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Friday, January 29, 2010

My tight ass pounded in the doorway and the sling

One of my favorite hook up sites is for bareback studs.
In the past I had the pleasure of meeting up with a hot young guy and we had a successful blow job scene in the bathroom and we planned to meet again.
Well, this time it happened to be while my husband was out of town so instead of trying for the tearoom we opted to meet at my place.

Since I was going to be hosting, we agreed that fucking should be on the menu.
I got home, got myself ready and prepped the sling room.
When he showed up we got as far as the door way and started some heavy kissing.
In his profile he mentions that he likes kissing and last time we were trying to be quiet - it was in a public bathroom, after all.
Not knowing how long we were standing there sharing tongues gropes, I did finally get his pants undone, and underwear down.
There was not a set agenda and with a nice thick cock in front of me I went down on it for some oral action.
More minutes passed as I sucked his cock, stood up and continued with our kissing.

About 20 minutes later, our kissing finally progressed to him turning me around and bending me over for some rimming.
Nothing gets me going better than a hot warm tongue licking my hole and he was as ready for it as I was.
I reached down to the floor and he spread my ass wide and started licking and sticking his tongue and fingers in. I could see a large drop of pre cum sitting at the end of his cock and had to reach over and stroke him.
Then I stood up and with just a bit of our pre cum mixed with all that spit on my hole he slid into my ass.
Now, I have been told by my husband and some others that my ass is always nice and tight - with this studs huge cock it was full and I had to grab the bottle of poppers. And then the fucking started!
Leaning up against the doorjamb and the dresser I was set for him to pound my ass as fierce as he wanted.
We got into a rythym of slow long thrusts and some real deep shoves. Nothing better than feeling the mushroom head shoving against your prostate to get the juices flowing.

During his forward thrusts I would look back and lean in for another round of kissing and he would keep fucking and pounding.
Standing there getting fucked hard and deep, stroking my cock and kissing was hot as hell but after 15 minutes it was time to move onto the sling.
I hated to let his cock slide out but I jumped into the sling as quick as possible and he grabbed the bottle of lube.
The whole time we were standing at the door and he was giving my ass a full pounding it was all spit and pre cum. Now that we were ready for him to go full force it was time for a bit more grease. I could see that his cock was getting a work out and I wanted him to be able to pound mercilessly into my hole.
I told him we could lower the harness and he walked up and said it was good...then he pushed that slicked up mushroom head into my hole in one fell swoop.
Ah yes! Now he can penetrate my ass to the hilt.

There is nothing hotter than being able to lean back and see the guy fucking you with a huge smile on his face and feel every inch as it goes in and out, in and out, in and out....
While he was pummeling my ass, he looked down and said it was a hot sight. Then he started to fuck me harder and I was stroking my cock.
He leaned down and we were kissing again, and I played with his nipples some more.
I had to take my hand off my cock and just lean back to feel his cock sliding in and savor the sensation.

With his thrusting and my stroking it was leading up to a huge finish.
Soon enough he said that he was getting close. I told him to let it go when he wanted and then he did!
With a very loud moan and one last shove I felt it start to fill my ass.
You know the cum load has some volume when the orgasm lasts that long and I dared not touch my cock until he was fully spent...but then again, I was ready to blow so I grabbed onto my cock before he opened his eyes and started cumming as he finished.
My first shot went up towards my nipple and the rest was shooting onto my chest.

Feeling his cock still buried up my hole and knowing two loads were shot was a perfect sling ending.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A couple of recaps

Our laptop at home finally died and I have not had time at work to update for you I will post a few items today from last week.

As most of you know, there are a few videos on Xtube of me getting fed loads of cum.
Well, I have had the pleasure of finding a couple more guys either visiting or living here that want to feed me.
Last week I met up with one of them - he has no pictures but did send me some via email.
Hairy chest, lean build, average sized cock in his own words and a huge cum shot. He did not want to be sucked, merely to jack off all over me and let me have the cum load.
Okay, I said.
After all, I am a cum pig and if I get it from sucking, fucking or jacking - it all works so long as we both get what we want.

He and I met at my nearby bathroom stall. He dropped his pants, took a hit of poppers and started stroking.
I was on my knees and enjoying his nipples while watching him get thicker and harder with each stroke.
After a couple of popper hits he warned me that he was about to shoot.
Now, I have been told that guys are huge load shooters and never doubt it. In this case he almost under stated it!
Shots were hitting my face, my eyes, going over my head. Then the next volley of shots came out.
All over my face for the second round and when all was said and done I was indeed coated with cum.
This guy may have seen my videos but he was camera shy and I respected that - so you will just have to take my word that it was a world class cum load.

On to the next story....

During the week I was at the gym a bit earlier than usual. I had not been there long when I saw an older tall blond man head into the steam room.
Being a member of a mixed gym in the financial district means that not everyone is gay or that the steam room is the equivalent of a bath house.

On this day, I went in and sat down near him.
Some guys wear a towel the entire time but I figure that since it is only men a towel is I always let mine fall open and sit down.
While sitting I may try to make some eye contact and gauge the level of interest.
This guy was hot in my opinion - beefier and more of a football player build, somewhat receding hairline and just a light coating of chest hair.
He had his towel wrapped around his waist but since mine was open, he was able to see my cock hanging down.
I was not stroking or even close to holding my cock...just sitting there enjoying the steam. However, when I caught him looking, I looked back and right at his crotch.

Since it was only us in the steam room, I stood up to add some cold water and get some more steam to fill the room (helps coat the door too, less visibility). I was semi firm and left my towel on the bench. He got an eye full when I sat back down.
He got the message as my cock started to get thicker with his eyes looking directly down.
Once he saw me get hard, he reached down and started to stroke his cock.

Once he pulled his cock from under the towel my mouth hit the floor.
It was massive, thick and about the size of a beer can. YUM!!
Well, I was not about to let that cock go to waste - I immediately leaned over and had to attempt to swallow it all.
I indeed took every inch of that jaw stretcher and got down to his balls.
My cock was immediately leaking pre cum.
He somehow got even harder and thicker as I started to deep throat him and stroke it.
Neither one of us wanted him to leave with his nuts full, so I went to town as quick as possible and he kept an eye on the door.
Soon he told me he was getting ready to cum and I just shook my head.
Knowing that I was ready to swallow it all, he let out a slight moan and started flooding my mouth.
With his thick shaft buried in my throat, I felt each spasm of cum and let it all pool in my mouth before swallowing.
Once he was spent, I came up off his cock and just had to sit back.

Still no one came in and he leaned back and said "Thanks!"...well, you know that at that point I had to say "oh no, thank you!!!" and as we sat there I added that he could use my mouth anytime he needed in the gym.
He smiled and we both left to take a shower and clean up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leather, cocktails and a facial in hotel lobby

Due to the lack of internet over the past holiday weekend, I am sorry that this is a bit delayed...but it was so much fun, that I know you will be happy to finally hear all about it.

We arrived in Washington DC on Friday morning around 6am so it was going to be an early night.
That is, until we saw all of the leather men hanging out and I got a second wind. After dinner we decided to have a drink in the lobby and meet up with friends. As you can guess, when there are hundreds of leather men all in one large room with cocktails it is going to get playful.
During the evening we were chatting with a friend that is hairy, tall, hung and uncut. He is also a very dominant top and I was hoping to be of service in some way before the weekend was over.

Later in the night we came across a hotel room party and wandered in. As I crossed the room I saw our friend at the far end with a large group of men fucking, sucking and cumming.
I made my way over to the bed/couch that our friend was near and worked my way towards his cock.
Once in place I offered up my mouth and he stepped forward and slid that massive piece of meat into my mouth. He knew how much pleasure I get from servicing cocks and when they are friends we both get to have a great time.
Of course there were other guys working their way over, and I tried to share but eventually it was down to my throat and his cock buried down to the base.
Deep throating him had me rock hard, leaking pre-cum and hungry for his thick load.
With all of that foreplay, orgy sex and cocks/ cum everywhere I think we were both ready for a full release soon enough.
As I was down on his cock, he thrust into my throat and let loose with a flow of cum that would choke an unsuspecting throat.

After I swallowed down every ounce of cum he shot, I stood up and saw the knowing smile on his face that said he was pleasantly empty for the time being.
While I had been sucking and swallowing his cock, there were a couple of very hung guys in the area and I was ready for some more fun. I looked over and saw one cock that was probably about 6 inches around and as thick as a beer can. Naturally I wanted to get it in either hole.
After some maneuvering and cocks being put in my mouth I was facing away and he knew it was time to take my ass.
This was not a bareback party and even though I would be thrilled to have his bare cock buried in my ass I saw him reaching for a Magnum...well, if you are going to use one, at least they make 'em big enough to fit (or so I was hoping).
He grabbed the lube, and shoved into my ass.
DAMN!!! "That is thick" and where are the poppers?? was all I could think.
Being the bottom whore and cock pig that I am, there was no way I would let that cock get away. I bit down and he bore down. Every inch of him was buried up my ass and I was a stuffed little pig.
It was a great fuck but I did have to pass up on getting his load in my ass.

Off to the next party.

There were some bareback parties on our floor and the stairs were hopping with guys going from one floor to the next in search of cock.

During the course of the weekend I was up for multiple loads and we went out Saturday afternoon to get supplies.
I was ready for anything that night and set out with that mission.
We found a few more parties going on but at one point we just stopped in our room and left the door open.
I was standing in my jock when a young smooth twink walked in. He was close to my height and he just walked up and said "Can I fuck your ass?"
Sure thing!
He dropped trou, I turned around and he slid right up behind me. I saw that he was uncut before I was facing the other way. Bonus!
With the door standing open I had this young stud buried up to his balls in my ass.
He was a bit tipsy, and I was horny as hell so it was a quick but hot fuck.
Soon enough he started fucking me harder and yelled out that he was cumming.
With the door being open we had an audience and with the ending of that performance there were other guys interested in joining us.
The room was soon full of about 15 guys all fucking and sucking.
I even found a couple of hot asses to fuck bare and give them a nice thick cock to ride.

After a full night of fucking and sucking, I was still looking for an ass to dump my load into.
I told my husband that I wanted to make on last lap around our hotel floor.
Soon enough I came across a group of guy in a doorway and an eager young twink in a jock. He was there taking cocks and I turned him around and pulled him back onto my cock.
He may not have been expecting my thick cock or the PA, he stepped forward a bit so I grabbed his hips and kept him on my cock. He relaxed enough to take the rest of my cock and I let him have it all.
Standing in a circle of guys, boots and jock the only thing on and my cock buried in a tight twink ass was enough to get me close.
When I felt the load ready to blow, I grasped his hips once more and shoved in till my balls were right up to his ass.

Now...on to the lobby facial...

We went to the leather event and then it was time for the underwear party at a local bar.
While at the bar I met up with a guy that was 6 foot 5 and 3/4 inches by his reckoning....and you know how I like that!!!!
He was playing with a group of guys and eventually we made our way towards each other. Tall, dark hair, sexy smile and a pair of underwear straining to hold in every inch of him.
We were doing some mutual groping and I found that he was not only hung but uncut with enough skin to make my mouth water. He had friends with him that wanted us to play on the pool table but the bar was not really the venue for that. Instead we spent the whole time stroking and he also found that I like spit. We would be sharing a deep kiss and then when we broke apart he would give me more of his spit from above. I had spit spilling down my chin more than a few times that night.
Eventually it was time for my husband and I to head back to the lobby and I told my new friend that we would be in the lobby.

Not soon afterward, I see him and his friends at our hotel. They wanted to check out a local party and planned to return later.
In the interim, I was back in my jock and the lobby was full of horny leather men.
Towards the far end of the lobby I saw a buddy playing with a very massive cock.
I made my was over and offered my mouth as service to that pierced hung cock. He agreed and I got down to business.
Being in a hotel lobby with my mouth stretched around a cock puts me in overdrive mode and I gave this guy the quickest but deepest deep throat blow job I could. After all, if I can get that load - I want it.
He was spit lubed from my throat and with just a bit of stroking he was ready to blow.
I leaned back and offered up my face.
Our friend was standing there telling him to let me have it and suddenly I felt three very massive spurts of cum shooting onto my face.
That was just the first course...after I opened my eyes he was stroking and started shooting a second quick burst of cum shots.
Once all was said and done, I was standing in a hotel lobby with my face completely glazed over with I don't even know how much cum.
It was the perfect ending to a night of public debauchery.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swimmer takes my cock through the glory hole

This seems to be a great start to the new year. Based on the count so far I should attend the Olympic games some time. So far I have had the gymnast, wrestler, now adding swimmer and we can throw in equestrian based on the fact that some have been hung like a horse.

I was at the gym and happened to be in the steam room when a younger guy came in. He had the body of a college wrestler - smooth, not overly built but rather more naturally lean. Firm ass, toned arms and legs, thick fingers and just a bit of hair on the chest.
He came in while I was there and went to the far end. I never assume that anyone in the steam room is either gay or looking to do anything.
For a couple of minutes of sitting and relaxing I could not get a vibe whether he was a player or not. It was time to cool off, so I headed out.
After I took a cold shower to offset the hot steam, I went back in for a second session of heat. When I came in he was stretched out and I sat at his feet. I always sit in the nude on my towels since it is not a co-ed steam and I am not shy.
When he sat back up from stretching out his towel was suddenly draped over only one leg and showing about 4 inches of cock shaft.
I caught him glancing over my way and that got a response out of my cock. When he never moved to cover his cock I let mine get firm and it naturally poked it's head up. At that point the young guy could not hide his hard on either.
He moved over and I reached out to grab his cock. It appeared uncut but it was about 8 inches and had a slight downward curve.
He was a hand full!
Since we were the only ones there, he was worried about getting interrupted and after a couple of minutes he got shy and left.
We both showered and then he was heading out at the same time.
While outside I called my husband and the young guy started up the street. I could not tell if he was still being shy, and thought he may be headed up to the book store I like to frequent at lunch.

I had never been to the book store after work but I have heard stories and thought that if the young guy was headed there to play it may be worth a quick peek.
Well, I got there and did not see him.
As I was heading out I did see this hot TALL young guy. About 6'3", late 20's with short beard and he had the lean slim build of a swimmer.
He walked by and checked out my crotch so I thought "what the hell" and walked into one of the glory hole booths.
I saw the other door open and knew it had to be him.
As you know I love to be the oral bottom at the glory holes and I have a huge fetish for tall guys.

I sat in the chair and looked through the hole. I see him stroking an UNCUT hung cock! Wow, I was not expecting that.
He was stroking his cock and I guessed it to be about 8 or 9 inches and it curved a bit to the right and up.
I motioned for him to come over and let me suck him. He seemed a bit shy about it but then he came over and placed his beautiful cock into the hole and swallowed it down.
Clean, smooth and rock hard - all good!
He let me suck and deep throat him and then he pulled back to stroke his cock some more. A few strokes and he was ready to let me suck him again.
Once again he let me swallow every inch, suck swallow and slurp...then he pulled back to stroke again.
At that point he sat in his chair and was looking through. I started to stroke my cock, took off my shirt and shoved my cock up towards the hole as I grabbed it and gave a few tugs.
He stood up and turned around. His ass was two smooth melons and I thought "well, that should be rimmed and fucked".
Glory holes are not always good for rimming but when he put his ass right up to the hole I figured he was up for a fuck.
I put my cock on the edge of his hole and slowly pushed forward.
While sucking his cock I started pre-cumming and there was enough to create a good dose of lube.
He adjusted his ass and my cock slid all the way in.
Damn, there I was buried up to my balls in a hot tall bearded young guys ass and I could here him stroking that uncut cock.

I looked down and could see his ass taking my cock and it was a hot sight. Spit and pre-cum lubed cock slowly sliding into an extra tight smooth young ass.
Once I knew he was stretched enough to take it, I started to fuck his ass good and hard.
The partition was bouncing a bit and his ass was getting a solid fuck.
Eventually I was getting close to shooting my load. I let out a low moan to let him know I was about to flood his guts with my sperm and his hole tightened around my shaft.
The first shot was filing his ass and the second was starting when I heard his moan. His ass clamped down hard and I knew that he was shooting his load as I filled his ass.

Once he was finished, he slowly slid off and could see the last bit of cum on my PA and on the edge of the glory hole.

Outside the booths, we met up again at the bathroom and as I saw him look back as I went in to grab a towel to wipe off my hand. Once I was done and outside I saw him about to cross the street. I said thanks as he crossed and he gave me a smile.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tight gymnast ass for my load and then he feeds me his

Over the past year I have been chatting off and on with a local cute young stud.
We have seen each other out at events and bars but never in a spot to take time and get down to business.
Today, he sent me a note and the timing was perfect.

He gave me the address and I hopped on the train and headed over.

This young stud is a bit taller than me and has the body of a gymnast/dancer. Tight firm bubble ass, smooth chest and thick legs. And his profile says large cock and it was not lying!
He was hard when he opened the door and I could not wait to finally taste that cock.
But, before we started - he said that someone else was coming over.
Will I be sucking you both off, I asked. His response was that the other guy was going to fuck him.
Ok, from what I felt while giving him a taste of my mouth and grasping his butt was a very firm smooth ass. I would not mind having a chance at that...

The other guy arrived and I stopped with the "fluffing" session. The second guy seemed to be much older than both of us and not particularly my type but he was there to fuck and I was there to suck. Time to get down to business.

We headed downstairs and entered a room that any leather boy would be squealing in delight over. Harnesses, sling, and mood lighting.
We all stripped down and I got back to work on that massively hung cock.
While upstairs I had been able to get him all the way down my throat but it was a stretch for the last inch. He was that thick but you know I take a challenge.
Now that we had the space to get busy, I wanted to give him the best blow job.

Eventually some poppers came out from the top and he took a turn at sucking the stud.
When I stood up to see what the plan was going to be, the young stud angled to let me stand behind him.
Hmmm, do I get to have a shot at that ass also??

Indeed I do! He started to bend over and I stepped forward to line up my cock.
Of course, I had pre cum to use but he was not dripping in lube and it was a tight fit.
I went down to give his ass a few licks and also spit on my cock. Then he leaned over once again and we slowly started working my thick cock into his smooth tight hole.
It was not quick - he is tight and I was completely firm, which means it was nice and wide.
Once I was in and started to fuck him I knew I could easily shoot a load. Since I wanted to still suck him off, I said that I did not want to cum too soon ...and there also the top that was supposed to take over.
Some firm strokes had him moaning and some of it was the sound a fully stuffed stud. I was getting close so I leaned forward and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock again.
At that he replied that I could if I wanted to but there was no need to stop fucking and that I could cum first. HOT!
With that invitation I proceeded to bend him further over to give his ass the full fucking it deserved.
He took it all and it was very intense. His hole was so tight that I could it pull the load out of my balls. Once I was unleashing my cum into his tight ass I pushed all the way in and let him have every drop.

That seemed to set off a chain of events because I heard the top groaning in exctasy and then he stood up with his hand covered in cum. Later I figured that he must have cum while sucking the young stud...he had been in front of him the whole time I was fucking.
The young host took me to the bathroom to freshen up and at that point the top came in and washed his hands. I figured that was the end of it, and I did not get to taste the load but I did get to plow that ass.

Well, that was not the end.

The top left and my host said that he had not cum yet and so I went back down on my knees and started sucking once again.
This was an intense scene since I usually have to wait a bit after cumming before I get hard and ready but his cock got mine back to attention.
I was on his cock, taking it down further with each stroke and using my hand also.
Eventually he was ready to cum and took over stroking.
I leaned back, mouth open and let him aim for my tongue.
Spurt after spurt of cum coated my tongue and a bit of my lips. Tasty and oh so satisfying!
His comment afterward was that he had never been fucked with a PA. Always happy to bring that experience to a fresh young stud.

Well, now we had both shot our loads and he was ready to call it a day.
I got dressed , grabbed my workout bag and headed off to the gym. But not before saying thanks and getting a smile in return.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Afternoon high rise cum load

Over the weekend I was chatting with a young guy on a hook up site. He has some real tasty looking cock pics and also likes to top holes.
We planned to try and get together some time this week and today happened to be perfect.

He headed down by my location and we met outside a high rise that I have utilized the stalls for hook-ups in the past.

We got to the floor I know is good and walked to the bathrooms.
There was one guy there but he was on his way out, so the coast was clear. We both went into the largest stall and locked the door.
It was chilly out so we both had a bit of a cold hand syndrome.
Since he had said that he was looking forward to feeding me a load, I did not waste time and just pushed my shorts and jeans down and got on my knees.

He was looking down as I slowly worked his cock from flaccid to full on rock hard.
You know how much I love to feel it grow with each stroke and swallow.
I was using my mouth and hand to get him good and ready and when he was at his full over 8 inches I went for the deep throat.
He has a rather thick cock for being a compact little guy - and I was having a great time devouring it.
A couple of times he would push my head down to get it in that extra inch.

Using the bathroom was new to him, and I think it made him that much more on edge. I was taking him as far as possible in my mouth and then alternating with stroking the shaft.
It was not long before he said that he was getting close.
I looked up and asked him where he wanted to put his load. At first he said anywhere and then he decided that it should go right down my throat.
That sounds great to me, I said...and went back down for the count.

As soon as he started to swell, I worked my mouth open as wide as I could and let him slide down.
I could feel each pulse of cum being shot out of that hard cock and straight down. I pushed to get him further down so that his emptying balls could hit my chin. When I could not feel anymore cum spurting I slowly slid back off.
To be sure I got every drop and let his cock stay in my mouth and used my hand to stroke it.
Finally there was no more cum to be had and I let him slide completely out.

Damn, that was hot and as I sit here typing, I can still taste the barest hint of his cum with each swallow. I love those extra thick loads that take their time working down your gullet.

Orange curtain to one star cafe??

As I sit here typing this, I just have to say that there is three loads of cum in my ass and a grin from ear to ear.

Earlier this weekend I was chatting online with a visiting top from Orange County. He and I exchanged pics and chatted. Let me tell you that the pictures in his profile are not doing justice.

Today we agreed to meet at a weekly beer bust and go from there. After arriving with my husband, I went for a fruit loop and the O.C. top and I saw each other.
Leather harness, black jeans and a sexy smile, very hot.
While there I told him of a few options we had, and to start off the fun I suggested a nice taste of his cock in the trough space.
We went back there and I got my first glimpse of the cock I had seen online. My eyes grew to, twice their size I am sure.
The profile says large but I was looking at a 9 inch cock that was at least 6 inches around and a mushroom head that added another 4 inches probably. We are talking complete mouth full! Hell YES!

I got on my knees right there at the trough and slowly swallowed every inch of that cock. I put my hand around the shaft and stroked but at the same time I knew that I had to feel that mushroom head stretching my throat. I took his cock and forced it down past my throat and all the way down until I could feel his balls hitting my chin. It was a stretch and I had to take a breath. As I pulled back, he had to let out the breath he was holding.
It was a perfect fit and I had to taste it again.
Once I had his entire shaft and the mushroom head buried it was easier the next I started to fuck my throat with his cock. Piston style fucking - down and back up, over and over, fast and furious. Feeling that head propelled down throat and then coming out just as fast...HOT!

That whole scene was smoking hot but then he said that he really wanted to be in my ass. I immediately agreed and said that a cock that size and shape was made to fill my ass.
There was not a way to do what we wanted there ...we tried, I even put lube on my ass at the trough but we had a couple of older men that, bless their souls, had not seen sex in a while and would not step away. We could not risk causing a back up and I told him of another spot we could go.

He and I checked in with our husbands and with their approval we went to the other location.
Once there I was on my knees and sucking his cock. I told him to let me know when he wanted to be in my ass. He said " Now?" and I said ok.
My pants went down, I turned around and he slid up behind me. While we were starting this there were a couple of guys watching but I did not care and neither did my O.C. top.
He shoved up into my ass once and I had to take a quick breath...that was HUGE. After a moment, I reached back and grabbed his cock and guided him in for a second time and that was all it took.
There I was, pants around my knees with a massive mushroom cock buried in my ass. He slowly started to fuck my lubed ass - and I was feeling like a stuffed pig.
Slide in, stay there, push in and then pull out..and then do it again, but harder the next time.
I was bent over the bench and getting impaled hard and furious. Damn, I had a gallon of pre cum being fucked out of me. I could feel the strings of clear cock slime bouncing around my balls and knees. He was fucking the hell out of my ass and I was loving it.

The group of guys on the stairs watching us had an eye full and an ear full. I could not stop the moans that were being fucked out of me.
As my O.C. top got into the rhythm, I could feel my ass being abused and my cock was getting rock hard with each pounding thrust.
I was holding onto the wall and feeling every inch slamming into my guts. He was kissing me from behind and asking if I liked how it felt. All I could say was "fuck yes, give me that cock".
After a good 15 minutes of heavy hard core ass fucking he began to shoot his load.
The groans and grunts coming out of him told me, and everyone else in the room, that my ass was being flooded with cum.
Shot, after shot, after shot of cum was buried in my ass.
My cock was beyond rock hard and my ass was well and truly used but I had enough energy left to lean back and continue our make out session. Kissing while in a public spot, having a gargantuan load of cum and a massive cock buried in your ass is totally hot.

Well, that was just the first load of the night!!

I went back to the beer bust and introduced my to my husband. The and his husband were leaving so my husband and I headed to my favorite weekend spot.
As we got there, I went back to where the cocks are usually out and saw a cute young top being sucked.
This top is shorter than me - he is about 5' 4" and that is not my usual type but his cock is a piece of art. About 8 inches and 4 around, it is a nice mouth or ass full of meat.
He was being sucked and seemed to be either a bit tipsy or just bored. After watching this guy suck on him, I was ready to take over.
Now, I have to say that I have seen this same young stud fucking a good friend of ours bareback, so I know that he fucks and will even cum in an ass.
When the guy left and his cock was just staring at me, I took the initiative and started sucking.
He was already hard so I asked if he wanted to be in an ass instead of a mouth. He was shy at first but I was my persistent self and managed to get his thick cock buried in my ass. I told him that I had one load already and he could add another or shoot all over my ass.
After he was buried in my ass it was just a matter of him taking control. He grabbed my hips and plunged his cock into my ass.
While he was in my ass, in walked another hot guy that I have sucked off before.
The new guy was standing there and he took out his cock.
The young stud in my ass thought the other guy was a fucking top and tried to get him enticed to fuck me. Alas, the other guy was not up for fucking but he did like to be sucked.
I pulled off of the young top and directed my energy to the other guy.
Down on my knees and his cock buried in my throat. He grew to a rock hard 7 inches and filled my mouth. I pulled on his balls and deep throated every inch of his cock.
From past experience I knew that he liked his nipple played with. While down on my knees and with his cock buried, I reached up and started playing with his nipples.
That was all he needed.
Deep throat, nipple pull and a few more strokes and then he was drowning me in cum. Shot after shot of sweet cum was spurting into my mouth and I kept it all there until he was done. Then I swallowed it all.

So....on to the next load.

After taking a short break in which my pits were used to induce a cum load from a hot young guy, and I was on my knees sucking a good friend of ours it was time for another ass load.
I was back in the area of cock suckers when I saw an older guy in a baseball hat. He was half unbuttoned so I took the next step and pulled open his pants.
Out came a thick uncut cock...YUM.
Close to 8 inches and probably over 4 inches around, he was rock hard and I was up for swallowing him.
After sucking his cock and getting him rock hard I stood up and let him decide if he wanted my ass.
He did and motioned for me to turn around.
I turned around and grabbed my bottle of poppers. He took aim and slid that uncut cock into my ass. Hot as hell and after the other cocks my ass was primed and ready.
He took over and started fucking me right there in front of the room.
It was not long before he was coating the insides of my ass with a thick full load.

Now for the Cafe guy.

Right next to the uncut top that just fucked me was another guy. He was actually trying to fuck my husband while I was being bred. When my top was done and pulled out, this other guy decided that he should try to fuck me.
My husband was done and I was lined up...out came the first white napkin.
He wiped my ass with his paper napkin, threw it on the ground and aimed for my ass.
Ok, you just watched you friend fuck and breed my ass - I am ok with you wanting to be a fresh fuck.
He then shoved his cock into my ass and started fucking me. It took a few tries before he found his groove and stayed in my ass.
Very quickly I could tell that he was unleashing his sperm into my ass.
HOT, my third load.
And then the SECOND napkin came out....he pulled out a napkin, gave it a flick of the wrist to open and then he pulled out while taking the time to use his napkin to freshen everything.
My husband and I just had to smile - I was prepared to be fucked and had three loads of was time for felching and that is just what my husband did when we got home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Added bonus video of me topping bareback

Over the holidays my husband and I went over to see a friend for a cum dump afternoon.
Alas, when you try to do an all day fuck fest there are times when it is a bit slow.

This young cum dumpster was ready and had already a couple of loads when we arrived.
Some sucking started the action and then soon enough the fucking commenced.
I was hoping to maybe get a shot at some tops at the party, but since it was only the three of us I stepped up and took my turn.

We are all exhibitionist and the video camera came out.

Here is a clip of that last scene when I pull out, start to cum (it was thick and white but not a good angle to see) and then shoved back in.
Used my cock to really push all of the extra cum into his willing ass.