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Monday, May 23, 2011

Uncut twink wants a repeat under the stall

Well, I always tell guys that if they really like the head I give, to let me know if they ever need to drain their balls again...and many do ask for more.

Today I had a text from the hot uncut youngster from last week and we arranged for another round of under the stall feeding.

He picked the time and I went over.

Right away I see someone in a stall, but then a text comes through saying that he had to step out...oops,that is not my guy in there.
I take the stall and then my guy arrives.

We patiently wait it out and the other guy finally leaves. I move to the next stall and my buddy comes into the other one.
Now we are ready to get down to action.
After the first encounter we talked about trying to get some video so I brought my camera today.
At first we had privacy and I was down between his legs getting a nice thick mouthful of young uncut cock...then the door opens.

Ok, we stop the action and the video shuts off by accident. No problem.
We sit it out and wait for the new arrival to leave, but he is suddenly taking a bit longer.
My buddy and I are texting and deciding to wait or maybe take our action to another bathroom. I tell him that I am ok with waiting and he agrees.

Soon enough we have the bathroom to ourselves again and get back to business.
He is rock hard in a flash and I am devouring his cock while we try to get the video camera to cooperate.
My buddy is really into getting sucked and decides to slide his lower half under the stall and let me feast on everything.
I am on hands and knees, mouth stuffed with cock when we hear the door open again.
Another visitor...damn, this is getting to be a busy spot.

We wait it out and text back and forth that we are going to feed me and skip the video. Perfect, I reply.

When the coast is clear once again, we both get down and dirty under the stall.
He slides his legs under and I swallow every inch of cock. He is moaning as I deep throat and use my other hand to grip his ball sac and shove every last inch into my throat.
As he gets closer and closer he pulls out his phone and aims it towards me. Cool! I am fine with him taking any video that we can get.
Soon he is telling me that he is getting close and I am sucking, slurping and stroking that cock to get those balls churning out the load.

Once I sense the impending explosion I keep my mouth down and ready for the shot. Cum is shooting and I take my mouth off to let him get a good look at the cum spray....well, that is when a volley of cum goes straight up in the air and comes back down on his cock and my hand.
I instantly dive for head and shaft and lick it all up. No drop should be wasted.
More cum is filling my mouth as I lick the shaft and head clean.

I don't even know how much cum his balls put out but I was a happy cum pig and when we were all done you could hear the heavy breathing coming from both of us.

He said there was some hot footage on the phone and if he is able to send it, I will try to upload and let you enjoy the cum shots.

Continuation of the multi load weekend....

Sunday afternoon has always been a favorite of min. Many friends gather, we all hang out and on good days I am fed cum by one or more...
And yesterday was amazing.

We were all gathering for a friends party and it started to turn into a reunion of cum feeders for me.
One very hot hairy Latin with an uncut cock to feast on happened to be out with his friends. As I was flirting and teasing him, he said that his balls had been drained already - which of course is a challenge in my mind.
As I got down on my knees in front of everyone, he did indeed start to get thicker and harder.
While down on my knees I also let the other 4 or 5 guys standing around check out my work and gave them the look that says "bring 'em out and I will suck 'em!". And one of them did.

Another hot hairy man, this one was eager to let me swallow every inch. The group of friends kept a close circle around so that we could continue until I drained him and after some hot stroking and deep throating I was rewarded with a thick hot load down my throat.

At this point, a HUGE cock buddy of ours was in the circle and everyone was commenting on how hard it would be to swallow. I turned my attention over to him and let everyone enjoy the action.
Now, this guy is not only thicker than a beer can but the head is such a massive mushroom that it does take a full stretch to accommodate it all.
After already sucking cocks the day before and then having a fresh load still coating my tongue I was a cum pig in heat and gave his cock the extra attention he likes.
Soon enough he also started to fill my mouth with sweet creamy cum!

Two loads in 10 minutes! And there were cocks coming out everywhere.

Another guy was standing by and watching but did not have his cock out. Shirtless, smooth and athletic. When I stood up from taking the second load, he and I exchanged quick smiles and he allowed us to open his pants, pull down his underwear and bring out his uncut cock.
I went back down to swallow that new cock and everyone circled the wagons again.

As I have done in the past, this new cock was soon very close to spurting but he wanted to hold off. He took a short break, but stood by and let guys grope and hold his cock while he enjoyed others.
I wanted to keep sucking and he did allow me to a few more times...but alas, he wanted to keep edging so I also took a break.

More friends started arriving and soon a bottom buddy of ours came along with his poppers.
We all went outside and there were cocks galore.

Long story short....I don't even remember how many cocks were in my mouth by the time I left but another uncut Latin guy had his cock buried up my ass and gave me an awesome bareback fucking right there in front of the room.

Multiple load weekend!

Okay, I have been a bit out of the loop due to some unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances but damn was this a good weekend.

Saturday began nice and quiet. My husband and I went into the Castro district for lunch and then stop off to see friends and have a cocktail.
As I walked up to the bar I was felt up by a stranger seated nearby. I did not mind and could tell he was having a good time.

When I stood back to the side, he stood up and showed me a hefty cock bulging in his shorts. It was firm, thick and he was holding it like a baseball bat.
I saw him go into the restroom, but of course it was one of those times when EVERYONE suddenly needed to pee.
He walked out and I told him that I was about to follow and see what he was sporting, and he replied that next time I should follow through.

Not long after, he walked past me and brushed up against my back. I turned and followed him.
He stood near the entrance and I told him that I should be on the other side of him. As he stepped aside, I went right down on my knees.
He pulled out a cock that would make any cock sucker drool. I wasted no time in taking it all the way into my mouth.
Dark cock, full balls and a mushroom head that had to forced down my throat to allow his balls to hit my chin. And when I managed that, he let out such a moan that I knew he his load was mine.

No one came in to interrupt, so I just kept slurping and sucking - deep throating and stroking.
Someone did walk in and they took one look at my face being fucked and just kept on peeing. The stuck around to watch the conclusion, which was fine with me.

Eventually I had him so edged that he told me he was going to cum. As he started to fill my mouth with his sweet load, I kept stroking the cock so our voyeur could see every inch that was just in me.
Then I stood up and everyone walked out of the bathroom and back to our friends.

Another hot bear came up and started to make out with me, and we took the action further back...but alas, there was no finale on that be continued though...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uncut twink under the stall

I saw a posting about a young guy wanting someone to come over to his buildiing and suck his cock under the bathroom stall...well, you know I was intrigued.

He asked about poppers and a pic, so I sent him a note saying that if he was still looking and close to my place we should meet up.
His response was that we should meet and that he has also seen my videos. Bonus! I gave him my contact info and we arranged the time.
As the time drew near, he and I agreed to the specifics and he sent me the code for entry.

I headed over.

As I arrived, he wanted to just get milked and unloaded without a video. He had poppers already, and I said that was just fine to feed me and enjoy.

I entered the code and walked around the corner...nice quiet, empty bathroom...perfect for under stall action.

Right away I went into an adjacent stall and we both signaled. Then I got down on my knees and he slid his cock under the stall.
Now, he had posted a picture of the cock and it was tasty there, but seeing it in the flesh was beyond words. Thick, dark bush surrounding a beer can size shaft, pink thick shaft and just the perfect amount of foreskin to cover the head.
As I reached out and grabbed hold, my fist was filled with cock.

He opened the bottle of poppers, took a hit and set them down. I reached over and took a hit for myself and went to work on milking his load out.

Crisp white shirt, dark pants and dress shoes - you know I was servicing a hot young guy that would pass for a cute sexy cub on the street without batting an eye and that made me even more of a cum hungry pig.
Thick and straight shaft with some hairy balls hanging down kept my hand full while I used my tongue and mouth on the head and foreskin.
After slurping around that precum filled skin, I shoved as much cock as possible down my throat...and felt him expand with each deep throat impaling. Every once in awhile he would let out a soft moan to let me know he was getting what he wanted.

After some intense hand and deep throat massage he pulled back under the stall and adjusted his position...and then slid his feet under my side and gave me fuller access to his engorged cock.
You know that I did not waste a second and went right back down.
It was so fucking hot to know that he was lying there getting blown and we were not about to stop. He slid up his shirt and white T-shirt and tweaked his nipples a bit. Seeing that, I made an adjustment on my own and used my left hand to massage those young man nipples.

I saw him reach for the poppers again and let him take a hit - after all, on his back, I did not want to have any spill on to his business suit.
Soon he was telling me that I was about to make him cum, and I just moaned and nodded to give him the go-ahead. His hips started to shake and soon I felt my mouth filling up with spunk.
Shot after shot was giving me all of his protein and after every drop was drained I kept his softening cock in my mouth for a moment to savor the taste.

He slid back under and I grabbed my cock and squeezed out a massive amount of precum.

Both of us had to catch our breath and thanked each other. I told him that next time we could get some video if he wanted.

Nothing better than a horny guy getting his balls drained, and a hungry cum pig getting his fill.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Xtube buddy feeds me his load again

Over the past few weeks a buddy and I have tried to arrange a time for me to get back onto his cock and today we made it happen.

The last time we hooked up, it was in a bathroom near his office but today I had him meet me in a quiet bathroom so we could share the experience with everyone online.
He and I arranged the time and then we headed up.

Sometimes using a bathroom has drawbacks....too many people, the janitor still around, homeless people camping out...however, today we had the place to ourselves.

Once we shut and locked the door, I turned on the camera and handed it over. Then I got on my knees and began to unbutton his jeans.
This hot black man does like to wear his briefs but once I had his cock out and pulled them down, I was swallowing it all down.
He went from soft to rock hard in seconds.

Once he was at full mast, I not only worked over the head and shaft but forced the rest down my throat until his balls were on my chin.
He is a large enough guy that it was a challenge to control the gag reflex, but then I slid off and was rewarded with the beautiful shiny coat of throat slime shimmering on that ebony cock.
And, of course I went right back on it!!

Sliding in and out of my mouth seemed to make it even harder and I grasped the shaft in my fist to stroke it while giving his balls some attention.
Looking up and seeing him smile down at me with his nuts in my mouth told me that he wanted my mouth all over his dick.
Back to the head, shaft and stroking ...and then disaster...the camera shut off.

We turned it back on, and I went back to work.
Now it was going to be twice as fun because he had softened while adjusting the camera and you know how I like to let guys grow and fill my mouth as they get larger and harder.

Cupping his cum filled nuts in my hand, I slowly worked the shaft once again. After he was at full staff again, I took one deep throat suck and then kept up stroking while milking the remainder of his cock with my tongue and lips.
Stroking his hard cock with my fist, and keeping up a steady rhythm of slurp, tongue caress, lips around the head and back down to shaft over and over again.
After a few minutes of heavy hand and mouth action I let go of the shaft and concentrated on the head.

He was edging closer and closer, and I could feel the shaft beginning to swell. I went to the head and really worked it over with only tongue while stroking the shaft and then it was time!

First shot into my mouth, second also in my mouth with some on my chin and the rest oozed onto my tongue...tasty!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Xtube message from a visitor

To everyone wondering if I am still around...yep!
Just been busy getting back to the gym every day and more personal things going on that have caused a slow down in my prowling time.

Don't worry, I am still a cum hunting pig and doing everything I can to be sure there are no blue balls in town.

Now, back to the post...

Last week I happened to get an email on Xtube from a guy that was visiting from Orange County.
Being in town for only two nights, and it being a Friday, I replied right away that if he were in town already we should meet up.
He responded affirmatively that he was only up the hill.
For those that are familiar with Nob Hill - the Mark Hopkins is on the top and it is a HIKE to get there on foot.

I hiked up and when I entered his room we both knew it was going to be fun.
He already had his pants off and there was the thick meat with a full tasty mushroom head.
I started to get undressed as he sat on the bed, and reached over to feel his shaft. Could barely get a hand around it. HOT!

He mentioned that his husband wanted to see a video so I handed him mine and got down between his legs.
The shaft alone was long enough for more than two hands and the head just capped it. I went down on the head first (you know I love to start off slow sometimes).
The camera shut down once, so he started it again while I get spit lubing his cock with my tongue and mouth.

For some reason the camera would not cooperate, so we tossed it aside and I just went down on his cock.
I had slurped on the head and shaft, so it was time to see how much would go down my throat...
Well, that mushroom head was a challenge and I only made it go partially down the throat but when I came back up it was coated in gullet slime - that hot pre cum type of spit that only comes from the back of your throat.
Using my hand I stroked his cock and just grinned from ear to ear.

Then, of course, I went back down and did it all over again.
He had a nice ass and a full set of balls that I spent some time on. Pulling one, then the other, followed by both into my mouth.

Taking a breather, I leaned up and he reached down to start stroking my cock. Both of us had a hand full of cock and there was a beautiful sound of pre cum and spit sliding on flesh.

I went back down on his cock and with one hand on the base, and my mouth and throat covering the rest I reached up and tweaked one nipple and then the other.
He found that I also liked nipple play and pulled onto mine. That was enough to make me moan around his head and shove more of the shaft down.
And of course, that made him ooze some more pre cum.

Once more I leaned up and we stroked each other for a few more minutes until I wanted to taste that load.
He reclined back and I went back onto that cock and used my fist, tongue, lips and mouth...
In no time at all he started to moan and shift, and I knew it was about be a gusher.
The first volley went to the roof of my mouth and shot down my throat and then I felt the second and third on spurting in quick fashion.
You know those loads that are so large and sweet that you can smell and taste it at the same time because your head is filled to capacity and you can only swallow...that was this one.

When I swallowed the entire mouth full of cum, and came off the head for a second there was more cum shooting out, so I went back down and lapped it up as quick as possible.
Cum oozed down my hand and I licked it off, then another mini gush of cum oozed out so I went back down and cleaned it up.

Damn, it was such a massive load that I could not help but let him jack my cock while smelling his cum pooling on my hand.

After we both got our breath he mentioned that he had been jacking to the xtube videos for a while and really wanted to meet up on a visit to the city...I told him that I was more than happy to have been online and able to come up to fulfill that fantasy of his.

Next time we are going to get it on camera so that he can share with his husband and we can share it with all of you.