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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thick cock, beard and a sweet load

Sorry for the delay, it has been a bit busy at work and travel up to Seattle over the weekend.
I was a good boy and behaved (for the most part) in Seattle.
We got home and I had to catch up on the local cum feeding scene. I went to great nude site and said hello to this thick cocked local guy.
On his profile you can only see his cock but it is a beauty - thick, full balls and rock hard.
I told him that just looking at it made me want to swallow his load.
Well, he replied that he was up for some fun and we agreed to try and do something about it.
Today he sent me a text and I said it was cool. I told him where to meet me, and asked if would like me to bring my video cam. His instant reply was YES.


I only saw a small picture of his face but when I saw the hot young "daddy" type walking down the street I started getting hard there on the sidewalk.
Dark thick hair, full beard, dark eyes and a broad chest.
He smiled and we proceeded to the location.
When we got into the bathroom, it was empty as usual and we took the large stall. I pulled out the video camera as he was pulling out his cock.
He was sporting a semi hard cock and it was already a hefty thick piece.
I handed him the camera and we stroked each other a bit and then it was time for me to get down to feeding.

You know that I love it when a guy is semi hard and I can work him up to the full erection and feel it slowly grow (yes, some guys go from semi to concrete instantly and I don't mind that at all - yes, you can see me smiling as I typed that!).
As I said, the pictures showed a thick cock and when he started to get into the action it felt like it was beginning to turn into a beer bottle in my mouth.
Once he was fully hard, I just had to take a few moments to relish the site of that cock I was hungry for.
I pulled back and let it then slide down my throat and worked my tongue around the cut head.
The length alone would gag a beginner but when you added in the girth at the base...FUCK it was a mouth full and I was rock hard as he and I forced more of him into my throat.

After a few minutes of being fed that cock he and I also got into a short rhythm of mouth fucking and I was a cum pig in heaven. I held onto those cum filled balls and let him use my mouth.
The pre cum was flowing and once he was hard as concrete I reached up and undid his pants to let every inch of cock out.
Now it was time to get that cum!

Stroke and thrust, deep throat, another stroke and thrust along with a few forced throat fucks and he was breathing hard and ready to bust.
Once he stared to shoot, I pushed as much of his cock down my throat as I could. I was not able to get it all but I was into it for the load and he was filling my mouth with a sweet gallon of cum.
I savored it and let some slide my throat and opened my mouth to let it swish around before swallowing the last drop.
He let me lick every drop from his cock and clean it thoroughly.
After all was said and done I even deep throated him a few more times to be sure it was all drained and those balls were ready for more cum to fill them.