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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Years of foreplay payoff

Over the years there has been a hot guy standing in the door way of a business for each Folsom and Dore Alley fair.
I see him, walk over and say hello..then I swallow his cock down to the base and give him a quick taste of what I can do.
Each time we both say that it is necessary to get together and really let me at his cock.

Well, last week he and I finally set up a time to complete the deed.
Click here for the link to the video

He sent me a text me and I walked down the location. We met out front and then I took him inside. The entire bathroom was empty, as it usually is.
We headed for the largest stall and I proceeded to work. He was already sporting a hard on, and I just unzipped and let it out.
Seeing him once only sporadically I was not prepared for the straight, hard cock that was hanging in front of me.
He was looking forward to this blow job as much as me (for the record, next time he is sucking me off).

I started out with the head and deep throating the shaft. I always love to feel a cock buried and he lets me do that each time we see each other, so I knew it would feel good.
I did have a bit of gag reflex on this day, but I was also going further than I had in the past with him.
There are those cocks that are so hard they just stick out, and you can impale yourself without needing to hold it...he was like that but I was enjoying stoking his shaft. He also had some very thick full balls that I would cup and hold.
Stroking his shaft and sucking the rest of it was amazing...I like those that you can have a fist full of cock and enough left over to see and taste.

Eventually some people came in so we tried to be quiet but I did not stop.

At that point I was ready for a huge load, there was pre cum flowing from both of us. I was wearing a T- shirt, so I took it off and got back to sucking.
Piston fucking my mouth onto his cock, stroking the shaft and using my tongue with each thrust.
I like to tease the head each time it leaves my mouth and while I have it there. His cock had a head on it that I could just catch on the tip of my tongue and he seemed to enjoy that.

After more than five minutes of intense cock sucking and deep throating, I could tell it was time.
He took over stroking his cock and I got underneath to let him blow. His face got an intense look and then he shot!
The first few cum spurts hit my face, goatee and mouth. Another hit my eye, the risk you take..and then I felt more hit my back as they shot over my shoulder.
My mouth had a nice coating of cum and he took the camera to even capture the stray shot on my back.

I licked my lips and pulled most of his load into my mouth, letting the remainder stay in my goatee. Nothing better than being able to taste a guy on your lips as his cum slowly works its way down via gravity into your mouth while walking down the street.

We both exited the stall, no one was around and we washed up.
Outside we said goodbye and agreed that my load was his the next time. I have his permission to post the entire episode to Xtube.

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