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Friday, October 10, 2008

Park, water sports and validated parking

LOL, ok this all made sense in my mind when I was trying to figure out how to share today with you.
Well, I guess technically it is yesterday and it is after midnight now.
I had to make an appointment in the Castro this afternoon. After it was over I thought about going straight home and making my leftover dinner ( I cannot cook and when husband is gone I find ways to drag out meals) or swing by the cruising park for a quick look-see.
Curiosity killed the cat, but it still leads me in many directions.

I was walking into the "gay alley" and there is a hot guy standing there and then I notice his pants seem to have a flaw - no zipper or buttons and he is falling out.
Not sure if he is actually cruising or airing the jewels so I looked that one "extra" second that says YUM.
He does nothing so I walk over and grab it.
Semi uncut from what I can see and growing in my hand.
Parks are not high conversation markets so I just lean over and swallow his cock.
After about 20 seconds of getting it rock hard and another minute of swallowing it down he is moaning and then it really expands as he shoots.
Ok, he is finished and off he goes. No need to stand around, so I just head out and think of my leftovers.

Before dinner I was going originally to meet up with a HUGE hung guy that loves to fuck me hard and get blown - he has an absolute ass and mouth stretcher!! Unfortunately he hurt his back and canceled so I went onto Craigslist to kill the time.
One hot young guy and I exchanged emails and he tells me that he wants to load my holes and then asks me about piss.
I said that I am fine being pissed on (in the backyard or alley) or swallowing it but I have never taken in my ass.
He says that he is on his way and I am not sure what he has in mind...
He arrives, I go down and see this guy with a hoodie up, very street thug type....and actually kind of hot.
After he gets in the door, right away he pushes my face onto his cock - he is apparently a dominant guy. OK, I can do this up to a point.
I don't like to gag and this guy was forcing a huge cock down further than I thought it could and it became a challenge to either not choke or get my head far enough back to breathe. Sometimes I won and sometimes he did. After getting his cock completely sloppy with spit and throat juice he pulls me up and starts going at my mouth with all of the extra spit.
He pushes me over to the bed and tells me to get on my back.
He asks if I like lube or spit and I said spit is fine with the poppers. He shoves my legs up and starts to rim and eat my ass. When he thinks there is enough spit he shoves his cock in.
One slam, no teasing, just a ram fuck to start off.
The poppers are out and we both take a few sniffs. He gets thicker and fucks me harder. During the hard fuck he says he is going to piss in my ass too.
He shoves in till his balls are at my ass and keeps it there... and as he looks me right in the eyes I hear him say " I am pissing in your ass", I get instant rock hard.
Now there is a huge load of piss and I can't even guess how much cum, spit and precum are up there, but he keeps on fucking me.
He is stroking my cock hard and furious and while I am not supposed to cum he manages to get me there.
He is done and pulls out, slaps my ass and jumps up.
He finishes, we dress and out he is out the door just as quick...and I am filled to rim and loving it.

I had also chatted with an uncut guy about swallowing his load or getting it up the ass. After the piss guy left we chatted some more.
I tell him that I am still up for more cum before calling it a night.
He wanted to come over so I gave him the address.
He arrives and we start off with me on my knees. During the initial chat we had verified that I could take his load in either hole and we were prepared for both.
I get his soft cock to full attention with my mouth and after he is rock hard and I have spit lubed him he says we should go to the bed and I get on my hand and knees.
A small bit of Boy Butter, a quick sniff of the poppers for both of us and he is sliding in to my ass. The original plan was to fuck me and then shoot a load on my face. After being in my ass he said that the load could go there instead...I said yes and he took one last hit of poppers and plowed right in.
Just the image I always get of bareback uncut cock shoving in, the foreskin slides back from the tight grip of my ass and the cum shoots straight into my hungry hole gets me hard every time.

While we are in the bathroom freshening up he says that we had met before...I thought so from the pics but always hate to ask "haven't we met before? ".
He laughs and recalled the address of my last office.
The best part was that when he came to my office to give me his load a couple of years ago he drove and needed to park.
I validated his parking since he made the drive over to feed me some cum...oh the things we do and remember for the pleasure of our cocks.

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