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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Xtube buddy feeds me his load again

Over the past few weeks a buddy and I have tried to arrange a time for me to get back onto his cock and today we made it happen.

The last time we hooked up, it was in a bathroom near his office but today I had him meet me in a quiet bathroom so we could share the experience with everyone online.
He and I arranged the time and then we headed up.

Sometimes using a bathroom has drawbacks....too many people, the janitor still around, homeless people camping out...however, today we had the place to ourselves.

Once we shut and locked the door, I turned on the camera and handed it over. Then I got on my knees and began to unbutton his jeans.
This hot black man does like to wear his briefs but once I had his cock out and pulled them down, I was swallowing it all down.
He went from soft to rock hard in seconds.

Once he was at full mast, I not only worked over the head and shaft but forced the rest down my throat until his balls were on my chin.
He is a large enough guy that it was a challenge to control the gag reflex, but then I slid off and was rewarded with the beautiful shiny coat of throat slime shimmering on that ebony cock.
And, of course I went right back on it!!

Sliding in and out of my mouth seemed to make it even harder and I grasped the shaft in my fist to stroke it while giving his balls some attention.
Looking up and seeing him smile down at me with his nuts in my mouth told me that he wanted my mouth all over his dick.
Back to the head, shaft and stroking ...and then disaster...the camera shut off.

We turned it back on, and I went back to work.
Now it was going to be twice as fun because he had softened while adjusting the camera and you know how I like to let guys grow and fill my mouth as they get larger and harder.

Cupping his cum filled nuts in my hand, I slowly worked the shaft once again. After he was at full staff again, I took one deep throat suck and then kept up stroking while milking the remainder of his cock with my tongue and lips.
Stroking his hard cock with my fist, and keeping up a steady rhythm of slurp, tongue caress, lips around the head and back down to shaft over and over again.
After a few minutes of heavy hand and mouth action I let go of the shaft and concentrated on the head.

He was edging closer and closer, and I could feel the shaft beginning to swell. I went to the head and really worked it over with only tongue while stroking the shaft and then it was time!

First shot into my mouth, second also in my mouth with some on my chin and the rest oozed onto my tongue...tasty!

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