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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bareback in the tearoom - finger lickin' good load

This morning my husband left for a short business trip and his rule to me was that I could take cum loads and get guys off but I CANNOT shoot my own load until he fucks me hard and fierce when he gets back and fucks the load out of me.

I headed to my shopping center tearoom and while it was a bit slow there was a hot little cub there that I have played with before.
Banker look, glasses, blond hair and thick cock. He was at the urinals when I walked in and he always seems to be a bit nervous, but once he knows I am going to get on my knees he is as aggressive as me.
During the course of about 15 minutes we got interrupted a few times while I was sucking him off.
Of course, he was also working some fingers into my ass while I had my jock on.
I asked him if he was hoping to fuck me and he nodded affirmative with a huge grin.
Later after he had spit and lubed my ass we were both ready to try for some fucking. Getting fucked in the tearoom is a bit of a challenge on the best days and today was looking pretty good.

Finally the room was completely empty. He went into the largest stall and motioned to follow.
I shut the door, locked and dropped the jeans and jock.
Poppers came out and I took a sniff, while turning around to give him access.
He lined up and went in for the plunge. I backed up and we got him buried in my ass.
His cock is a very thick straight shaft, not horse hung but he knows how to use it.
Piston fucking into my ass, some poppers and soon enough he was moaning louder.
I told him to give me his load and he asked if I wanted it in my ass - Yes, I said!
He sped up the fucking and I heard the moan of orgasm.

He stays hard after cumming and stayed in my ass to let himself come down.
Eventually I pulled off of his cock and he said his load was in my ass and I said "Great, thanks!"
Then I leaned over and sucked his cock into my mouth and tasted spit and cum mixed. Licked that spent cock clean and headed out.

That load stayed in and on the way home I stuck a few fingers in my ass on the train and could smell the cum and spit, so I had to lick them clean and try not to sport a hard on when I was exiting.

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