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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fucked and seeded - wham bam thank you!

Craigslist is a great site in many cities for the quick hook up.

This week my husband was on a trip and I was in the mood for a no strings quick wham bam thank you and out the door fuck.
This hot young bear sent me his cock pic and said he wanted to give me a load.
I am a cum pig and anonymous fucks with a load being shot into my ass do turn me on - yes I know, a cock shooting turns me on.

I only had the pic to go on and I try to be a good judge of internet chat, this guys sounded legit and I went with my gut feeling.
When I went down to let him I was thinking this hot guy better be the one to fuck me.
Tall, shaved head, barrel chest, nice thick legs and he would be called a bear in some circles but to me it was a hot package.
We went upstairs and I was getting hard just looking at the package I was going to get a load from.
I stripped down and pulled down his pants.
Semi soft and I could see the potential - the pics was not lying.

I got down and dove into sucking his cock and I was rewarded with a huge growing piece of meat. This was a cock that had length but the width was actually a bit more - it was going to be felt going in every inch of the way.
Since our chat was about him fucking me I told him to let me know what he wanted me to do.
He just said that what I was doing was just fine...ok, I went back to slurping on his cock.
After getting rock hard and spit lubed he said I should get on the bed.
I asked if he wanted me on my back or knees and he said on my knees.

I am not opposed to poppers with a huge cock but did not want to feel anything but cock tonight so I just leaned down, put my ass up for him and spread my ass.
He came forward and lined up, then shoved in.
Damn, that cock was so wide I felt it spreading me wide open.
The action picked up fast after that and soon enough he said he was ready to cum and I said go for it.
He shoved in and let out a moan that told me every drop of his load was shooting it my ass.

He pulled out and we both laughed at the intensity - we both wanted wham, bam and that is what we got.
It was a hot way to end the night...that full ass feel of cum and cock.

After he got home, there was an email that he wanted to repeat some time and I agreed.
Maybe next time we will take some time and get a few pics to share.

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