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Monday, May 23, 2011

Multiple load weekend!

Okay, I have been a bit out of the loop due to some unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances but damn was this a good weekend.

Saturday began nice and quiet. My husband and I went into the Castro district for lunch and then stop off to see friends and have a cocktail.
As I walked up to the bar I was felt up by a stranger seated nearby. I did not mind and could tell he was having a good time.

When I stood back to the side, he stood up and showed me a hefty cock bulging in his shorts. It was firm, thick and he was holding it like a baseball bat.
I saw him go into the restroom, but of course it was one of those times when EVERYONE suddenly needed to pee.
He walked out and I told him that I was about to follow and see what he was sporting, and he replied that next time I should follow through.

Not long after, he walked past me and brushed up against my back. I turned and followed him.
He stood near the entrance and I told him that I should be on the other side of him. As he stepped aside, I went right down on my knees.
He pulled out a cock that would make any cock sucker drool. I wasted no time in taking it all the way into my mouth.
Dark cock, full balls and a mushroom head that had to forced down my throat to allow his balls to hit my chin. And when I managed that, he let out such a moan that I knew he his load was mine.

No one came in to interrupt, so I just kept slurping and sucking - deep throating and stroking.
Someone did walk in and they took one look at my face being fucked and just kept on peeing. The stuck around to watch the conclusion, which was fine with me.

Eventually I had him so edged that he told me he was going to cum. As he started to fill my mouth with his sweet load, I kept stroking the cock so our voyeur could see every inch that was just in me.
Then I stood up and everyone walked out of the bathroom and back to our friends.

Another hot bear came up and started to make out with me, and we took the action further back...but alas, there was no finale on that be continued though...

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