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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thick facial and then an uncut British load in the tearooms

The pics are from my first load, this buddy fires off massive cum loads and I wanted it.

I took a walk today and headed over to a tearoom I frequent near my office. In the past I have encountered some thick cocks under the stall and posted the pics here.
Today I had the time and was hungry for a load or two.
When I first got there it was empty. Then I heard the elevator and thought to myself that maybe I would be lucky.
The door to the bathroom opened and in walked a fellow tearoom buddy.

The last time I was here, I sucked a load out of a huge cock under the stalls and this guy was watching from his stall, then he shot a huge load on the floor.
That was not my first chance to see his cum...he shared a retail bathroom with me and another top that fucked my ass, so I was prepared today for a bit of fun and hoping for a huge protein explosion.

We were both looking for some action but it was slow and we decided to take advantage of that.
The urinals in this tearoom are open so it was easier.
We took out our cocks and I got a nice close look at a massive set of cum filled balls.
I started stroking his cock and he was playing with mine. The last time we were in the same stall I was sucking a guy and he shot his load while watching, so today I asked if he wanted to be sucked.
He said no and I asked if he wanted to jack off and shoot all over my face. He agreed and I told him that I had my camera.
At that comment his eyes lit up and he said that if his face did not show that was cool. I assured him that only my face shows in the videos.
He pulled out some lube and got our cocks ready for some jacking.
It was a hot scene, we were both hard as rocks and the lube worked to get us even closer.
Once he said it was almost time I turned on the cam and gave it to him...just after that he began to shoot.
He lined up that mushroom head straight into my face, I leaned back a bit and let him fire at will.

I saw this guy cum twice and was ready for a thick load but his cum shot out like a cannon. Then he fired off a few more shots that continued to cover my cheek and then my goatee.
His cum was that extra hot type that would melt ice on contact - and feels awesome as it coats my face.
After the final shot he took the camera and slowly started recording the full load on my face.
I was just grinning and smelling that cum while he took the video.
After we finished up and started getting ready to leave I hated to wipe it into my mouth but had to be nice and clean when I left the bathroom...
Then I was thinking of his cum and has some time so I went to my other favorite tearoom in the shopping district.

I arrived and saw a hot guy going up the escalators. I followed along but he was not going where the tearoom was so I detoured.
Upon arriving in the first tearoom I see that no one is around and head to the second. Nothing there and I take advantage of the law of averages and try the first one before I head out.
Before I can start on the journey I get a text.
As I am standing in front of a store I see this hot blond streaked hunk walking out of the tearoom. He walks past me, I see a full basket in front and tight melon ass.
He walks by and glances back.
Since he seems to be on the prowl I follow behind. Once we get near the other tearoom he seems to be deciding.
I take a moment to answer a text and see what he does. He sits on one of the benches and keeps looking over.
Ok, I can be aggressive and take the initiative.
I head to the tearoom and make a point of looking at him as I start the journey.
Taking my time to see what he does, I look back and he is following.

I get inside and go to a stall, but don't shut the door. There are urinals and if he chooses that I want to be able to join easily.
He walks by my stall and checks inside before passing to the next one.
Ok, now we have established that we are both there for the same thing.
We both get settled and soon enough the place is empty. I get down to check him out and spot a thick uncut cock. YES!!
My husband likes the foreskin that hangs real low while I like it a bit tighter. This guy has a nice 9 inch cock and another two inches of foreskin. He is stroking and the precum is churning in the foreskin just like butter.
He comes closer and checks me out under the stall but does not let me suck him yet.
We both continue jacking and I put my head under to get a better view and to let him know I want to swallow it.
There is still no one around and he gets down to let me suck that uncut thick meat.
It tastes fantastic and I work the foreskin back with my lips and stroke his shaft at the same time. It brings his head out and I find a tasty plum sized head and swallow it into my mouth.

Now that it has been a while and I do NOT want to let this load go wasted I pick up the pace on my sucking.
I ask if he wants to go somewhere more private and he says it is close to time for him to leave - and right away I hear that sexy European accent. Now my precum is really flowing - he is uncut, sounds British, is huge and rock hard, close to cumming and I still smell the first load in my goatee.

I get further under and while sucking his foreskin and head, he is stroking....then his cock head swells and I know it is time.
I get under his cock to catch it all and he starts to shoot onto my tongue. I open my mouth a bit more and let him keep shooting.
After there is a pool of cum on my tongue I swallow and he lets a few more short blasts out that hit the side of my mouth.
He finishes and a second later we hear someone enter the bathroom.
Perfect timing !
He heads out and I savor the cum before I open the stall and head out.
The guys at the urinal and sink have no idea why I have this shiteating grin from ear to ear or why I am filling my jock to the stretching point.

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Anonymous said...

9 inches with 2 inches of foreskin? Fuck man, that's hot. Too bad he didn't slide it up your cunt and breed a big load into you...