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Friday, October 19, 2012

His hot white cum fed to me

A couple of years ago I had a hot Latino man send a note asking about giving him head.
I said yes, and went over to his condo.

At the time it was across town, but my office has moved closer...
Last week he sent me an email asking for a repeat. Our timing was off, but then he said that he was home today and needed to unload.

I headed over as quick as my feet would carry me.
Getting to his place, we went up and he was already hard before my knees hit the carpet.
Uncut, curve down and a pink head dripping precum already.
I know from past experience that he can cum buckets, and he told me that he wanted to have me edge him a bit before taking any video of his load.
No need to ask me twice.

I was swallowing his entire cock and playing with his balls.
 He is just the right size and thickness to fill my throat and just keep impaling.
And of course, that is what we did!
He was moaning and holding my head to keep his cock buried.

After a couple of minutes he sat on the bed and leaned back.
I scooted up between his legs and took over the deep throat blow job.
He told me that I had him close.
At that point he reached for the video camera.
I swallowed his cock to the base and face fucked myself until he let me know it was about to blow.
Standing up, he told me to lick his balls. Being the obedient cock sucker, I went for those cum filled nuts. With him stroking a few times it was time - and he shot a thick white glob of sperm right on my cheek.
The next few volleys added to the volume and I could not help smiling at the feeling of that hot fresh load.

Mouth open, he fed a bit more to me directly.
To be sure I had it all, I milked his cock and was rewarded with a few extra drops of that nectar.
After he drained onto my tongue I told him to keep the camera rolling.

Using my fingers I scooped a thick mound of baby batter into my mouth.
HOT, Sweet cum!
He was grinning from ear to ear as I ate the rest of his load.
Using his finger, he made sure that every last ounce of his juice found it's way onto my tongue. Next time he promises to edge all morning, and then feed me a more massive load.
Stay tuned... Oh, and by the way I will be in Amsterdam and Berlin for a month.
Updates may be delayed till I can get to a computer, but I will be taking video anywhere I can.


Michael in DC said...

HOT BIG LOAD... I love your blog...want you to take my load when I get to SF...

sfverscumboy said...

Awesome! Let me know when...and I will be in DC for our annual MAL fun. January 2013. Loads will be taken all weekend.