My favorite snack

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thick load from the swimmer

As I was changing into my jock and gym shorts I saw a hot shaved head swimmer walk by. He made definite eye contact and checked out the PA. Later, after I had showered and was thinking of hitting the steam room he happened to walk bare ass into the shower area. I made a point of stopping at my locker and looking back over my shoulder. He looked back as he dropped his towel and stepped into the shower. Well, now... I headed into the steam and sat on the bench. It was not long before I was joined by the swimmer. I always sit with my towel off. It is usually hot enough, and it gives a perfect opportunity to check out the interested parties. After a couple of minutes, he looked over and noticed my semi hard cock. That was all it took for him to open his towel and let me glimpse his stiffening cock. Shaved head, naturally smooth lean swim built body, and a cock that perfectly in my hand. An apple shaped large head topped it all off. I motioned for him to come closer and then leaned in to take his cock into my mouth. After a couple of quick slurps and tongue lashings, he shuddered a bit and pulled me off. He was already on edge. Taking that cue, I gave him a couple of seconds reprieve...then, I just had to go back down. This time I slipped his entire 8 inches of cock into my throat. As the last inch hit the back of my throat, I opened up and pushed further until his balls were hitting my chin and my nose was buried in his pubes. He let me stay there for a few seconds and I knew he was almost there. I came up off his cock and kept my hand around the shaft and near the head. I went back once more and he let me deep throat him a few times before stopping. At this time he asked if I wanted to swallow his cum - of course I immediately said yes...and went right down. I let his apple head sit on the back of my tongue for a moment and then plunged down. That was all he needed, and suddenly his cock was spasming and he was shuddering with release. His balls pulled up into his body, and I could feel the thickness filling my throat. During the entire climax I kept his head in the back of my throat. I did not want to miss a drop. Just as I felt the last shudder, I was pulling off as he motioned to me that we were about to have a visitor. Sitting back up, I let the last drop slide down my throat as I savored the flavor of his seed.