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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hot young punk with mohawk feeds me this morning

My husband comes home tonight and the guy that had me on his knees in the backroom last month was online.
This guy is 6' 5" , swimmer/biker (not motorcycle) build, large cock that's pierced and sporting one of the few hot mohawks I have ever seen...of course he is 25 years old and can pull it off completely.
The first time I had his cock in my mouth we were surrounded by a huge crowd of guys and his buddy needed to piss, so I swallowed it all down my throat. That night we agreed to meet up again sometime and get him off.

Today he was running to meet friends and wanted to stop by here before and feed me another load.
I said sure, it has been a hot week of cum and not jacking myself off in anticipation of the massive load my husband will fuck into me and fuck mine out of me.
He called and said he was on his way. He buzzed and I went down.
I always have a hard on for tall guys, and when you add in the pierced cock, tattoos, and that hair cut I was up for it even being early in the morning.
He arrived in combat boots, socks, shorts and suspenders...a very hot look for a young punk.

We go upstairs and get right down to business. He has to be across town on his bike so I get on my knees.
He starts off soft and lets me work it to full erection. Then when there is enough to gag me with he starts to shove it further down my throat.
I love to suck pierced guys off and find that some hit a spot in my throat that gets the gag reflex thinking of kicking in. I try to breathe through it but just like my piss buddy the other night, this one likes me to gag a bit.
I have it all the way in, gagging and trying to breathe. He pulls out and his cock is covered in spit and throat juice ( I have no idea what this called but you deep throat men know what I am talking is fantastic lube and really slick). I get a moment to catch my breath and he wants to go back in.
Knowing that he likes the throat juice I let him force my throat further down and feel it open up. I am ok until I think about that cock and my throat tries to clamp down. Up come the throat juices and down goes his eyes are beginning to water and his cock is beyond rock hard.
Obviously the more I choke on his cock the harder he gets and I am stroking my cock now too.
I don't know how many times I was choking and he was fucking my face but I had tears in my eyes and was in that zone of total cum slut.

Now that his cock is covered in my spit and the juices are all over my mouth and his cock it is time for him to jack his load for me to eat.
He is one of those guys, like me, that sometimes the legs start to shake as you are close and I was ready for the cum.
He started to shoot onto my goatee and some went down onto my chest.
I stopped myself from shooting my load but I was leaking a bucket of precum by then.
After he finished coming down from his orgasm, we went to get him cleaned up a bit. I took the cum that was on my face and chest and ate it.
He got dressed and we noticed one lone drop of cum on his boot.
The event he is going to is formal and a ceremony but he said he liked the cum drop there and would leave it.
We joked that since the event is gay, someone would notice or sniff it out.

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