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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A couple of recaps

Our laptop at home finally died and I have not had time at work to update for you I will post a few items today from last week.

As most of you know, there are a few videos on Xtube of me getting fed loads of cum.
Well, I have had the pleasure of finding a couple more guys either visiting or living here that want to feed me.
Last week I met up with one of them - he has no pictures but did send me some via email.
Hairy chest, lean build, average sized cock in his own words and a huge cum shot. He did not want to be sucked, merely to jack off all over me and let me have the cum load.
Okay, I said.
After all, I am a cum pig and if I get it from sucking, fucking or jacking - it all works so long as we both get what we want.

He and I met at my nearby bathroom stall. He dropped his pants, took a hit of poppers and started stroking.
I was on my knees and enjoying his nipples while watching him get thicker and harder with each stroke.
After a couple of popper hits he warned me that he was about to shoot.
Now, I have been told that guys are huge load shooters and never doubt it. In this case he almost under stated it!
Shots were hitting my face, my eyes, going over my head. Then the next volley of shots came out.
All over my face for the second round and when all was said and done I was indeed coated with cum.
This guy may have seen my videos but he was camera shy and I respected that - so you will just have to take my word that it was a world class cum load.

On to the next story....

During the week I was at the gym a bit earlier than usual. I had not been there long when I saw an older tall blond man head into the steam room.
Being a member of a mixed gym in the financial district means that not everyone is gay or that the steam room is the equivalent of a bath house.

On this day, I went in and sat down near him.
Some guys wear a towel the entire time but I figure that since it is only men a towel is I always let mine fall open and sit down.
While sitting I may try to make some eye contact and gauge the level of interest.
This guy was hot in my opinion - beefier and more of a football player build, somewhat receding hairline and just a light coating of chest hair.
He had his towel wrapped around his waist but since mine was open, he was able to see my cock hanging down.
I was not stroking or even close to holding my cock...just sitting there enjoying the steam. However, when I caught him looking, I looked back and right at his crotch.

Since it was only us in the steam room, I stood up to add some cold water and get some more steam to fill the room (helps coat the door too, less visibility). I was semi firm and left my towel on the bench. He got an eye full when I sat back down.
He got the message as my cock started to get thicker with his eyes looking directly down.
Once he saw me get hard, he reached down and started to stroke his cock.

Once he pulled his cock from under the towel my mouth hit the floor.
It was massive, thick and about the size of a beer can. YUM!!
Well, I was not about to let that cock go to waste - I immediately leaned over and had to attempt to swallow it all.
I indeed took every inch of that jaw stretcher and got down to his balls.
My cock was immediately leaking pre cum.
He somehow got even harder and thicker as I started to deep throat him and stroke it.
Neither one of us wanted him to leave with his nuts full, so I went to town as quick as possible and he kept an eye on the door.
Soon he told me he was getting ready to cum and I just shook my head.
Knowing that I was ready to swallow it all, he let out a slight moan and started flooding my mouth.
With his thick shaft buried in my throat, I felt each spasm of cum and let it all pool in my mouth before swallowing.
Once he was spent, I came up off his cock and just had to sit back.

Still no one came in and he leaned back and said "Thanks!"...well, you know that at that point I had to say "oh no, thank you!!!" and as we sat there I added that he could use my mouth anytime he needed in the gym.
He smiled and we both left to take a shower and clean up.

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