that he was going to cum...and I only grunted and let him know I heard.

And then it was eruption time.  Fuck, he started to fill my mouth, coat my tongue and even though I wanted to see his sperm flying past my face I
just gripped the shaft and shoved his exploding cock into my throat. 
As he was blasting those cum spurts down my gullet, I felt his cock expand and the head band against my tonsils and the base of my throat. 

When I felt it was safe to release his cock I was wrong, and some cum and spit spilled out past his PA.  It slid over the edge of the ring and landed  on my shirt.
I was not about to worry about that - hell, I love to walk around with cum on my face, lips, beard or clothes. 
Always hot to think that other cock suckers KNOW exactly what I just did and what they can see.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suck Dick Save the World day at the bookstore

Discovered a new outlet for my lunches..well, it is not new to the city but it is now in an area I can get to.

Last week I found out about a site called - and one of the perks of signing up is a discount at the local adult book store.

It is good one particular day of the week, and I figured it was worth a peek.  

As I entered the darkened rooms I saw a few people standing around.  There were also some closed doors to the booths, and I walked into one of the open ones. 
Looking through the glory hole - every room has at least one, and some have one on each side - I saw an older man stroking his hard cock.  
Once he saw that I was on the other side, he turned towards me and I motioned for him to slide his cock into the hole and my waiting mouth.  He obliged and I started to work on the head and shaft with just my throat, tongue and lips.

After less than a minute, he pulled back and told me to come to his booth.  Okay, I said that worked and in I went.

After locking the door, I turned and dropped to my knees. 
He was standing there with a smile on his face and I was happy to be staring at a hefty cock. 
Devouring every inch, as I love to do, got him to the edge pretty quick. 
He was telling me to suck his cock as he reached down to play with my nipples.  Once he found the piercings he pulled me to my feet and unbuttoned my shirt.

Right away he went from one nipple to the next and suckled them.  Well, that is a hot turn on for me, but I was there for cock and cum.

I went back down on my knees and worked his cock for another minute and then he started to cum. 
Obviously he thought I did not swallow because he pulled out and I saw it oozing over his fingers.  Well, that would not do!
I told him to wipe it on my face and let me take it. 
He smiled so wide and reached down to wipe every drop onto my beard and waiting tongue. 

I stood up and thanked him, and let him leave. 

Seeing no reason to give up the room, AND since there was another cock poking its head out of the gloryhole, I just got back down on my knees.

This next guy was longer than the first one and half hard. 

He was obviously watching me service the first guy because he also asked me to come into his booth.  Okay, I went back into the first booth.
This time the movie was playing but darker so I did not get a good look at his face, but just went right for the cock. 

It was not long before he was rock hard and asking if I wanted it...and I said that yes I did.

Almost immediately he was filling my mouth with yet another load.   Damn, two loads in less than ten minutes. 

I went to the back and washed my hands and made another lap.  There were a few other guys hanging out but none seemed up for being sucked.

After a few more minutes I spotted a guy watching me.  I went into a booth and he took the one next to me. 
I got down on my knees and put my face up to the gloryhole.  He pulled down his pants and I saw a huge piece of meat straining against his underwear. 
Once he pulled out that slab of meat, I had it buried down my throat. 

He was about 90% hard but I worked it up to full mast and damn was it tasty. 
After a few minutes, he wanted my cock so I stood up and slid it through.  He sucked on me for a bit, but I was not the one there to cum and took the blow job back into my court.
It seemed that after sucking me, he was harder than before and that made it easier to slam fuck my throat onto his cock.  
My throat opened right up and between the two of us we had that cock alternating between banging the back of my throat unmercilessly or sliding straight down my gullet and milking it.

And then I got my reward! 
Sweet thick load of cum filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop. 

As he pulled back, I saw him give me a thumbs up and then it was time for me to head off in search of more cum.

Towards the front, where I entered that first booth is where I headed.
Someone was inside, so I took the next one.
 I saw that it was another older guy, but this time an uncut cock. 
Not wasting any time, he came up to the hole and presented me with his flaccid uncut piece of meat.
Getting down on my knees, I sidled right up to it and started my work...and soon enough it was growing and filling my mouth.

After having three loads already, I seemed to be in overdrive mode and let him just use my mouth. 
I don't know how long I was sucking but it was such a smooth red glans under that foreskin that it was almost cherry red.  He pulled out of the gloryhole and started to stroke fast and furiously.
Once he was on the abyss of cumming, he shoved back into my mouth and let loose with his sperm to coat the back of my throat.

I have to say that less than an hour and four sweet loads does make for a tasty lunch