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Monday, January 4, 2010

Orange curtain to one star cafe??

As I sit here typing this, I just have to say that there is three loads of cum in my ass and a grin from ear to ear.

Earlier this weekend I was chatting online with a visiting top from Orange County. He and I exchanged pics and chatted. Let me tell you that the pictures in his profile are not doing justice.

Today we agreed to meet at a weekly beer bust and go from there. After arriving with my husband, I went for a fruit loop and the O.C. top and I saw each other.
Leather harness, black jeans and a sexy smile, very hot.
While there I told him of a few options we had, and to start off the fun I suggested a nice taste of his cock in the trough space.
We went back there and I got my first glimpse of the cock I had seen online. My eyes grew to, twice their size I am sure.
The profile says large but I was looking at a 9 inch cock that was at least 6 inches around and a mushroom head that added another 4 inches probably. We are talking complete mouth full! Hell YES!

I got on my knees right there at the trough and slowly swallowed every inch of that cock. I put my hand around the shaft and stroked but at the same time I knew that I had to feel that mushroom head stretching my throat. I took his cock and forced it down past my throat and all the way down until I could feel his balls hitting my chin. It was a stretch and I had to take a breath. As I pulled back, he had to let out the breath he was holding.
It was a perfect fit and I had to taste it again.
Once I had his entire shaft and the mushroom head buried it was easier the next I started to fuck my throat with his cock. Piston style fucking - down and back up, over and over, fast and furious. Feeling that head propelled down throat and then coming out just as fast...HOT!

That whole scene was smoking hot but then he said that he really wanted to be in my ass. I immediately agreed and said that a cock that size and shape was made to fill my ass.
There was not a way to do what we wanted there ...we tried, I even put lube on my ass at the trough but we had a couple of older men that, bless their souls, had not seen sex in a while and would not step away. We could not risk causing a back up and I told him of another spot we could go.

He and I checked in with our husbands and with their approval we went to the other location.
Once there I was on my knees and sucking his cock. I told him to let me know when he wanted to be in my ass. He said " Now?" and I said ok.
My pants went down, I turned around and he slid up behind me. While we were starting this there were a couple of guys watching but I did not care and neither did my O.C. top.
He shoved up into my ass once and I had to take a quick breath...that was HUGE. After a moment, I reached back and grabbed his cock and guided him in for a second time and that was all it took.
There I was, pants around my knees with a massive mushroom cock buried in my ass. He slowly started to fuck my lubed ass - and I was feeling like a stuffed pig.
Slide in, stay there, push in and then pull out..and then do it again, but harder the next time.
I was bent over the bench and getting impaled hard and furious. Damn, I had a gallon of pre cum being fucked out of me. I could feel the strings of clear cock slime bouncing around my balls and knees. He was fucking the hell out of my ass and I was loving it.

The group of guys on the stairs watching us had an eye full and an ear full. I could not stop the moans that were being fucked out of me.
As my O.C. top got into the rhythm, I could feel my ass being abused and my cock was getting rock hard with each pounding thrust.
I was holding onto the wall and feeling every inch slamming into my guts. He was kissing me from behind and asking if I liked how it felt. All I could say was "fuck yes, give me that cock".
After a good 15 minutes of heavy hard core ass fucking he began to shoot his load.
The groans and grunts coming out of him told me, and everyone else in the room, that my ass was being flooded with cum.
Shot, after shot, after shot of cum was buried in my ass.
My cock was beyond rock hard and my ass was well and truly used but I had enough energy left to lean back and continue our make out session. Kissing while in a public spot, having a gargantuan load of cum and a massive cock buried in your ass is totally hot.

Well, that was just the first load of the night!!

I went back to the beer bust and introduced my to my husband. The and his husband were leaving so my husband and I headed to my favorite weekend spot.
As we got there, I went back to where the cocks are usually out and saw a cute young top being sucked.
This top is shorter than me - he is about 5' 4" and that is not my usual type but his cock is a piece of art. About 8 inches and 4 around, it is a nice mouth or ass full of meat.
He was being sucked and seemed to be either a bit tipsy or just bored. After watching this guy suck on him, I was ready to take over.
Now, I have to say that I have seen this same young stud fucking a good friend of ours bareback, so I know that he fucks and will even cum in an ass.
When the guy left and his cock was just staring at me, I took the initiative and started sucking.
He was already hard so I asked if he wanted to be in an ass instead of a mouth. He was shy at first but I was my persistent self and managed to get his thick cock buried in my ass. I told him that I had one load already and he could add another or shoot all over my ass.
After he was buried in my ass it was just a matter of him taking control. He grabbed my hips and plunged his cock into my ass.
While he was in my ass, in walked another hot guy that I have sucked off before.
The new guy was standing there and he took out his cock.
The young stud in my ass thought the other guy was a fucking top and tried to get him enticed to fuck me. Alas, the other guy was not up for fucking but he did like to be sucked.
I pulled off of the young top and directed my energy to the other guy.
Down on my knees and his cock buried in my throat. He grew to a rock hard 7 inches and filled my mouth. I pulled on his balls and deep throated every inch of his cock.
From past experience I knew that he liked his nipple played with. While down on my knees and with his cock buried, I reached up and started playing with his nipples.
That was all he needed.
Deep throat, nipple pull and a few more strokes and then he was drowning me in cum. Shot after shot of sweet cum was spurting into my mouth and I kept it all there until he was done. Then I swallowed it all.

So....on to the next load.

After taking a short break in which my pits were used to induce a cum load from a hot young guy, and I was on my knees sucking a good friend of ours it was time for another ass load.
I was back in the area of cock suckers when I saw an older guy in a baseball hat. He was half unbuttoned so I took the next step and pulled open his pants.
Out came a thick uncut cock...YUM.
Close to 8 inches and probably over 4 inches around, he was rock hard and I was up for swallowing him.
After sucking his cock and getting him rock hard I stood up and let him decide if he wanted my ass.
He did and motioned for me to turn around.
I turned around and grabbed my bottle of poppers. He took aim and slid that uncut cock into my ass. Hot as hell and after the other cocks my ass was primed and ready.
He took over and started fucking me right there in front of the room.
It was not long before he was coating the insides of my ass with a thick full load.

Now for the Cafe guy.

Right next to the uncut top that just fucked me was another guy. He was actually trying to fuck my husband while I was being bred. When my top was done and pulled out, this other guy decided that he should try to fuck me.
My husband was done and I was lined up...out came the first white napkin.
He wiped my ass with his paper napkin, threw it on the ground and aimed for my ass.
Ok, you just watched you friend fuck and breed my ass - I am ok with you wanting to be a fresh fuck.
He then shoved his cock into my ass and started fucking me. It took a few tries before he found his groove and stayed in my ass.
Very quickly I could tell that he was unleashing his sperm into my ass.
HOT, my third load.
And then the SECOND napkin came out....he pulled out a napkin, gave it a flick of the wrist to open and then he pulled out while taking the time to use his napkin to freshen everything.
My husband and I just had to smile - I was prepared to be fucked and had three loads of was time for felching and that is just what my husband did when we got home.

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