My favorite snack

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One beer can and one dark haired top to fill both ends

Sometimes the book stores can be the quickest and best way to find willing cocks.

I had some time, so I thought it would be good to head up and check out the newest glory holes added to my favorite spot.
Seems that the warm weather and plethora of cock worked in my favor today.

While in the booths I was able to find a hot thick cock that I worked a tasty load out of. He was silver/blond haired and had a beer can size thick cock with a huge mushroom head.
While we traded blow jobs back and forth he kept getting closer and closer. When I knew he was about to blow I told him that I wanted to swallow it and he obliged by sliding his cock in and fucking my mouth until he blew.

I was headed out when I saw the sexy dark man.
There was not a good way to tell if he may have been latino or had Mediterranean blood but he was dark haired with a touch of gray in the facial hair and those smoldering dark eyes we all know so well.
He and I started out in two separate booths. He was shy at first and then let me work his cock to a full hard on and I was devouring it.
At one point he asked to see my ass, so I turned around and dropped my jock.
He reached through the glory hole and pulled me closer.
I was not sure if he wanted to just feel my ass or do more so I slid my ass up the hole and let him play a bit.
Then his cock slid through and I knew what was on the menu.

While bending over and taking that cock, I was also looking through a glass partition at another hot cock being stroked.
My dark haired top decided that he wanted to get one booth, so we took ourselves to another booth with no glory holes.
I know - I would not mind having more cocks to play with but I also knew that he would get off faster and harder in private.

After we shut the door, I slid my pants down and he directed my mouth back onto his cock.
Just a couple of minutes to get him back to full hard on and he pulled my and turned me around.
I leaned over the chair and he slid up behind me.
Sliding that spit soaked cock up into my spit lubed hole was all it took.
He stared to fuck me good and hard, and I just leaned down and pushed my ass back up to let him have full access.

That was when he said it was not going to be long and I just said "yes".
He asked if I wanted it and I told him to let me have it.
As he shoved in for that final thrust I tightened my ass around his cock to milk it all.
Based on the length of his moaning and the pulsing I felt, it was a nice thick massive load.

We both stood back up and he said that it was an unexpected but nice surprise and I agreed.
Then I did the polite thing and said thanks as well, it was a great surprise and you know I was happy to oblige... (mother would be so proud - you never talk with your mouth full and always say thank you!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Steam room cock and load

I know it has been awhile, but alas sometimes there is just not much worth posting and I like to save the best to share.

Today I was at the gym doing a light workout - no cardio, just weights. I was not extra sweaty but I do always like to end my workouts with a good steam.
On my way into the shower area I walked past a guy that did not completely close the curtain. I caught a glimpse of a very engorged hard cock.
Pointing to the wall and showing at least 7 inches right there.

The guy attached to this hard cock was a hot one I have seen many many times in the gym. Tall, lanky, firm and not an ounce of fat on him unless you count the thick meat between his legs.
Well, since I can never be sure of what guys want in a locker room, I just did my quick rinse and headed into the steam room.
I figured that the guy was not interested or not into playing since he usually does not make eye contact.
Well, guess who walked in just as I was standing there bare ass and putting cold water on the sensor to get my steam flowing....Yep, the lean hot man himself.

Now, just because he may have been hard in the shower did not mean anything right away. I don't know if he even saw that I caught it.
When I sat down on my towel he was sitting cross legged next to me with a towel just covering his cock. I kept my eyes slightly on him and thought to myself "if he even so much as slides his hand under there, I will pop a boner right here".
Yes, he slid his hand under and that was the end of me. I did not get fully hard before he pulled his towel aside and whipped out that cock.
Standing tall and pointing straight up to the ceiling in all it's glory.
I moved my towel over and reached over to grab his cock and give it a slight tug. There was no resistance so I leaned in more and slid my mouth down the shaft and pulled my throat tight around - that got a reaction!
This guy had a rock hard cock and when I went to the base and hit his balls, he moaned and pushed my head further down.
No need to tell me twice - I went to town and got my mouth totally around his cock and let him face fuck me.

He reached around and was stroking my cock while I was leaning over the bench to get every last inch.
While he was buried to the hilt I heard him start to say something and I just let my mouth open so he could flood my throat with cum.
He was semi piston fucking my throat while I was deep throating at the same time.
That cock was pushed down and had me doing my best not to make a sound while I was using my throat to work every drop out.

After he was spent and done, he stood up and wrapped his towel around his waist and was out the door.

Wham, bam, thank you is always a fantastic way to end a steam, don't you think?