My favorite snack

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Young 22 year old feeds me his load in the hotel bathroom

Today I was just at my desk, and decided to log in and see if there were any messages on the hook up site.  

Sure enough I see a cute 22 year old said hello, and then asked if I wanted to blow him before work.  And he included two cock pics, that did get my juices flowing...thick shaft, large pink mushroom head and some lightly furry balls.

I had to reply that I was already in the office, and couldn't leave.  

Now, you know that I wanted to...and I told him so.  And, then I sent him a few of my pics showing my skills, and the results of those encounters.  

We exchanged more emails about his need to get off after not cumming for a few days, and trying to figure out where.  Being resourceful, I asked about stairs, or bathroom in his building - not going to work.
Then I mentioned that hotels have large full doors on their stalls many times, and there happened to be one right near my office.  

He said that could work...

Both of us were working, but towards lunch we agreed that he needed blown, and I needed to do it.

Because he was only a mile away, he knew exactly where I was talking about and proceeded to head over.   He said that he would probably nut real quick, and I said that was fine.
I also told him that he could hold my phone, take video and nut on my face.

Immediately he came back with "do you swallow?"   Absolutely, I told him.  

He said the cums harder when he knows the guy will swallow.     Damn, I am not one to pass up a large load, and hell yes I will swallow.

We agreed to meet in the hotel lobby, so I headed over.    Unexpectedly, the cleaning woman was waiting outside the bathroom....DAMN.   I walked towards another set of bathrooms I knew of  and did some reconnaissance.  

No one around, a hallway access and two large full stalls that can be fully locked.  Ok, lets try it...

When he texted that he arrived we both recognized each other, he walked over and I told him about the cleaning woman at the main bathroom.  
Then I told him about the other stalls, and he agreed that we should go for it.

He walked in first, then I followed.

Right away he leaned up against the sink, and I reached out for his already growing bulge.   As he was making small talk, I was helping him unbutton, unzip, and unleash his cock.  

Now the pics were tasty, and when his cock was fully out I was drooling.  

Average length, thick as my wrist and those furry nuts that were the size of large plums.   Cum filled and needing release.

I dropped to my knees and swallowed him down to the balls.  With my right hand I was already grasping his warm nuts, and used my fingers to gently squeeze them up into his shaft while using my tongue on his mushroom head.

After just a few strokes of my tongue he said "You're good!" and I paused to say Thanks!  Then went right back to it.

Now, he already said it was a few days since he came, and he was horny before I had started so the load was going to be large.   Well, he was not kidding.

The very first spurt immediately filled my mouth, and I had to swallow quickly.   Then the second shot of cum filled the void, and I swallowed again.  
Luckily the third large spurt of spunk was a few seconds later so that I had time to breathe through my nose.  

He could tell from the sounds I made trying to swallow so much, so fast that I was going to need a second to catch my breath.  

Once he was fully drained, I did squeeze his shaft and balls to get out the last drop which was just enough to rest on the slit of his cock and glisten..and then I licked it up.

He slipped his cock back into his underwear, and we both slipped out of the stall.  

Next time I may see if he wants to get some video so you can all enjoy his thick pink mushroom headed cock, and I will do my best to keep it in my mouth before swallowing ;-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Young bear feeds me a huge load in the stall

At my desk today, and I saw a message on the hook up app...

He told me to go check out the bathroom, so I replied that I would head on up...

Just after I walked in to the stall, I heard the main door open.  Through the side of the stall doors I could tell it was the young bear that texted me.  

I figured he might want under the stall again, but then he told me come over to his stall.   Well, alrighty then.

After I got in, he said that we needed to be quick before someone came in.   I was set to get on my knees, and dropped immediately.  He pulled out his thick cut cock, and furry nut from his jeans.

Now, I had swallowed a load from him before, but it was under the stall and I was not able to get a good look at the size.   Yes, I knew that it was thick from having him shoot his load, but I do love being able to see a cock in it's full glory.   

Just as I was ready to really give him some great head, we heard the main door open.  He directed me to quickly get on the toilet.  I have done that in the past, so I knew what he wanted and sat down, legs crossed so that the new guy would only see one set of feet.  

We heard the guy piss, and then he went to the sink.  

My guy dropped trou and turned around...and that was a great view of his ass!  

Once the other guy left, my guy turned back around and I went back to his cock.

His cock grew quickly, and I used my tongue and lips around the shaft to work a quick load out of him. My hand barely fit around the shaft, and you know how much I love those thick cock pieces of meat.   

Soon after I had given some deep throat swallowing and slurps he said that he was going to cum.  

Now, last time he has a large load, and I took it all under the stall...this time...damn!

I had nodded my head to let him know that I was going to keep sucking, and he just let loose.   The first few spurts filled my mouth, and I swallowed as quickly as possible.   Before I had swallowed the load in my mouth, he was already filling it with more spunk.   

Three times he filled my mouth before his balls were finally drained.  Damn!