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Friday, October 31, 2008

Started in tearoom and ended in group fuck

My birthday is coming up so I am taking a four day weekend to start off my 40's the right way.
Before leaving though I had a request by a guy to meet him and get a buddy or two to join in so he could video me sucking guys and then he wanted to cum all over my ass.

I arranged to meet up with a guy that wanted to be sucked under the stall and also wanted to add a video to Xtube. It all worked out in the planning so we took care of business Thursday.
All of us arrived at the tearoom, and right away I had a cock under the stall and handed over my camera.
The action got going, then we took it outside of the stalls for a bit.
We heard someone coming so we stopped there and moved over to the urinals.
As is the case with tearooms, sometimes they have regular business and it gets too busy. Today was one of those.
The guy I was sucking off and I headed to a more locked bathroom to finish off one on one.

As I left, after he came on my goatee of course, I got a call from a man I chatted with on Squirt. He is a well hung man and wanted to be sucked at the booths.
I was done with the tearoom scene and said I could meet him.
Up the hill I went and he was outside. We went into a booth and right away I handed him the camera and went down on his cock.
The pictures online do not do justice to his cock....thick shaft and a hot mushroom head.
I wanted to have him cum on me but he said it was easier to cum sitting so we put the cash in the video machine and turned off the camera so I could get on his cock.
He had already been horny and it was not long at all before he shot a massive load of spunk into my mouth. I just love those guys that can cum buckets and it has that sweet taste you can savor long after it is swallowed down.

Well, that was my for the evening!
There is a monthly Cockpit party and since my birthday is coming up my husband took me and let me loose on the men.
I had lubed my ass before we went - knowing from experience that some guys want to just plow right in the minute you arrive.
I took off my clothes, left on my jock and went to find cock. My husband wrote a note on my ass for everyone - 11-02-68 40 on one cheek and B Day Loads <---- on the other.
Right away I find a guy with a fistful of cock and ask if he wants to fuck me. He agrees and we go to one of the beds in the space. I got on my back and sure enough he went right in. Talk about trial by fire!
It was HUGE and I was tight - I actually saw stars when he got in and could not stop the moan that came out of my mouth.
Usually I like poppers to take cocks that fast and massive but we did not have any so it was like I was back in high school getting fucked by that hot jock with just some spit for lube.
While this guy was fucking me another hung stud came over and stood over us. I wanted both to fuck me and the second guy actually went ahead and fucked my top buddy while he was in me. Very hot to be on the end of that chain.
And then they switched places so I got the second cock too! And then they switched my ass was stretched and the lube was all worked in.
They were done with me for the moment but not a minute went by before another guy came to fill my ass.
Tall, built black man that wanted to just POUND the hell out of my ass - he fucked so hard that we actually moved across the bed and had to pull me back to center to keep it up.

Once he was done a good friend came over to fill my ass with another cock. Another hot tall black man, thick cock and as he was fucking me he told me that the last guy was a friend of his...I do say it is nice to share with friends!

After those four cocks I had to get up and move around a bit. Right away I see this older gentleman standing alone and went over. Sexy salt and pepper hair, tats and a smooth gym built body.
We chat and I ask if he would like to be in my ass. He smiles and says YES.
He takes me over to one of the other play spaces and I get on my back. He slides up and slowly goes into my ass.
This is a guy that knows how to use his cock and mushroom head to tease the ass. I was moaning and taking it all that he wanted to give.
We had a few guys join us in the space but he ignored the distraction and just kept working his load into my ass.
After a nice long slow fuck he let out a howl of ecstasy and shot off his load.
HOT - and then he kept it in while I used my ass to milk every last drop.

The rest of the night was a plethora of cocks in my ass...too many to remember the exact count but there were a couple of more chains of cock with me on the front end and some huge I know where they keep the meat in San Francisco on Thursdays!
I have to add that the end of the night was with the same hot salt and pepper gentleman. We ran into each other and I saw he was hard again. I asked if he was looking to shoot another load and he said yes, I said I wanted it.
And he gave me his second load of the night and my last load for the evening.
My husband took me home and I was glowing with that fresh fucked, cum filled ass look as we took the bus home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tearoom 3 way - two loads from one & cum all over my ass

Today I got an email out of the blue.
This guy used to love to meet up in the tearoom and watch me service multiple guys, sometimes sucking or getting fucked and in the end he loved to shoot his cum all over my ass. Then I would rub it all into my crack, pull up my dress pants and go back to the those days I wore a suit and it was hotter to wear a jock and get cum all over.

So today he asked if I had anyone in mind that could fuck me at the urinals and then he would finish off.
I did not have anyone set up and told him so. I sent out an email to a few buddies that I thought would be interested but at the last minute it is not always possible.
I was heading out of the office for a bite to eat and got a buddy to reply.
This hot Latino has a nice thick cock and can shoot a thick load.
I told him that the third guy was interested and he said now would work.
We both headed to the tearoom.
I sent off a quick note to the first guy to call me if he got the message and wanted to join in.

My Latino buddy and I arrived, and he wanted to have me suck a load out in the stalls. I went in, got on the throne with legs crossed and went down on his thick cock.
He is a mouthful, not so long that it gags but so thick you can feel every inch.
As we have in the past, I went to work and he was ready to shoot a load soon.
His breathing started quickening and soon enough he was flooding my mouth with a load of cum.
As we were finishing up my phone rang. It was my long ago buddy and he was 10 minutes away.
I asked the guy that just fed me a load if he wanted to wait around and help out. He said he could cum again.

Sure enough my long ago buddy showed up...long hair, thin build, and a red head. He came in and all three of us got down to business.
I got back to swallowing my Latino buddy and the red head was stroking his cock. Knowing it was going to be a second load made me work it out of him nice and slow. He was getting into the red head watching and was close.
A couple of times we stopped, thinking someone was coming in.
I took some time and sucked the red head for a bit and got both guys hard and ready.
Finally we had a break and Latino cock was ready to unload his second cum shot of the day. I put my mouth underneath and he shot into my mouth and around my goatee.
I stayed on my knees and asked red head if he was close. He said yes.
Then he said he wanted to cum on my ass.
I stood up turned around and pulled my jeans down. I was in my small white jock and he bent me over to get a good shot at my hairy hole.
I felt the cum hit my ass and start coating my cheeks, and I was turned a bit to watch.
Now I had two loads in my stomach from one and my ass coated in spunk.

My Latino buddy got me a paper towel to clean up the floor - we don't like to leave a mess for the janitors, that is a fast way to piss of a tearoom attendant.
I wiped the cum around my hole and pulled my jeans back on - no point in wasting it, I can let it stay right there.

After we all got back to work I had an email from each of them. Both want to record the action next time and the red head wants me to get a load in my ass and then wipe his load into my hole right after, then lick both cocks clean...we'll just have to see what I can arrange.

Anyone want to join us?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Uncut cock pumps my ass with 3 day load

It was a hot Friday afternoon in the city.
Work was done, the office was clearing out, the husband was on his way home and I got a booty text.
Woo Hoo...what a way to end the week!

This guy had emailed me on a hook up site and said he wanted to fuck my ass. In his profile the first pic is of this very meaty looking uncut cock hanging down.
You know how I feel about uncut bareback cock in my ass, HELL YES!

We determined that he lives not far from my office so today I was done with work so I grabbed my stuff and headed up the hill.
I got to his place and we both got undressed. Now I got to see the full uncut cock and it was mighty tasty looking.
Right away I wanted to get on my knees, but first I asked if he would want to take any video of any of the action.
He smiled and said sure, no problem.
I got on my knees and sucked that uncut cock right into my mouth. Just the right length to bury to his balls and thick enough that I could use my mouth all the way around.
He took a short video clip and then told me to get on my knees on the couch.

I got to the couch, on my knees and took a nice hit of the poppers...the good ones that just put you into that ecstasy zone without the headache.
I was feeling fine and he had lubed my ass up and went in.
Nothing feels better than a bare cock and an uncut one is HOT as you know!
He took a hit of the poppers and grabbed the video camera again. I did not see but he got a nice shot of my ass up, his cock in and me enjoying my poppers.
The video is on Xtube.

After pounding into me hard there on the couch he told me to get on the bed on my stomach.
I went over and got down and he pulled my left leg up a bit so that he could slam in. Being my height and thick let him really pound in hard.
I was a pig and he was loving it.
We went at it in that position for at least 5 minutes and then he told me shift so he could do the other side - right leg bent and ass up for his cock.
Fucking the hell out of my ass and shoving that cock up to my throat over and!
After both of those positions I was told to get back on my knees, with my legs close together and he came up behind me. He said to sit down on his cock and with that position he went in deep.
Then he put his arms around and put me in a position with my arms pulled back and he had total control..he started bucking up and getting his cock buried to the hilt.
Hitting my prostate over and over...I was leaking precum and squealing like a stuck pig (which I was!).

All of this force fuck pounding of my ass and the great poppers had me begging for his load.
He shoved me down on the bed and started to fuck me harder than before and we were both grunting, moaning and feeling every inch of his cock in my ass.
When he was ready to cum he did not give me warning but just shoved in hard and I heard him let out a moan/grunt that matched mine and I knew my ass was getting creamed with a huge load.

After he came, he stayed in and let every drop ooze out into my hole. Finally he pulled out and we both had to take a deep breath and get our heads back into the present...there is something about an uncut bareback load that really puts me in pig cum slut zone.

We showered and I walked down the hill to get on the train home, all the while filled with cum and knowing I was walking around with 3 days of pent up sperm buried nice and tight in my ass.

Savory hot cum for lunch

Yes, I know it has been awhile but this has been one of those weeks.

Today I was definitely up for some cock and cum, so I went in search of my goal in the tearoom that has recently been unlocked.
As I stepped off the elevator I saw a guy that has jacked a load all over my face in the past, and if he was on his way out I thought it either meant he was done, the other guy was not a match or there was nothing in the tearoom...
It happened to also about the time that my super hot, thick hung buddy takes lunch. I took the chance and went in.
Right away I see a pair of shoes in one of the peephole stalls. There is a tiny hole to see a bit of the guy, not a glory hole but gets the point across.
I go in and am hoping it is the young hung buck I found in the past.
Sure enough it is, and he recognizes me so right away he squats down to feed me his cock.
The first two pics are from previous posts and the pic with purple shirt is a still from today's video.

My husband is out of town and so far I have not shot a load, so I get rock hard knowing what I can expect from this cock.
I get down and swallow his cock and grab his smooth balls. Today he is wearing a cock ring so his balls are out there.
I fondle his balls while taking his full cock down my throat, stroking him and working over the head.
As you can see from the pic it is a nice thick cock all the way so it slid right in and I just kept shoving it down my throat over and over.
Eventually he pulls back, he is close to cumming and wants to play with my cock for a bit.
He is not a fan of the piercing and the last time he wanted to suck my load, so I took out the ring. Today I was not prepared and had left it in. He spit on his hand and stroked my cock while playing with the ring and my head.
He did get me close but I was not ready to cum so I offered my mouth up and he let me swallow a bit more of his cock.

He was so close and his legs were getting sore ( I think he was sucking the guy I saw getting on the elevator or at least working on it) so he sat back and started stroking. I offered to let him film me sucking and he said the meantime he kept stroking so I took a clip of his cock being pounded in his fist.
He was watching me under the stall as I was mesmerized by his huge bouncing cum filled balls - in the video you can see them being slammed up against his hand with each stroke.
Knowing it was on film I think was a factor too, he was just grinning and pounding while keeping up eye contact and knowing I was stroking my cock - all this time on my knees in a bathroom stall in public - both of us were totally turned on.
He got close and was going to shoot on my face.
He came over and got into position, tried to take the camera and stroke it out over my face. It was close but he did not reach the edge and we took a break.

He sat back and started up the fisting cock pounding and I slid further under so he could stand or squat and let his load out all over my face.
Unfortunately the camera timed and when he stroked to the edge and asked if I was ready for his cum we missed the money worries, in the end I got what I wanted and so did he.

He shot a load all over my cheek and face, hitting it all the way to the back of my head right by my ear.
He held the camera and we tried to get a good shot of the load, believe me it is not at all easy to be on your knees with your head under a stall for almost 15 minutes and look pretty with cum all over you.
He used his finger to push some of his cum into my mouth.
I then offered to lick his cock clean and he came forward to let me take care of it. I took special care in getting his cock nice and clean for going back to work.
We made sure to keep the camera on while I cleaned off his cock.

With the problems posting clips here from Xtube I am posting only pics of his cock and you can check out my profile on Xtube to see the actual clips.
The user name to look up on Xtube is Sfverscumboy or you can use the link in the corner of the blog to get to the video on Xtube.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fucked and seeded - wham bam thank you!

Craigslist is a great site in many cities for the quick hook up.

This week my husband was on a trip and I was in the mood for a no strings quick wham bam thank you and out the door fuck.
This hot young bear sent me his cock pic and said he wanted to give me a load.
I am a cum pig and anonymous fucks with a load being shot into my ass do turn me on - yes I know, a cock shooting turns me on.

I only had the pic to go on and I try to be a good judge of internet chat, this guys sounded legit and I went with my gut feeling.
When I went down to let him I was thinking this hot guy better be the one to fuck me.
Tall, shaved head, barrel chest, nice thick legs and he would be called a bear in some circles but to me it was a hot package.
We went upstairs and I was getting hard just looking at the package I was going to get a load from.
I stripped down and pulled down his pants.
Semi soft and I could see the potential - the pics was not lying.

I got down and dove into sucking his cock and I was rewarded with a huge growing piece of meat. This was a cock that had length but the width was actually a bit more - it was going to be felt going in every inch of the way.
Since our chat was about him fucking me I told him to let me know what he wanted me to do.
He just said that what I was doing was just fine...ok, I went back to slurping on his cock.
After getting rock hard and spit lubed he said I should get on the bed.
I asked if he wanted me on my back or knees and he said on my knees.

I am not opposed to poppers with a huge cock but did not want to feel anything but cock tonight so I just leaned down, put my ass up for him and spread my ass.
He came forward and lined up, then shoved in.
Damn, that cock was so wide I felt it spreading me wide open.
The action picked up fast after that and soon enough he said he was ready to cum and I said go for it.
He shoved in and let out a moan that told me every drop of his load was shooting it my ass.

He pulled out and we both laughed at the intensity - we both wanted wham, bam and that is what we got.
It was a hot way to end the night...that full ass feel of cum and cock.

After he got home, there was an email that he wanted to repeat some time and I agreed.
Maybe next time we will take some time and get a few pics to share.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The walk home covered in cum - link update

Sorry, I found that the link was going to an old version that did not work and was deleted.
My apologies for the guys that could not see the full clip of my walk home.

And to all of you that have seen me in person and commented, THANKS and yes I do intend to get another video with him and we have even thought of a bukkake scene where I am blindfolded and he arranges so I know I am in safe hands but will only see the loads after I see the video...and of course locals are encouraged to get in touch if you are interested.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hot young punk with mohawk feeds me this morning

My husband comes home tonight and the guy that had me on his knees in the backroom last month was online.
This guy is 6' 5" , swimmer/biker (not motorcycle) build, large cock that's pierced and sporting one of the few hot mohawks I have ever seen...of course he is 25 years old and can pull it off completely.
The first time I had his cock in my mouth we were surrounded by a huge crowd of guys and his buddy needed to piss, so I swallowed it all down my throat. That night we agreed to meet up again sometime and get him off.

Today he was running to meet friends and wanted to stop by here before and feed me another load.
I said sure, it has been a hot week of cum and not jacking myself off in anticipation of the massive load my husband will fuck into me and fuck mine out of me.
He called and said he was on his way. He buzzed and I went down.
I always have a hard on for tall guys, and when you add in the pierced cock, tattoos, and that hair cut I was up for it even being early in the morning.
He arrived in combat boots, socks, shorts and suspenders...a very hot look for a young punk.

We go upstairs and get right down to business. He has to be across town on his bike so I get on my knees.
He starts off soft and lets me work it to full erection. Then when there is enough to gag me with he starts to shove it further down my throat.
I love to suck pierced guys off and find that some hit a spot in my throat that gets the gag reflex thinking of kicking in. I try to breathe through it but just like my piss buddy the other night, this one likes me to gag a bit.
I have it all the way in, gagging and trying to breathe. He pulls out and his cock is covered in spit and throat juice ( I have no idea what this called but you deep throat men know what I am talking is fantastic lube and really slick). I get a moment to catch my breath and he wants to go back in.
Knowing that he likes the throat juice I let him force my throat further down and feel it open up. I am ok until I think about that cock and my throat tries to clamp down. Up come the throat juices and down goes his eyes are beginning to water and his cock is beyond rock hard.
Obviously the more I choke on his cock the harder he gets and I am stroking my cock now too.
I don't know how many times I was choking and he was fucking my face but I had tears in my eyes and was in that zone of total cum slut.

Now that his cock is covered in my spit and the juices are all over my mouth and his cock it is time for him to jack his load for me to eat.
He is one of those guys, like me, that sometimes the legs start to shake as you are close and I was ready for the cum.
He started to shoot onto my goatee and some went down onto my chest.
I stopped myself from shooting my load but I was leaking a bucket of precum by then.
After he finished coming down from his orgasm, we went to get him cleaned up a bit. I took the cum that was on my face and chest and ate it.
He got dressed and we noticed one lone drop of cum on his boot.
The event he is going to is formal and a ceremony but he said he liked the cum drop there and would leave it.
We joked that since the event is gay, someone would notice or sniff it out.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bgdkmuscleguy forced me to walk home covered in cum

Video is posted but cannot embed...Click on his screen name and mine to access via hyperlink to Xtube.
Here is a link to his copy

And here is a link to my copy

After taking the piss and cum loads in my ass it was time to meet up with Bgdkmuscleguy form Xtube and get his load.

This was an interesting scenario...

Awhile back I was online while my husband was on a trip. It was late, after midnight and this guy emails me on the site and we talk about my cock sucking experience and expertise. He says he is extremely hung and wants a blowjob.
No problem, and he has a certain requirement....I will be at his back door, off the alley and BLINDFOLDED.
That sounds hot to me so I drive over, he calls my cell to tell me exactly where to go and when I am at the door he instructs me to get on my knees with my eyes closed.
I hear the door open and he hands me the blindfold. I open my mouth and he slides was HUGE and more than a mouthful - I saw the pics but damn it was larger than I expected.
I do my best to get every thick inch and manage to. After he is deep throated and ready to shoot he tells me to get ready.
I feel this heavy warm cum shot hitting my face...and hitting my face..and hitting my face.
There was so much and when he was done he told me to stand up, take off the blindfold and turn around. Then I went to the car and looked in the rear view mirror.
FUCK - huge pure white cum all over my face. ....and now to the present day.

We have been trying to get me back over to his place but his hours are late and I am not always able. Once I was out with friends in the Castro and a now closed bar when he called and I went up, that was the last time for awhile. When I told him that this week I could meet we agreed to and we would both tape it.
He also posts on Xtube as Bgdkmuscleguy.
For this scenario though his catch is that I will repeat the blindfold set up and when he blows all of his cum on me I will walk home without wiping off.
To me that was a hot fantasy and I agreed.

I arrive at the address, he buzzes me in and the blindfold is on the door knob. I put it on and he brings me in. I hand him my camera and he says his is also up.
I get on my knees and he tells me to keep my eyes shut but take off the blindfold so he can shoot all over me.
This time another b0y had been over to service his cock and I was just getting the cum load.
He has me count down from five to one and then he blows.
Once again I just feel thick heavy warm cum hitting my face. When he is done and says it is over, I stand up and he gives me the camera - still rolling - and directs me to the door. I exit and open my eyes. Since I have no idea what I look like I can simply turn the camera around, and then walk home.
I go down Market street a few blocks and a cop car drives by...I can feel the cold night air on the cum all over and I know it is still thick and shiny - no way the cops can't see it and here is this guy with cum on his face holding a video camera as he walks down the street.
Yes we are in San Francisco.

I turn down a street after the cops go by and head to 18th Street and the Castro district. The bars are still open and people are everywhere. I walk past two bars, some restaurants and a groups of people. A homeless/ tweaker with hoodie and sunglasses on starts chatting. His first words are "you look like you had a nice night". I am polite and talk to him as we walk and I am trying to carry my camera. I pass Castro street and come across a pizza parlor with the usual line out the door. Another cop is there with some couple arguing.
About this time I am feeling the cum start to dry and figure it is time to grab a cab. I am not about to wipe my face and figure if the cabbie freaks out I will find another.
One stops and I get, give the address and we drive off past the bars and Dolores Park. I have the camera still rolling this whole time.
When I get near the apartment I have him stop a few blocks off so I can walk home with the cum on me.
I get to the apartment and turn the camera around one last time for a final shot.
Then I go into the bathroom and see what is there....WOW, it was a nice thick full load!

I will post the edited clips on Xtube and so will Bgdkmuscleguy

Park, water sports and validated parking

LOL, ok this all made sense in my mind when I was trying to figure out how to share today with you.
Well, I guess technically it is yesterday and it is after midnight now.
I had to make an appointment in the Castro this afternoon. After it was over I thought about going straight home and making my leftover dinner ( I cannot cook and when husband is gone I find ways to drag out meals) or swing by the cruising park for a quick look-see.
Curiosity killed the cat, but it still leads me in many directions.

I was walking into the "gay alley" and there is a hot guy standing there and then I notice his pants seem to have a flaw - no zipper or buttons and he is falling out.
Not sure if he is actually cruising or airing the jewels so I looked that one "extra" second that says YUM.
He does nothing so I walk over and grab it.
Semi uncut from what I can see and growing in my hand.
Parks are not high conversation markets so I just lean over and swallow his cock.
After about 20 seconds of getting it rock hard and another minute of swallowing it down he is moaning and then it really expands as he shoots.
Ok, he is finished and off he goes. No need to stand around, so I just head out and think of my leftovers.

Before dinner I was going originally to meet up with a HUGE hung guy that loves to fuck me hard and get blown - he has an absolute ass and mouth stretcher!! Unfortunately he hurt his back and canceled so I went onto Craigslist to kill the time.
One hot young guy and I exchanged emails and he tells me that he wants to load my holes and then asks me about piss.
I said that I am fine being pissed on (in the backyard or alley) or swallowing it but I have never taken in my ass.
He says that he is on his way and I am not sure what he has in mind...
He arrives, I go down and see this guy with a hoodie up, very street thug type....and actually kind of hot.
After he gets in the door, right away he pushes my face onto his cock - he is apparently a dominant guy. OK, I can do this up to a point.
I don't like to gag and this guy was forcing a huge cock down further than I thought it could and it became a challenge to either not choke or get my head far enough back to breathe. Sometimes I won and sometimes he did. After getting his cock completely sloppy with spit and throat juice he pulls me up and starts going at my mouth with all of the extra spit.
He pushes me over to the bed and tells me to get on my back.
He asks if I like lube or spit and I said spit is fine with the poppers. He shoves my legs up and starts to rim and eat my ass. When he thinks there is enough spit he shoves his cock in.
One slam, no teasing, just a ram fuck to start off.
The poppers are out and we both take a few sniffs. He gets thicker and fucks me harder. During the hard fuck he says he is going to piss in my ass too.
He shoves in till his balls are at my ass and keeps it there... and as he looks me right in the eyes I hear him say " I am pissing in your ass", I get instant rock hard.
Now there is a huge load of piss and I can't even guess how much cum, spit and precum are up there, but he keeps on fucking me.
He is stroking my cock hard and furious and while I am not supposed to cum he manages to get me there.
He is done and pulls out, slaps my ass and jumps up.
He finishes, we dress and out he is out the door just as quick...and I am filled to rim and loving it.

I had also chatted with an uncut guy about swallowing his load or getting it up the ass. After the piss guy left we chatted some more.
I tell him that I am still up for more cum before calling it a night.
He wanted to come over so I gave him the address.
He arrives and we start off with me on my knees. During the initial chat we had verified that I could take his load in either hole and we were prepared for both.
I get his soft cock to full attention with my mouth and after he is rock hard and I have spit lubed him he says we should go to the bed and I get on my hand and knees.
A small bit of Boy Butter, a quick sniff of the poppers for both of us and he is sliding in to my ass. The original plan was to fuck me and then shoot a load on my face. After being in my ass he said that the load could go there instead...I said yes and he took one last hit of poppers and plowed right in.
Just the image I always get of bareback uncut cock shoving in, the foreskin slides back from the tight grip of my ass and the cum shoots straight into my hungry hole gets me hard every time.

While we are in the bathroom freshening up he says that we had met before...I thought so from the pics but always hate to ask "haven't we met before? ".
He laughs and recalled the address of my last office.
The best part was that when he came to my office to give me his load a couple of years ago he drove and needed to park.
I validated his parking since he made the drive over to feed me some cum...oh the things we do and remember for the pleasure of our cocks.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Young blond feeds me in the stall

VIDEO POSTED - Click the title to go to my Xtube would not embed for some reason, sorry about that guys.

This afternoon I took a lap around the shopping area again, it was nice out and I had some time to kill.
Not much was going on, lots of tourists in town it seems and they all need to wash their hands and keep chatting on their cell peeve of mine when a guy has a cell phone while standing at the urinal or you can hear them yelling in the stalls.
I smile when the toilets flush and you have to wonder if the other party realized they were being chatted on the throne.

I was heading out and saw this young guy at the sink and right away we made eye contact and I knew he saw a cocksucker in the mirror.
While washing my hands, he was standing there fixing his hair and smiling.
After a couple of minutes he headed back into the tearoom so I followed along.
Tall, slim build, Nordic features and when he walked past me I saw his firm ass squeezed into tight jeans - looked like two small melons riding in a pair of white 2Xist briefs (saw them later and took the liberty of sharing the image ahead of time for you).
He was already in a stall and I took the next one.
There was a third guy but it was obvious he was a homeless. We got started under the stall and I got his cock in my mouth for a short bit and then someone came in.
I had a pen with me and grabbed some paper to write that we should go on to another spot I know.
He said ok and we left.

We got to the tearoom I knew would have room for me to get down and take his load in the stall.
Right away I see two guys that are also there cruising and we all know each other so it was just a matter of waiting for an open stall.
Finally one opens and the young buck goes in first.
He had stroked me under the stall for a bit earlier and already felt my piercing and cock ring that I like to wear to the office.
We get our cocks out in the stall and I asked if he would want to cam it. No problem he said, just not his face showing...that is cool I told him and gave him my camera.
He has a long cock with a bit of a curve up and it fit right into my mouth - all the way to his balls.
You know how I like to swallow it all and then stroke a load out as I lick the head and that is how we went at it.
I was looking up and he was smiling while watching me swallow his cock.
Sexy smile and a few times I could feel his shaft swell and I would work on the shaft some more to get him closer.

Suck, swallow the cock, stroke the shaft, lick the head and all led up to a nice massive load that went in my mouth.
He let me know it was time with his body and the sound of his breathing so I made sure to hold the head in my mouth.
Tasty hot cum, yum and then it was time to head out.

As I exited, the other guys apparently took the same clue and shared a stall because we heard the toilet throughout ( I am amazed at the number of guys that do know how to shut down the auto flush so that you can play and not have that LOUD whoosh sound every few seconds) and they were also washing up at the same time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bareback in the tearoom - finger lickin' good load

This morning my husband left for a short business trip and his rule to me was that I could take cum loads and get guys off but I CANNOT shoot my own load until he fucks me hard and fierce when he gets back and fucks the load out of me.

I headed to my shopping center tearoom and while it was a bit slow there was a hot little cub there that I have played with before.
Banker look, glasses, blond hair and thick cock. He was at the urinals when I walked in and he always seems to be a bit nervous, but once he knows I am going to get on my knees he is as aggressive as me.
During the course of about 15 minutes we got interrupted a few times while I was sucking him off.
Of course, he was also working some fingers into my ass while I had my jock on.
I asked him if he was hoping to fuck me and he nodded affirmative with a huge grin.
Later after he had spit and lubed my ass we were both ready to try for some fucking. Getting fucked in the tearoom is a bit of a challenge on the best days and today was looking pretty good.

Finally the room was completely empty. He went into the largest stall and motioned to follow.
I shut the door, locked and dropped the jeans and jock.
Poppers came out and I took a sniff, while turning around to give him access.
He lined up and went in for the plunge. I backed up and we got him buried in my ass.
His cock is a very thick straight shaft, not horse hung but he knows how to use it.
Piston fucking into my ass, some poppers and soon enough he was moaning louder.
I told him to give me his load and he asked if I wanted it in my ass - Yes, I said!
He sped up the fucking and I heard the moan of orgasm.

He stays hard after cumming and stayed in my ass to let himself come down.
Eventually I pulled off of his cock and he said his load was in my ass and I said "Great, thanks!"
Then I leaned over and sucked his cock into my mouth and tasted spit and cum mixed. Licked that spent cock clean and headed out.

That load stayed in and on the way home I stuck a few fingers in my ass on the train and could smell the cum and spit, so I had to lick them clean and try not to sport a hard on when I was exiting.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fucked at both ends in the backroom

Late in the afternoon my husband and I met up with some friends and we all went to a favorite spot for me to get cocks and cum.
The husband is heading out for a business trip this week and the last load I shot was after getting fucked bareback at home on Friday - and I am not going to be allowed to cum until my husband gets back this weekend.
I love to be kept edging while he travels, after all, the rules say I cannot cum but I am allowed to continue sucking cock and taking loads this week.

We arrived at the destination and at first there was not much going on...a few guys hanging around that I have sucked or been fucked by in the past.
Nothing wrong with a hot repeat when we are both interested.
Then a bit later I see a hot older bear - guess he would be classified as polar bear.
Maybe early 50's, furry white chest hair, facial hair, a bit of extra padding but hot nonetheless.
He was being stroked by a semi inebriated guy that tried to pick me up earlier.
While he was being stroked, he leaned back and motioned for me to join in.
I wandered over and took up a position on the other side. That is when I see what he is sporting and it was more than substantial!
This mushroom head at the end of a rock hard handful of shaft.
I say handful because I was able to grip most of it and the head was like a cork at the end.
Well, you know my forte is sucking and this was too tempting.
Since I was invited by the guy, I looked to him for permission and got it.
In anticipation of having some of the guys watching also be interested I pushed my jeans to my ankles and down I went on his cock.
After a few minutes the inebriated guy realized that his bear wanted a blow job not a hand job and went in search of other prey.
About this time a small audience had formed and I found a few more cocks being displayed for me to taste.
A few were repeats and knew they could get my mouth.

After a nice long suck session of all these cocks, the bear started to play with my ass and one of my regulars brought out his poppers.
My husband came looking and found me bent over taking these cocks and he joined in.
There was another cock sucker that had joined in and he took over the sucking because I had decided that my hung polar bear should really be plowing my ass.
I took another hit of poppers, turned around and backed up.
He got the message and shoved in while I backed onto his cock. Nice and thick, that mushroom head just corked me right up and he went to town.

Ok, so now I am being fucked, there are a few cocks out and I bend over to swallow them into my mouth.
Some more poppers and I am loose enough that the bear starts to pound into me. I grab onto the wall for support and just let him take over.
While bent over, getting ridden hard I looked up and can see that the crowd has gotten bigger. Very hot to see everyone watch me get fucked right there.
As I am not allowed to cum, I try not to grab my cock and instead my cock is bouncing around to the ass pounding I am getting ...actually it felt hot since I was so rock hard.

Jeans pooled around my ankles, shirtless, rock hard cock bouncing in the air and this hot older guy fucking the shit out of me - the energy of the crowd was really intense.
About this time I see two young guys come in. Both are in mid 30's and have slim gym bodies. Clean shaven, one has that European look of dark hair and smooth fair complexion while his boyfriend has the southern California "businessman by day and surfer by afternoon" look.
Both HOT!
I can see their faces light up when they see that the guy in the back is actually getting fucked.
Having a hot couple stare me down while my ass is worked had me ready to shoot, but the bear was also close to finishing.
Some more heavy fucking and he was finishing off.
He pulls out and I stand there bare ass and hard as a rock. I pull up my jeans, stuff as much cock as I can back in and head out to the husband.
As I walk by two of our close friends are there and say "your husband is looking for you", and I could only reply "he knows where I am, he left me with a cock in my ass", which all have to laugh at - after all, they know damn well what I like and have seen it before.

I meet back up with my husband and later we chat with the two hot guys that watched me get fucked.
They mention that the live porn was hot and I should do a bit more.
A few guys come over that I know are hung so one pulls out his cock and I go down once more.
No finish on that one, since it was getting late and the crowd energy seemed to be shifting...maybe I will be able to see the two guys again and see what I can get them to do with me.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Met up with Thursday night hot top - fucked and fully bred

The hot tall dark haired guy that was my first fuck of the evening at the Cockpit party called to meet up for lunch.
We discussed the time and decided to use my apartment and take some time to get down and fuck/suck.

He met me downtown and we took the subway home.
The pictures on his profile were hot and appealing and when we met face to face it was really hard not to spring a thick boned cock in my pants.
Sexy smile, slight beard, buzz cut and that accent.

We arrived at the apartment and began with some intense kissing while stripping each other down.
I did recall from the night party that he was extra large and when I finally had him out of his underwear and in my hands I was grinning from ear to ear I know.
Thick enough that I could barely get my hand around it and just enough foreskin to slide back over the head.
His shaft was straight and it was thick all the way to the base so when I deep throated him it completely fill my mouth and down my throat.

After I was sucking him for a bit, he went down on me as well. It is always great to find a hot man that is fine with the PA, but can also swallow it all without any hassle.
After some nipple playing and mutual cock sucking I asked if he also liked his ass eaten. He said yes and gave me a full on view bending over the end of the bed.
Sweet tight ass, just enough hair that it was delicious. I was licking and fucking his ass with my tongue and then we switched places.

He is extra large and took the time to get my ass nice and spit lubed...and of course while I was bent over so he could stretch my ass with one hand, I had his cock going into my throat to get me in the mindset to get driven deep and hard.
A bit of poppers and some spit and he aimed for my hole.
With a cock that large I wanted it all the way in, and sometimes my ass can be real tight.
After a bit more poppers we grabbed a small bit of BoyButter and he went into my ass. As I said it is thick from tip to base and when it started sliding past the head I was impaled.

Once he was buried, the fucking began. He and I shared the bottle of poppers and while standing there he pounded every inch into my ass.
I like the sound of flesh hitting flesh when two guys are fucking - not one inch of cock is left out of the ass.
Standing there getting fucked had me leaking precum and then he told me to get on the bed, on my knees.
He stayed in my ass while we maneuvered over and then came out a bit and lined back up.
My ass was nicely stretched and hungry so there was not much resistance and he entered for another round of ass pounding. More hard pounding and some poppers, then it was time for a position change...onto my back.

With me on my back, he got all the way up and even deeper than before. At the same time we were able to continue kissing while he thrust into my ass. It was a very deep fuck and felt intense.
After a round of that position he told me to roll over onto my stomach.
Ass up, face down and he was ready to go in. This was another amazingly deep fuck position and he really started pounding my ass.
At the same time he was tall enough to be in my ass and kissing from behind.
Some more poppers and he pulled out to stroke a bit...I was looking back and saw that thick cock in his, that had just been buried in my ass.
By now my ass hungry for his load, he was able to stroke a bit and shove back into my ass.
We did that for a bit and then asked if I was ready for it. He stroked and then buried his cock. I could feel his body shaking a bit during the orgasm.

He pulled out and kept stroking for a bit. I rolled over and gave his cock another sucking and licking. He was still hard and he asked if I had cum.
I told him I would like to get back on my knees and have him stand while I sucked his cock into my throat again.
While I was doing that, I told him that working on my nipples would get me off.
He reached down and pulled while I filled my mouth with his cock.
After a nice round of that I asked him where he wanted me to cum and he said right there on the floor, while I was sucking him.
Okay I said and went back down on his cock. I was close after that long fuck session and being able to swallow his cock after plunging deep into my ass so it was not long at all.
Since he wanted me to be sucking him while I blew my load I had to stroke, have him pulling my nipples and when it was time I buried every inch of his cock that I could into my mouth.

Afterward we were heading to grab some food and we ran into one of his fellow countrymen that was also in the city. It is such a small world and we all three ended up eating together and I have now met two fantastic guys from a country that I told my husband we need to visit and see the men, the beaches and the history.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just the facial video and note

Here is the clip of the facial posting yesterday.
It was also humorous to me that on my way from this load to the unexpected uncut British cock I saw a hot tall red head in the street. He was looking at me like we had met and he wanted to say something.
As I got closer he reached out and drew us together...then he says " I am (insert name here) and you may be on your way somewhere but I wanted to say hello".
This guy has chatted with me on Xtube and I have seen his pics, so I was thrilled to see the full package.
It is always enjoyable to meet guys that know the videos/pics or blog and let me know.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thick facial and then an uncut British load in the tearooms

The pics are from my first load, this buddy fires off massive cum loads and I wanted it.

I took a walk today and headed over to a tearoom I frequent near my office. In the past I have encountered some thick cocks under the stall and posted the pics here.
Today I had the time and was hungry for a load or two.
When I first got there it was empty. Then I heard the elevator and thought to myself that maybe I would be lucky.
The door to the bathroom opened and in walked a fellow tearoom buddy.

The last time I was here, I sucked a load out of a huge cock under the stalls and this guy was watching from his stall, then he shot a huge load on the floor.
That was not my first chance to see his cum...he shared a retail bathroom with me and another top that fucked my ass, so I was prepared today for a bit of fun and hoping for a huge protein explosion.

We were both looking for some action but it was slow and we decided to take advantage of that.
The urinals in this tearoom are open so it was easier.
We took out our cocks and I got a nice close look at a massive set of cum filled balls.
I started stroking his cock and he was playing with mine. The last time we were in the same stall I was sucking a guy and he shot his load while watching, so today I asked if he wanted to be sucked.
He said no and I asked if he wanted to jack off and shoot all over my face. He agreed and I told him that I had my camera.
At that comment his eyes lit up and he said that if his face did not show that was cool. I assured him that only my face shows in the videos.
He pulled out some lube and got our cocks ready for some jacking.
It was a hot scene, we were both hard as rocks and the lube worked to get us even closer.
Once he said it was almost time I turned on the cam and gave it to him...just after that he began to shoot.
He lined up that mushroom head straight into my face, I leaned back a bit and let him fire at will.

I saw this guy cum twice and was ready for a thick load but his cum shot out like a cannon. Then he fired off a few more shots that continued to cover my cheek and then my goatee.
His cum was that extra hot type that would melt ice on contact - and feels awesome as it coats my face.
After the final shot he took the camera and slowly started recording the full load on my face.
I was just grinning and smelling that cum while he took the video.
After we finished up and started getting ready to leave I hated to wipe it into my mouth but had to be nice and clean when I left the bathroom...
Then I was thinking of his cum and has some time so I went to my other favorite tearoom in the shopping district.

I arrived and saw a hot guy going up the escalators. I followed along but he was not going where the tearoom was so I detoured.
Upon arriving in the first tearoom I see that no one is around and head to the second. Nothing there and I take advantage of the law of averages and try the first one before I head out.
Before I can start on the journey I get a text.
As I am standing in front of a store I see this hot blond streaked hunk walking out of the tearoom. He walks past me, I see a full basket in front and tight melon ass.
He walks by and glances back.
Since he seems to be on the prowl I follow behind. Once we get near the other tearoom he seems to be deciding.
I take a moment to answer a text and see what he does. He sits on one of the benches and keeps looking over.
Ok, I can be aggressive and take the initiative.
I head to the tearoom and make a point of looking at him as I start the journey.
Taking my time to see what he does, I look back and he is following.

I get inside and go to a stall, but don't shut the door. There are urinals and if he chooses that I want to be able to join easily.
He walks by my stall and checks inside before passing to the next one.
Ok, now we have established that we are both there for the same thing.
We both get settled and soon enough the place is empty. I get down to check him out and spot a thick uncut cock. YES!!
My husband likes the foreskin that hangs real low while I like it a bit tighter. This guy has a nice 9 inch cock and another two inches of foreskin. He is stroking and the precum is churning in the foreskin just like butter.
He comes closer and checks me out under the stall but does not let me suck him yet.
We both continue jacking and I put my head under to get a better view and to let him know I want to swallow it.
There is still no one around and he gets down to let me suck that uncut thick meat.
It tastes fantastic and I work the foreskin back with my lips and stroke his shaft at the same time. It brings his head out and I find a tasty plum sized head and swallow it into my mouth.

Now that it has been a while and I do NOT want to let this load go wasted I pick up the pace on my sucking.
I ask if he wants to go somewhere more private and he says it is close to time for him to leave - and right away I hear that sexy European accent. Now my precum is really flowing - he is uncut, sounds British, is huge and rock hard, close to cumming and I still smell the first load in my goatee.

I get further under and while sucking his foreskin and head, he is stroking....then his cock head swells and I know it is time.
I get under his cock to catch it all and he starts to shoot onto my tongue. I open my mouth a bit more and let him keep shooting.
After there is a pool of cum on my tongue I swallow and he lets a few more short blasts out that hit the side of my mouth.
He finishes and a second later we hear someone enter the bathroom.
Perfect timing !
He heads out and I savor the cum before I open the stall and head out.
The guys at the urinal and sink have no idea why I have this shiteating grin from ear to ear or why I am filling my jock to the stretching point.