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Friday, January 29, 2010

My tight ass pounded in the doorway and the sling

One of my favorite hook up sites is for bareback studs.
In the past I had the pleasure of meeting up with a hot young guy and we had a successful blow job scene in the bathroom and we planned to meet again.
Well, this time it happened to be while my husband was out of town so instead of trying for the tearoom we opted to meet at my place.

Since I was going to be hosting, we agreed that fucking should be on the menu.
I got home, got myself ready and prepped the sling room.
When he showed up we got as far as the door way and started some heavy kissing.
In his profile he mentions that he likes kissing and last time we were trying to be quiet - it was in a public bathroom, after all.
Not knowing how long we were standing there sharing tongues gropes, I did finally get his pants undone, and underwear down.
There was not a set agenda and with a nice thick cock in front of me I went down on it for some oral action.
More minutes passed as I sucked his cock, stood up and continued with our kissing.

About 20 minutes later, our kissing finally progressed to him turning me around and bending me over for some rimming.
Nothing gets me going better than a hot warm tongue licking my hole and he was as ready for it as I was.
I reached down to the floor and he spread my ass wide and started licking and sticking his tongue and fingers in. I could see a large drop of pre cum sitting at the end of his cock and had to reach over and stroke him.
Then I stood up and with just a bit of our pre cum mixed with all that spit on my hole he slid into my ass.
Now, I have been told by my husband and some others that my ass is always nice and tight - with this studs huge cock it was full and I had to grab the bottle of poppers. And then the fucking started!
Leaning up against the doorjamb and the dresser I was set for him to pound my ass as fierce as he wanted.
We got into a rythym of slow long thrusts and some real deep shoves. Nothing better than feeling the mushroom head shoving against your prostate to get the juices flowing.

During his forward thrusts I would look back and lean in for another round of kissing and he would keep fucking and pounding.
Standing there getting fucked hard and deep, stroking my cock and kissing was hot as hell but after 15 minutes it was time to move onto the sling.
I hated to let his cock slide out but I jumped into the sling as quick as possible and he grabbed the bottle of lube.
The whole time we were standing at the door and he was giving my ass a full pounding it was all spit and pre cum. Now that we were ready for him to go full force it was time for a bit more grease. I could see that his cock was getting a work out and I wanted him to be able to pound mercilessly into my hole.
I told him we could lower the harness and he walked up and said it was good...then he pushed that slicked up mushroom head into my hole in one fell swoop.
Ah yes! Now he can penetrate my ass to the hilt.

There is nothing hotter than being able to lean back and see the guy fucking you with a huge smile on his face and feel every inch as it goes in and out, in and out, in and out....
While he was pummeling my ass, he looked down and said it was a hot sight. Then he started to fuck me harder and I was stroking my cock.
He leaned down and we were kissing again, and I played with his nipples some more.
I had to take my hand off my cock and just lean back to feel his cock sliding in and savor the sensation.

With his thrusting and my stroking it was leading up to a huge finish.
Soon enough he said that he was getting close. I told him to let it go when he wanted and then he did!
With a very loud moan and one last shove I felt it start to fill my ass.
You know the cum load has some volume when the orgasm lasts that long and I dared not touch my cock until he was fully spent...but then again, I was ready to blow so I grabbed onto my cock before he opened his eyes and started cumming as he finished.
My first shot went up towards my nipple and the rest was shooting onto my chest.

Feeling his cock still buried up my hole and knowing two loads were shot was a perfect sling ending.


Chad said...

Was my pleasure to seed you, stud! Had a great time and hope we can do it again soon.

Anonymous said...

God, that was great!