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Monday, October 6, 2008

Fucked at both ends in the backroom

Late in the afternoon my husband and I met up with some friends and we all went to a favorite spot for me to get cocks and cum.
The husband is heading out for a business trip this week and the last load I shot was after getting fucked bareback at home on Friday - and I am not going to be allowed to cum until my husband gets back this weekend.
I love to be kept edging while he travels, after all, the rules say I cannot cum but I am allowed to continue sucking cock and taking loads this week.

We arrived at the destination and at first there was not much going on...a few guys hanging around that I have sucked or been fucked by in the past.
Nothing wrong with a hot repeat when we are both interested.
Then a bit later I see a hot older bear - guess he would be classified as polar bear.
Maybe early 50's, furry white chest hair, facial hair, a bit of extra padding but hot nonetheless.
He was being stroked by a semi inebriated guy that tried to pick me up earlier.
While he was being stroked, he leaned back and motioned for me to join in.
I wandered over and took up a position on the other side. That is when I see what he is sporting and it was more than substantial!
This mushroom head at the end of a rock hard handful of shaft.
I say handful because I was able to grip most of it and the head was like a cork at the end.
Well, you know my forte is sucking and this was too tempting.
Since I was invited by the guy, I looked to him for permission and got it.
In anticipation of having some of the guys watching also be interested I pushed my jeans to my ankles and down I went on his cock.
After a few minutes the inebriated guy realized that his bear wanted a blow job not a hand job and went in search of other prey.
About this time a small audience had formed and I found a few more cocks being displayed for me to taste.
A few were repeats and knew they could get my mouth.

After a nice long suck session of all these cocks, the bear started to play with my ass and one of my regulars brought out his poppers.
My husband came looking and found me bent over taking these cocks and he joined in.
There was another cock sucker that had joined in and he took over the sucking because I had decided that my hung polar bear should really be plowing my ass.
I took another hit of poppers, turned around and backed up.
He got the message and shoved in while I backed onto his cock. Nice and thick, that mushroom head just corked me right up and he went to town.

Ok, so now I am being fucked, there are a few cocks out and I bend over to swallow them into my mouth.
Some more poppers and I am loose enough that the bear starts to pound into me. I grab onto the wall for support and just let him take over.
While bent over, getting ridden hard I looked up and can see that the crowd has gotten bigger. Very hot to see everyone watch me get fucked right there.
As I am not allowed to cum, I try not to grab my cock and instead my cock is bouncing around to the ass pounding I am getting ...actually it felt hot since I was so rock hard.

Jeans pooled around my ankles, shirtless, rock hard cock bouncing in the air and this hot older guy fucking the shit out of me - the energy of the crowd was really intense.
About this time I see two young guys come in. Both are in mid 30's and have slim gym bodies. Clean shaven, one has that European look of dark hair and smooth fair complexion while his boyfriend has the southern California "businessman by day and surfer by afternoon" look.
Both HOT!
I can see their faces light up when they see that the guy in the back is actually getting fucked.
Having a hot couple stare me down while my ass is worked had me ready to shoot, but the bear was also close to finishing.
Some more heavy fucking and he was finishing off.
He pulls out and I stand there bare ass and hard as a rock. I pull up my jeans, stuff as much cock as I can back in and head out to the husband.
As I walk by two of our close friends are there and say "your husband is looking for you", and I could only reply "he knows where I am, he left me with a cock in my ass", which all have to laugh at - after all, they know damn well what I like and have seen it before.

I meet back up with my husband and later we chat with the two hot guys that watched me get fucked.
They mention that the live porn was hot and I should do a bit more.
A few guys come over that I know are hung so one pulls out his cock and I go down once more.
No finish on that one, since it was getting late and the crowd energy seemed to be shifting...maybe I will be able to see the two guys again and see what I can get them to do with me.

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