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Monday, May 23, 2011

Continuation of the multi load weekend....

Sunday afternoon has always been a favorite of min. Many friends gather, we all hang out and on good days I am fed cum by one or more...
And yesterday was amazing.

We were all gathering for a friends party and it started to turn into a reunion of cum feeders for me.
One very hot hairy Latin with an uncut cock to feast on happened to be out with his friends. As I was flirting and teasing him, he said that his balls had been drained already - which of course is a challenge in my mind.
As I got down on my knees in front of everyone, he did indeed start to get thicker and harder.
While down on my knees I also let the other 4 or 5 guys standing around check out my work and gave them the look that says "bring 'em out and I will suck 'em!". And one of them did.

Another hot hairy man, this one was eager to let me swallow every inch. The group of friends kept a close circle around so that we could continue until I drained him and after some hot stroking and deep throating I was rewarded with a thick hot load down my throat.

At this point, a HUGE cock buddy of ours was in the circle and everyone was commenting on how hard it would be to swallow. I turned my attention over to him and let everyone enjoy the action.
Now, this guy is not only thicker than a beer can but the head is such a massive mushroom that it does take a full stretch to accommodate it all.
After already sucking cocks the day before and then having a fresh load still coating my tongue I was a cum pig in heat and gave his cock the extra attention he likes.
Soon enough he also started to fill my mouth with sweet creamy cum!

Two loads in 10 minutes! And there were cocks coming out everywhere.

Another guy was standing by and watching but did not have his cock out. Shirtless, smooth and athletic. When I stood up from taking the second load, he and I exchanged quick smiles and he allowed us to open his pants, pull down his underwear and bring out his uncut cock.
I went back down to swallow that new cock and everyone circled the wagons again.

As I have done in the past, this new cock was soon very close to spurting but he wanted to hold off. He took a short break, but stood by and let guys grope and hold his cock while he enjoyed others.
I wanted to keep sucking and he did allow me to a few more times...but alas, he wanted to keep edging so I also took a break.

More friends started arriving and soon a bottom buddy of ours came along with his poppers.
We all went outside and there were cocks galore.

Long story short....I don't even remember how many cocks were in my mouth by the time I left but another uncut Latin guy had his cock buried up my ass and gave me an awesome bareback fucking right there in front of the room.

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