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Monday, July 27, 2009

Impaled on hung Texan cock

The street fair this weekend brought some very hot men to the city.
On Friday night the entire city was hopping and the cocks were out...I did some cock sucking, bending over and fucking hot asses.
One of my favorite local spots for getting on my knees was a virtual wall of men on Friday night.
There were asses everywhere and I was horned up enough that when this hot tight ass was done being bred by a couple of other guys, he let me add my load.
I fucked him good and hard and just let loose.

Then it was Saturday night.

We had an invite to a play party in the city. Two very good friends arranged for a private space and sent out the invites.
It was a hot party, there were some guys in slings and on the St Andrew crosses.
There were many friends and even a few guys that have seen my blog or watched me in action, so it was a hot little gathering.
Bareback seemed to be the theme for the slings and hot men were on the menu.
After a couple of hours there neither my husband or myself got off, and on our way home we decided to detour into one of the few sex clubs.

We went in, put our clothes in a locker and grabbed my bottle of poppers. I headed to the glory holes as they are in the corner and usually a good mix of guys.
It was a bit slow, but there was a very eager cock sucker and he was good. Almost too, good and I had to take a break...did not want to blow my load that early.
I took a lap around the floor, went up into the loft areas and cruised a bit.

After a short bit I was back at the glory holes and while sucking a hot cock, I turn around and see this sexy young guy walking over.
He is wearing pants (it is optional)and smiling... he knows what I like.
I reach in and pull out this hot uncut cock. He is semi flaccid and I can just dive into that foreskin with my tongue.
I suck him to a fully hard status and then turn around to present my ass.
He comes right up and slides in deep. HOT!

Well, at the nature of these places can be, we take a short break and make our rounds. Eventually I see him again and he signals that I should get into the sling.
We are in the middle of the room, so everyone will see.
I climb in, take a small hit of poppers and we start. He fucks me bareback again and while he is in there another hot guy walks over.
While my ass is being used, I turn my head to suck the newcomer. When he begins to grow I am in pig heaven. Hot uncut cock fucking one hole and a massive long cut cock buried in my other hole.
After god only knows how long my uncut top asks the other guy if he wants a go at my ass.
He walks over and puts on a condom - yes I love bareback but will never say no to a fuck.
With just the little bit of spit and ass juice, he slides right in and proceeds to open me up with his cock.
He is much larger than the first cock, and I can feel every inch stretching me out.
This new top is more aggressive and takes over.
Hard ass pounding and then he reaches under me and picks up the entire slings, pulls me forward and IMPALES me on his cock.
I was moaning and grunting with each thrust.
He was a power top and I really did not know how that poor condom was going to hold up. He would pull almost all the way out, shove in and power fuck my ass.
After fucking me relentlessly for what felt like an hour (and at least two more of those impalings)he slid out and let the uncut guy back in.

The uncut guy fucks me for awhile and I suck the impaler, and by this time I am just oozing my own pre cum all over the place.
With the grunt and moan of an orgasm, the uncut cock unloads right into my ass.
The impaler knows that I just got bred and he also says "hot!".
Since I know he is a safety boy and I want his cum, I asked impaler if he would like to shoot his load on my face.
He says "if you keep sucking me I will"...well, hell YES!
I tell him that if he blows a load, I will shoot mine right after. That gets him as excited as me and we go at it.
I start sucking while lying there and quickly he lets me know it is time.
His first spurt was THICK, heavy and landed on my face. I know there were a few more ropes of cum flying out and my face was covered.
I started stroking my cock. Almost instantly I can feel my balls pulling up and I start to shoot.
Another guy standing to my left and when my first shot flew, he was on my cock to swallow the rest.

Needless to say, I was a complete cum pig in spooge heaven. We both went over to clean up and chat a bit.
Some days it can so fucking hot to let a safety boy plow your ass.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two aussie boys...watersports and bareback

It was a hot summer day in the city and we had met some friends for a going away party.
The bar had an outdoor patio so everyone was enjoying the sun and cocktails.
As the crowd was winding down, we headed up the street to another favorite location.
Usually we go here on Sundays but I said we should check it out.

As we were talking to a friend we all saw these two hot guys walk in.
They headed to the area I like to be on my knees, so of course I had to follow and see what I could manage to find.
Well, right off the bat the first one introduces himself and says he is on holiday from Australia (love those accents) and then introduces his partner.
My friend got to the point and asked the partner if he would mind having his cock sucked.
He said it was up to his other half...ok, we asked.
And we were told that this guy has a cock that could be modeled....hmmmmm, intriguing.

Since we had the ok, we got his cock out and started a long cock sucking session.
My friend started him off and then we traded back and forth.
Over the course of a few hours - yes we were there for awhile and cocks were out the whole time - we had the pleasure of getting him and his partner rock hard a few times.
Everyone was having fun, and at one point the talk got around to needing to pee. Well, as my husband knows, that is not my first choice of cock juice but in the right crowd and the right cock I am on my knees.
The first partner had to pee and instead of making him leave the crowd, I took it.
He was very nice about stopping the flow so that I could swallow it all, and then he would let it blast again until my mouth was full.
I got at least 4 mouth fulls of piss and only once did we miss the timing and it shot all over my shirt and face...which was really HOT.

After so much cock sucking, piss play and just good ole fun we had the "model cock" hard again and he was in the mood for some ass.
We all know how much I like a spit lubed cock shoved up my ass.
I sucked and slobbered on his cock to get it nice and slick and then I spit in my hand and bent over.
He came up right behind me and slid right in.
This cock was cut, thick and I would guess it to be close to 9 inches - all bonus points in my book.

So there I am with one cock shoved up my ass, a room full of guys watching and cocks out being stroked.
This story does not end with any cum loads - the boys landed in the morning and had been up for almost 30 hours, so we all knew they needed some rest....but these boys are returning at the end of the week for the street festival we have - all leather men, from all around the world and SEX SEX SEX.
I intend to wear only an apron, no jock and my harness boots to the fair - along with a bottle of poppers and some lube of course.

During the week I also had an email from a very hot red head here in the city that has seen my Xtube videos and wants to give me his load of cum.
That will be shared after we meet up, and I hope it is this coming week.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cocks from the past return for a huge facial

I decided to head up to the bookstore and glory hole booths today, and boy am I glad I did.
It has been a bit of a quiet week and today was a smorgasbord of repeat cocks.

First off I see the business suit guy that always chews minty gum. He likes to have me lick his balls and completely deep throat his cock. I like the feel of his mushroom head hitting the back of my throat.
After I have gotten him rock hard he will stroke himself with a bit of spit from himself...and that makes his cock taste fresh and minty! This is always refreshing because in the past I have had the displeasure of sucking a cock that had apparently already been in a smokers mouth.
I used to smoke and can appreciate the desire but it taste like shit on a cock and that is not a good thing (bareback cock from a clean ass is a nice snack on occasion).
Every time I see this guy, I can just walk into a vacant booth and he follows, then I get on my knees.
Most days it takes a few minutes of intense stroking and sucking but he ALWAYS has a thick load. Today was no exception and when he shot I pushed it back into my throat.
Sometimes, like today, it is so thick that I choke a bit and then I try not to cough...can't have that going to waste.

After I was finished with him I opened a booth and inside was a cock from the past.
This guy has a THICK cock and we used to meet up regularly at lunch in a hotel tearoom. My best memory of that tearoom is the time I took 6 loads on my face. This guy was one of them. The bathrooms were all marble tile and in one particular one you can see the entire bathroom from the stalls. On that day, there were 5 other guys and we all recognized each other.
Once we knew the plan, I got on my knees outside of my stall. At the time I wore a shirt and tie to work, so I took those off and just started sucking cocks.
While I was down there sucking, the others were stroking and watching...and then once the first one started to shoot they all began to blow.
The thick cock I saw today was one of the last to cum and he shot a final cum drenching shot.

So now that I told you about him...on to today. He was in a booth and I went in.
Long story short, he was getting blown for about 5 minutes and then said he wanted to take a break. Okay, no problem.
While I was heading out, thinking that he would be ready long after I was gone, I ran into my blond park buddy...the one with the HUGE cock that meets me there often.
He is thick and hung but he really loves to see me sucking other guys and then cumming on me afterwards.
He and I talked and he headed his way. The staff were really pushing people into the booths so I took a break to step outside. I sent him a note that I was in the mood for his cock if he wanted me to swallow. He sent a note to meet him back downstairs.
As I was walking around I see him in a booth. And guess who was in there with him..
The hung cock from my past!! BONUS

So now there we are, three to a booth and two of the largest cocks I could want all for myself.
My blond buddy pulled my mouth onto the other guy and I went down for it all. I can deep throat him but the thickness can be a bitch. Like a champ though I kept at it.
Blond buddy was stroking himself and every once in awhile I would switch and suck him.
After quite awhile, and some heavy sweating we were taking the thick cock to the edge and getting him closer to blowing.
My blond buddy told the guy to shoot it all over my face. At that point I unbuttoned my shirt and leaned back.
He started stroking hard and my buddy tilted my head back to catch it all.
I shut my eyes since I knew from past experience that he shoots MASSIVE cum.
Sure enough I felt this thick drop hit my forehead and then the ropes just started flying. Some hit my goatee, some on my cheeks, some near my get the picture.

After he was fully drained my buddy said that I love cum and the guy from the past commented that he remembered me from the hotel tearoom and was looking forward to it.
As we left, I gave him my number and told him that if he wants a repeat sometime I am up for it.
Damn, I love walking through the city with cum drying on my face.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Years of foreplay payoff

Over the years there has been a hot guy standing in the door way of a business for each Folsom and Dore Alley fair.
I see him, walk over and say hello..then I swallow his cock down to the base and give him a quick taste of what I can do.
Each time we both say that it is necessary to get together and really let me at his cock.

Well, last week he and I finally set up a time to complete the deed.
Click here for the link to the video

He sent me a text me and I walked down the location. We met out front and then I took him inside. The entire bathroom was empty, as it usually is.
We headed for the largest stall and I proceeded to work. He was already sporting a hard on, and I just unzipped and let it out.
Seeing him once only sporadically I was not prepared for the straight, hard cock that was hanging in front of me.
He was looking forward to this blow job as much as me (for the record, next time he is sucking me off).

I started out with the head and deep throating the shaft. I always love to feel a cock buried and he lets me do that each time we see each other, so I knew it would feel good.
I did have a bit of gag reflex on this day, but I was also going further than I had in the past with him.
There are those cocks that are so hard they just stick out, and you can impale yourself without needing to hold it...he was like that but I was enjoying stoking his shaft. He also had some very thick full balls that I would cup and hold.
Stroking his shaft and sucking the rest of it was amazing...I like those that you can have a fist full of cock and enough left over to see and taste.

Eventually some people came in so we tried to be quiet but I did not stop.

At that point I was ready for a huge load, there was pre cum flowing from both of us. I was wearing a T- shirt, so I took it off and got back to sucking.
Piston fucking my mouth onto his cock, stroking the shaft and using my tongue with each thrust.
I like to tease the head each time it leaves my mouth and while I have it there. His cock had a head on it that I could just catch on the tip of my tongue and he seemed to enjoy that.

After more than five minutes of intense cock sucking and deep throating, I could tell it was time.
He took over stroking his cock and I got underneath to let him blow. His face got an intense look and then he shot!
The first few cum spurts hit my face, goatee and mouth. Another hit my eye, the risk you take..and then I felt more hit my back as they shot over my shoulder.
My mouth had a nice coating of cum and he took the camera to even capture the stray shot on my back.

I licked my lips and pulled most of his load into my mouth, letting the remainder stay in my goatee. Nothing better than being able to taste a guy on your lips as his cum slowly works its way down via gravity into your mouth while walking down the street.

We both exited the stall, no one was around and we washed up.
Outside we said goodbye and agreed that my load was his the next time. I have his permission to post the entire episode to Xtube.