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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Xtube message from a visitor

To everyone wondering if I am still around...yep!
Just been busy getting back to the gym every day and more personal things going on that have caused a slow down in my prowling time.

Don't worry, I am still a cum hunting pig and doing everything I can to be sure there are no blue balls in town.

Now, back to the post...

Last week I happened to get an email on Xtube from a guy that was visiting from Orange County.
Being in town for only two nights, and it being a Friday, I replied right away that if he were in town already we should meet up.
He responded affirmatively that he was only up the hill.
For those that are familiar with Nob Hill - the Mark Hopkins is on the top and it is a HIKE to get there on foot.

I hiked up and when I entered his room we both knew it was going to be fun.
He already had his pants off and there was the thick meat with a full tasty mushroom head.
I started to get undressed as he sat on the bed, and reached over to feel his shaft. Could barely get a hand around it. HOT!

He mentioned that his husband wanted to see a video so I handed him mine and got down between his legs.
The shaft alone was long enough for more than two hands and the head just capped it. I went down on the head first (you know I love to start off slow sometimes).
The camera shut down once, so he started it again while I get spit lubing his cock with my tongue and mouth.

For some reason the camera would not cooperate, so we tossed it aside and I just went down on his cock.
I had slurped on the head and shaft, so it was time to see how much would go down my throat...
Well, that mushroom head was a challenge and I only made it go partially down the throat but when I came back up it was coated in gullet slime - that hot pre cum type of spit that only comes from the back of your throat.
Using my hand I stroked his cock and just grinned from ear to ear.

Then, of course, I went back down and did it all over again.
He had a nice ass and a full set of balls that I spent some time on. Pulling one, then the other, followed by both into my mouth.

Taking a breather, I leaned up and he reached down to start stroking my cock. Both of us had a hand full of cock and there was a beautiful sound of pre cum and spit sliding on flesh.

I went back down on his cock and with one hand on the base, and my mouth and throat covering the rest I reached up and tweaked one nipple and then the other.
He found that I also liked nipple play and pulled onto mine. That was enough to make me moan around his head and shove more of the shaft down.
And of course, that made him ooze some more pre cum.

Once more I leaned up and we stroked each other for a few more minutes until I wanted to taste that load.
He reclined back and I went back onto that cock and used my fist, tongue, lips and mouth...
In no time at all he started to moan and shift, and I knew it was about be a gusher.
The first volley went to the roof of my mouth and shot down my throat and then I felt the second and third on spurting in quick fashion.
You know those loads that are so large and sweet that you can smell and taste it at the same time because your head is filled to capacity and you can only swallow...that was this one.

When I swallowed the entire mouth full of cum, and came off the head for a second there was more cum shooting out, so I went back down and lapped it up as quick as possible.
Cum oozed down my hand and I licked it off, then another mini gush of cum oozed out so I went back down and cleaned it up.

Damn, it was such a massive load that I could not help but let him jack my cock while smelling his cum pooling on my hand.

After we both got our breath he mentioned that he had been jacking to the xtube videos for a while and really wanted to meet up on a visit to the city...I told him that I was more than happy to have been online and able to come up to fulfill that fantasy of his.

Next time we are going to get it on camera so that he can share with his husband and we can share it with all of you.

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