My favorite snack

Friday, October 19, 2012

His hot white cum fed to me

A couple of years ago I had a hot Latino man send a note asking about giving him head.
I said yes, and went over to his condo.

At the time it was across town, but my office has moved closer...
Last week he sent me an email asking for a repeat. Our timing was off, but then he said that he was home today and needed to unload.

I headed over as quick as my feet would carry me.
Getting to his place, we went up and he was already hard before my knees hit the carpet.
Uncut, curve down and a pink head dripping precum already.
I know from past experience that he can cum buckets, and he told me that he wanted to have me edge him a bit before taking any video of his load.
No need to ask me twice.

I was swallowing his entire cock and playing with his balls.
 He is just the right size and thickness to fill my throat and just keep impaling.
And of course, that is what we did!
He was moaning and holding my head to keep his cock buried.

After a couple of minutes he sat on the bed and leaned back.
I scooted up between his legs and took over the deep throat blow job.
He told me that I had him close.
At that point he reached for the video camera.
I swallowed his cock to the base and face fucked myself until he let me know it was about to blow.
Standing up, he told me to lick his balls. Being the obedient cock sucker, I went for those cum filled nuts. With him stroking a few times it was time - and he shot a thick white glob of sperm right on my cheek.
The next few volleys added to the volume and I could not help smiling at the feeling of that hot fresh load.

Mouth open, he fed a bit more to me directly.
To be sure I had it all, I milked his cock and was rewarded with a few extra drops of that nectar.
After he drained onto my tongue I told him to keep the camera rolling.

Using my fingers I scooped a thick mound of baby batter into my mouth.
HOT, Sweet cum!
He was grinning from ear to ear as I ate the rest of his load.
Using his finger, he made sure that every last ounce of his juice found it's way onto my tongue. Next time he promises to edge all morning, and then feed me a more massive load.
Stay tuned... Oh, and by the way I will be in Amsterdam and Berlin for a month.
Updates may be delayed till I can get to a computer, but I will be taking video anywhere I can.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Double loaded steam room

After a long day at work I needed some down time and my daily gym workout and cardio.

I headed to the gym, and took care of the cardio portion.
Worked out and sweaty, I headed back to the locker room.
As I had stepped off of the treadmill I saw a hot business man going to the locker room.
Grabbing my towel and stripping off my sweat soaked jock, I saw him in the glass reflection.
He was stripping down and putting on a towel...hmmmm, he might be hitting the steam room.

I stepped out of my jock and threw my towel around my waist and headed straight for the steam.
Someone was already sitting there, so I just dropped my towel and sat down.

Now, most guys will sit there with a towel wrapped around them but I figure that if we are not sharing it with females then I can let it all hang out...and it makes the hunting much easier.
Just as I thought, the hot business man walked in and sat to the other side of me.
 I looked over and saw a swimmer's build with salt 'n pepper hair on his chest. He also had that sexy salt 'n pepper thick hair on his head.
His towel was basically still wrapped around his waist.
The first guy got up and left, but then in walked a middle aged Italian guy that I have seen before, and had even taken a load or two from his cock.
OK - no problem, I thought.
I already noticed that the salt 'n pepper was looking around out of the corner of his eye.
Taking my initiative, I stood up bare assed and walked to the shower.
I took a real quick rinse and walked back.
Of course, I made sure I was semi hard and let the businessman see my pierced cock bouncing.

I sat back down and watched the other two guys.
As I said, the Italian was a given so it was a matter of whether the business man was interested.
Catching him looking over, I decided it was a good time to be sure my PA was still there...I pulled my cock and adjusted the ring.
Letting my cock drop down, it was thicker than before and he noticed.
Now that I had his attention, I let nature take it's course.
As the blood flowed to my shaft and thickened it, I looked over at the Italian. He knew what could happen and just looked back.
I grabbed my cock again to adjust it and let it lay across my thigh and that was the end of it...the business man definitely saw and his cock started to get hard.
Once I knew it was a done deal, I reached over and grabbed his cock.

Meeting no resistance, I then leaned over and took his fully hard 8 inches in my mouth and swallowed to the base.
Right away I could tell that was what he liked, and I just kept going.
To get out of the door, I scooted over and told the salt 'n pepper stud to follow. He scooted down, and I went back to work.
We all knew to keep an eye out, and I was able to spend a couple of minutes going down on his cock over and over.
He stopped me a couple times as he got closer to cumming.
After each pause, I would grab his cock and deep throat until his balls were hitting my chin and he would get harder and thicker.
I told him that I wanted to taste his load before he left.
From the smile and his nod, I knew it was going to be mine.

He stood up and wanted to sit between me and the Italian.
We all sat closer and grabbed each others cock.
As he stroked the third, I also leaned over and pulled his cock into my mouth.
It was not long before Italian was close.
While he pumped away on his shaft I leaned over offered my hand to catch his load.
Knowing what I wanted, he kept jacking. Then it was time for the cum....thick, white and he let it flow out of his cock into my hand.

Once he was spent, I pulled my hand to my mouth and ate half of his cum - the rest I offered to salt 'n pepper business man.
He licked the rest of the load off my hand.

Now it was his turn.

He stroked a bit more, and told me that he was about to cum.
I leaned over and put my mouth over his head as it erupted.
Volley after volley of cum shot onto my tongue and filled my mouth.
I swallowed the first few spurts and he kept cumming.
After I came up and could still taste his sweet load, he stroked and more came oozing out.
I swooped down and licked up that extra cum and cleaned off the tip of his cock.
To be sure I did not miss a drop, I licked around the head and down the shaft.

The Italian left the steam room, and it was just the two of us.
He reached over and returned the favor by stroking my cock.
After tasting two loads, and with his spunk still coating my mouth it was not long before I erupted all over his hand and the floor.

We both used the shower to do a quick clean up, and then sat back down to enjoy the relaxing steam.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Construction site

It was a scorcher in the city today. To avoid the heat, I had planned to just stay indoors and enjoy a cool beverage...until... Awhile back I had a guy hit me up. He wanted a no string blowjob, and I was accommodating. He works and travels close to my office for work and the timing worked. Today I got "What's up. Hungry?" I told him that our old haunt was not available, but I was indeed up for a blow job. We discussed that if he came by, I knew of a spot further away. He agreed and said he could drive over and take it from there. HOT. I hopped in and we headed to the spot a few blocks away. As we got closer though, it was obvious that with the sun and warm weather it was a busy place today. Almost foiled, but then he said I could suck him right there in his front seat. HMMMMMM..... We drove around the block until he saw a spot near a construction site, but far enough away that traffic was non-existent. My buddy already told me that heat makes him horny, and he was half undressed as we were parking. Cock out, camera in hand and sun shining down...I got my mouth between his legs and pulled his cock into my mouth. In the past, I was able to milk his cock and balls, but this position did not give me room so we just went at it like two guys should...wham, bam, thank you. During the first bit of sucking him off I heard a truck approaching and just lifted my eyes up enough to see a delivery truck drive by. He had quite an eye full of a guy getting head. I made sure to get every inch of his cock and a few times I pushed that extra inch down my throat until I gagged and could feel the head expand. He had his hand on my head and was guiding me, so I just followed his lead and adjusted my timing to his downward pushes. Sucking, slurping and playing with his fuzzy nuts. Soon it was time, and I could tell he was ready to blow. I kept him in my mouth as he started to spurt, and let him unleash all of that pent up heat induced cum out of his balls. You all know I love a hot load on my face, but doing it bent over I wanted to take it all and not waste on the floorboards. After he was spent, I stayed in place to milk his shaft and was rewarded with a few extra drops of white man sperm. He buttoned up his pants, and I sat upright. As we drove back towards my office I could still taste his load.

Giving head while traffic went by

He needed to get off, but the location was too, I gave him head in his van while parked on the street near a construction site.