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Friday, January 1, 2010

Added bonus video of me topping bareback

Over the holidays my husband and I went over to see a friend for a cum dump afternoon.
Alas, when you try to do an all day fuck fest there are times when it is a bit slow.

This young cum dumpster was ready and had already a couple of loads when we arrived.
Some sucking started the action and then soon enough the fucking commenced.
I was hoping to maybe get a shot at some tops at the party, but since it was only the three of us I stepped up and took my turn.

We are all exhibitionist and the video camera came out.

Here is a clip of that last scene when I pull out, start to cum (it was thick and white but not a good angle to see) and then shoved back in.
Used my cock to really push all of the extra cum into his willing ass.


My Load Deep In You said...

Nice ass to dump a load in.

Marc said...

Cool artwork and action said...

Big fuckin' bonus! Your vids never cease to get me going and the fur is just an extra plus. Thanks for sharing.

c-bear said...

Thanks for all the great BJ & cum videos, probably the best I've seen. WOOF!

Anonymous said...

Man, you're an awesome breeder! I love the way you fuck, and I'm in love with your thick, black, wiry bush and the the thick black fur on your chest! You're SO HOT!!