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Monday, September 26, 2011

Raw Folsom fucks and loads

So, after my Latin cub fed me his load I was ready for the rest of the weekend to start...

Many of you may recall my Folsom top buddy from last year. He came up and his buddy took Xtube video of my hole being pounded, and then he fucked me repeatedly over the weekend.
Well, he wanted more of my ass this year and I just had to be accommodating.

He sent me a text with his hotel room number and I high tailed it over there.

His buddy was there again and asked about taping, and since I had my camera with me...

I got pounded like there was no tomorrow, but that is not the end. On Saturday night we went to a Folsom play party and had to get the action started. A sling was set up in the hosts garage, but no one was using it.
My top buddy and I decided it must be used and I climbed up and in. He used a bit of spit and slid back up my tight hole.
As guests arrived, they were greeted by the site of my ass in the sling and the sounds of man on man hard impact fucking.
Once his load was shoved up my ass, I got on my knees and took another buddies load all over my face and down my throat.

And onto Sunday afternoon....

Met another buddy from Dore that wanted my mouth to fill with his load. I met him in one of the watering holes and immediately he was sporting a HUGE hard on in his tight jeans. Well, I wasted no time in directing him into the darkness of the back and slid him into my mouth.
After minutes of intense throat work and spit, I was rewarded with a mouth full of cum that just kept going and going and going.
By far, one of the heaviest cum loads I have swallowed from a hot young Midwest farmer's son (not sure if he is but that is what I think of when I see him).

And then for the finale...DOUBLE PENETRATION.

My top buddy from the Friday and Saturday night fucks wanted me to meet him at a nearby bar.
It was packed with fairgoers and he had a buddy with him. They had swapped loads earlier in the day but my bare ass in a jock strap was enough to get them both hungry for my hole.
They asked if I would be up for taking both cocks at once...FUCK YES!

I have always wanted to find two men willing and the second buddy was nearly as large but a bit longer than my regular fucktop. It was going to be an ass full of cock and I could not wait.

Words cannot even describe it...just imagine the guy in this video and another cock buried to their balls in my ass. My top buddy gave me one load, then they switched it around a bit so that each would fuck the other while one was always in my ass...

But then the finale - both cocks pounding away for a third or fourth time - I lost count and could barely contain the moans and screams coming from me as they assaulted my still tight hole.
As they were both shoving in, and sliding against each other I heard my regular buddy start to yell out his orgasm and instantly the other guy started to unleash his load.

Since I did not have my camera and we were lacking a fourth camera man, I can't share any clips but next year we have upped the ante and he will be back and we will double penetrate my ass on film.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The hot young latin cub and his load

I am really loving my smartphone!

For the past month, this hot little ( 5' 5") latin stud and I have been playing phone tag. He wanted to feed me a load, and you know I love to service the local studs.
Earlier this week I told him that today would be open for me to service.

I sent him a note, and he walked over. We met outside of my nearby stall location, and then went inside.
Once again, it was completely empty and I led the way to a secluded stall.
Before I could even walk over, you could see that he was hard and pushing out the crotch of his jeans.
As I got down on my knees, I asked if he wanted to do a video. He thought for a second and said yes.
I pulled out my handy Flipcam and handed it over. Then he backed up and I reached in and pulled out his cock...Wow!

Naturally smooth balls that looked ready to explode were hanging below a gorgeous cut cock with a hot and tasty looking mushroom head. Perfect proportions for everything and I went right to work on him.

His shirt was pulled up and he played with his erect nipples as I cupped those cum filled balls and swallowed him to the base. I could hear his appreciation as I took all of it, and let him know by slurping and swallowing.
The balls were so silky smooth in my hand that I had to taste them.
Leaving his cock for a moment, I took each of those balls in my mouth and gave them the same devotion I showed his cock.
A bit more moaning from him and I went back to the shaft and head.

Wanting to feel his cock in my hand, I stroked him a bit and then shoved it all the way down my throat.
As he hit the back and the head slid down, I did have a quick gag reflex but it just made us both even more rock hard.
Now that he was well and truly spit lubed and leaking some precum, I got into my rhythm and started to suck without breaking my stride. Down to the base, tongue around the shaft and pull back to the head and slurp all the way up and then back down....and repeat.

His breathing was getting heavier and I knew he was getting closer to the edge.

Once he hit the precipice and had to erupt, he grabbed his cock and let me know it was about to explode.
I tasted a huge drop of precum mixed with the first of his sperm and then he began to shoot.
The first spurt went onto my tongue and upper lip but then his next volley went straight out over my cheek and landed on my glasses.
Fuck, that was a hot sticky shot, and more just kept cumming!!
One, two, three more shots went into my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. As his massive load began to slow down he kept the head at my mouth and just kept draining onto my tongue.

When his balls had been completely drained, I used my fingers and fed the remainder from my cheek back into my mouth.
With his cock in my hand and still rock hard I cleaned up the head and shaft, and asked if he had more to give.
He said there would be more but that we would just have to meet again so he could give it to me.

Then I took of my glasses and not letting anything go to waste I licked the cum from the lenses.
He smiled as I did that and we both knew that I was savoring every last drop.

Knowing that it was still dead quiet outside the stall, I headed out and we agreed to meet outside.
Back on the street, we kissed and headed out separate ways...and then I had to log on and share it with you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bred by the cub

This morning I had a message on my phone app.
A few months ago a cub was visiting and we tried to connect but the timing was off.
Today he arrived in town and let me know...and he was within walking distance.

I had an errand to run and told him that I would text when I was back in the area.

Once I was downtown, he and I were blocks from each other and headed to his hotel.

As I walked in the room, we were both smiling and as I reached for his crotch it was already rock hard.
Not wasting any time, his cock was out of his shorts and pants were coming off. In the meantime he was feeling out my chest and commented on the amount of fur that was visible and could be felt.
During the earlier chats I mentioned bringing my video camera.

As I stripped down, I got out the camera and handed it to him. Then it was time to take care of his mushroom headed thick cock.
Being able to grasp the shaft and have that mushroom head flaring out over the end was a mouth watering site.
But, as you know, I don't waste a good head and shaft....I took his cock down my throat and worked that head into my tonsils.

A few times we started and stopped the camera, and then he asked if he could get into my ass.
Hell yes!

Being completely spit lubed at that point, it was a simple matter of just turning around and letting him slide in.

That head slid into my tight hole and I let out a groan of pleasure...and that was his cue to start fucking.
Bent over the end of the bend, I let him take over and control the action.
After a couple of minutes he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and used it to give a real hard piston fucking!

Soon enough he pulled out and went over to lay on the bed. I leaned over his cock and gave it a few more slurps.
Then he told me that he wanted to fuck my ass, blow my load on his chest and he would keep fucking me....he wanted to feel my hole tighten up as my sperm flew out.

I got right on his cock and he took a moment to spit in his hand and start stroking me. Having already been fucked for a short bit, and feeling that mushroom head hit my prostate pushed my load to the edge.
Within minutes I was unleashing a spurt of cum over the tip of my PA and into his hands and on his chest.

What was all over his hand, he leaned up and fed to me. A nice thick mouthful, and then he told me to sit back.
He started to fuck my ass all over again, and it was not long before he was moaning and filling my hole with cum.
As his load blasted out I felt that shaft expand and give a few spasms for each spurt.

Needless to say, we forgot all about the camera and never did that hot fuck on film but he does visit fairly often so maybe next time we will have to set it up on the bedside.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A quick but tasty load of cum

I had to do some last minute shopping and decided to also check out the tearoom scene.

There were a couple of guys I know from past experience in one tearoom, but it was much too busy for us to accomplish anything.
While chatting with one outside, I saw a guy cruising by. I took him to an out of the way bathroom and when he saw my PA it was seconds before he was blasting semen all over the urinal wall.

That was one for the facial load...

I took one more trip to the previous tearoom and right behind me came a tall hairy blond fella.
Lean swimmer build, over 6'2" and holding a nice smooth cock. Once we both realized that we were stroking together it began to get busy.
One guy kept standing at the wall and watching, which I normally don't mind but I wanted to see this blond up close and get him off.

I motioned that we could take it elsewhere and he nodded yes.
Out the door we went. I asked if he had time to walk down the block and he did, so I led the way.
As we got to my second tearoom location, the janitor happened to be inside and cleaning.
Scratch that one.

We walked out and I told him of one more spot we could try. He agreed and off we went.
On this try, there was no one in the stalls. Yes!

I walked in and locked the door behind us. Right away he was pulling that cock out of his pants and I was on my knees.
He was soft to start, and you know I love to get those rock hard. After a few minutes of slurping and spit shining his knob, he was hard..then he brought out a cock ring and put that on.
Now he was rock hard and I saw the down curve of his cock.

At this point I asked if he wanted to hold my video camera while I finished him off. He said sure and out it came.
I turned it on and handed it up to him, then went back to his cock.
My own cock was out and leaking precum by the bucket.
After handing him the camera and giving him a few more deepthroat slurps and some stroking it was time for the cum.

I tasted the first volley of cum and felt it fill my mouth. As it was going down my throat I came off a bit and instantly a cum spurt flew out of the piss slit and hit my cheek.
Next came a few more quick spurts and the left side of my face had a nice small coat of sperm trailing down to my lips.
He led the way out of the stall, and as I walked down to the sinks I used my fingers to feed myself the remaining spunk.

The whole finale was over in minutes, and I had to say thanks to him as we walked down the street. He mentioned it was time for a nap, and I just laughed and said I had to get back to my regularly scheduled day...but now I had his spooge filling me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One after another...almost double booked

Repeat feeders and new friends...both are hot when they give you hot thick cum.

I am sure you can figure out where this going, and it was one of those days that I don't get often.

As I had two different guys chatting me up online, I also had a text from the hot Brazilian stud that fed me a week ago. He wanted to meet up again.
One of the other guys was a contact from a bareback hook up site, and he was in my neighborhood but found me online via the hairy app.

Knowing that the uncut Brazilian stud was usually close by, I told him that I was going to be free soon. He and I agreed on a time, but I needed to take him to the tearoom as he did not recall the problem, I said.
Right on time we met on the street and I led him away.

Today the tearoom was once again empty when we entered, so we grabbed a free stall and shut the door.
Pulling out his uncut cock, he sat on the toilet and let me get between his knees. Before I could even kneel down, he had a bottle of poppers in his hand.
Many of you know what poppers do to me, and this time it was not a problem.

He shoved the bottle under one nostril, then the other. Then he took a couple of hits himself and sat back.
Long, slender tan uncut piece of meat bobbing in front of my face, I leaned in and began to suck and swallow.
While stroking and slurping, he touched my chin and had me look up. Bending over, he opened his mouth for a deep throat kiss and I did the same. Before I could take over sucking he let a large drop of spit slide toward my open mouth and went back to kissing.

More poppers and more kissing, and soon he was edged to the point of shooting. He would grab his cock and squeeze to keep from blowing in my face and I would give him a few seconds to catch his breath. And then I would work my way back to his cock and swallow all of it until he could not take it.
With one final hit of poppers for both of us, he reclined back and let me have full control.
I dove down on that cock and stroked his shaft until he was a millisecond from eruption - then he grabbed his cock and worked that load free. Using my tongue to tease the foreskin and head I was waiting with open mouth.
Then the geyser, two, three volleys in a row. Mouth instantly filled with spooge and more cumming.

Looking up into his eyes, I kept my mouth on the oozing head until he was spent. Taking the entire cock back into my mouth, I squeezed the last of the drops out with my lips.

Knowing we had to get going, I left first and no one was around so I let him know to follow.

And now for round two...

My phone has poor reception in some places, so when I was back in range I had a notification.
The other guy had arrived. I sent him a note that I was headed back to the tearoom.

I walked in and it appeared empty but there were two stall doors closed. Out of one walked the hot guy I was to meet.
Dark hair, 5 o'clock shadow, and a build like a rugby player. I was going to enjoy this one!

To be sure we were alone, I tried the other stall door and it was just shut with no one inside. Great.
We took the other stall and right away he began to undo his pants.

Now, I had seen a pic of his cock and it was described as large...but, DAMN it did not do the real thing justice.
Slight curve, massive mushroom head and a shaft that I could barely grip due to the girth.

I just had to get down on that, and so I did.
Swallowing him to the base with no gag reflex, sometimes I completely lose it after a hot cum sucking session, and this being round two meant my throat was wide open.
Oh, I forgot to mention that he also told me it was going to be a THREE day load...and that just made my jaw relax and open me up.

Using my hand to stroke between sucking and swallowing, I was not sure how long either of us could last. Precum was leaking out of my cock, and his cut mushroom head was spewing out just as much.
Deep throat, suck and stroke while I took a second to come off and just enjoy the sight of a hung stud ready to feed me a load and see that mushroom head winking at me.

Feeling like he was going to blast a massive amount of cum, I took off my hat and got back into position to really let him have a straight shot at my mouth.
Then I went back to filling my throat with his cock. Swallow, slurp, stroke and of my favorite ways to get a guy off.

Naturally he was edged to the point of no return and I was ready for it. Well, as ready as I could be...he did indeed have a multiple day load based on the volume of the first spurt.
Sweet tasting thick cum shot into my willing mouth and I let it sit for a mere second on my tongue before swallowing. As more filled the void, I could feel the warmth running down my throat while tasting and smelling that seed.

After he was drained to completion I stood back up and he said thanks, and I said it was my pleasure and indeed it was.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waylaid and bred by a hung cock

Yesterday I was on my phone while checking out the local shopping district. I had a message from a hot local guy...we talked about how hungry for a load I was.
During that exchange he sent me a cock picture that had me instantly drooling and hard.

Extra hung, mushroom head, extra low hanging balls (they may be trimmed based on the body hair at the stomach and legs, but I don't mind that!)and framed by a shiny cock ring that finished the package.

Right away I said that he should let me know when he needed to unload. His reply yesterday was that he was in need but our timing was off. The discussion returned that if I was available and he was in need, I would swallow his load.
He agreed and told me that he also wanted a chance to breed my ass...hell yes!

So, today I was going to pick up some items from my husband's office when I logged into my phone apps.
He asked what was up, and I told him that I was just stepping out and nothing was planned. Luckily he was going to be heading through my neighborhood...
I told him that I would be happy to meet up and take him to my handy bathroom stall nearby.

Ten minutes later he arrived, and I just knew it was going to be a long fun ride.

Six foot two, lean gym build, long legs and that boy next door look (or younger brother on the college swim team!).

I led the way to the bathrooms. Once inside, I took us to the largest stall and locked the door.
Standing there smiling we began to undo our jeans and take out some meat. I was half hard before even getting out of my pants.
As he tugged the waistband of his underwear, I reached in and could only try not to drop instantly to my knees.
Silky smooth shaft, a mushroom head larger than I thought and those balls...hanging down and bouncing in my hand...FUCK!

Well, it was not long before I did have that shaft in my mouth and was feeling the head fill the back of my throat. As I saw in the picture, he does have a slight curve but when he is rock hard and gripped in my hand it was able to defy gravity and just slide towards my lips and down my throat.

Starting with the head, I deep throated down to his balls. Once I was fully impaled on his cock, I kept him there for a few seconds and then slid back as slow as possible. After that initial spit coating, I could not take it slow.
I slurped and swallowed every inch - whether grabbing the shaft and stroking a bit or taking it down to the balls, I was a pig.
More than once I had to let him take control and fuck my face until I could not breathe or swallow - the cock was too large and long. Of course, seconds later I was right back on it!

Soon he asked where I wanted his load. My first reply was to coat my face.
I went back to sucking with a vengeance to get his load. He would be edged to the precipice of cumming and take over stroking, and then we would slow the rhythm down.
While he was stroking, I went down between his legs and put those egg sized cum filled balls in my mouth and slurped, sucked and suckled on them.
Next thing I knew, his cock was back in my mouth but he leaned over to play with my ass. OK!

Knowing that he wanted to breed my ass, I let him finger my hole while I sucked him off some more. At one point I finally stood up and slid my pants down to my ankles and leaned over to take his cock...that, of course, left my ass wide open for him to finger and work on.

Without saying anything, I turned towards the wall and he came up behind me.
He spit into his hand once and aimed that curved rock hard cock up to my hole. Feeling the pressure of that mushroom head as he entered I reached back and guided him in.
FUCK it was larger than I thought. I had to take a few quick deep breaths. He slid back and gave me a moment to relax...then he pushed further into my tight hole.
Once he finally had all 9 or so inches buried we both knew it was not coming back out until he unloaded.

I leaned over and turned to give him full access and to take over. And he did!
All I could do was hold on to the wall as he fucked and fucked my hole. That curve along with his height meant that I felt every inch sliding down and in.
Leaning back, he kissed me while still buried and fucking. He asked if I was okay - fuck it was so long and thick that I was going to feel it for hours, but I said it was great and let him know to keep fucking.

Finally he asked if I was ready to be bred, and I said "yes!" and he increased the tempo. As he began to fill my ass with sperm, I felt the shaft expanding and it was everything I could do to not cum right that second.
Even as he was unloading, he kept fucking and drilling deep. I was holding myself up and it was an intense load from the way he made sure every drop was shot.

Once he stopped fucking, we both stood there and caught our breath. Then he and I leaned in for more kissing as he slowly grew softer.
Not that he went soft was a good minute before my ass released his cock.

Pants back up, we exited and headed out to the street.
I still had to run my errand and get to my husband's office...but when I got there I had to admit that I was waylaid, and he just gave me a knowing look and said "I figured as much".

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brazilian portguguese sausage

It has been quite a long time since I have been able to get time to seek out some cock. So, today I made a point of taking the time to hit my favorite shopping district.

While I was in the tearoom, there were two guys that have repeatedly fed me or covered me in cum. Today was looking up.
While standing at the urinals it began to turn into a high traffic scene. I zipped up and headed out front to give it time to cool off.

When I went back in again, I happened to catch the eye of a tall dark haired young man. Faux hawk, pitch black hair, dark skin and dark eyes. Lean swimmers build and carrying a satchel, which could have meant student or just a guy on a break.
As he walked past me, he gave me a direct look and kept walking.
Not needing to be hit in the head, I turned around and walked away. He has stopped at the sink to wash his hands, but we exchanged glances again.
I walked out of the tearoom and he followed.

First we headed to a retail location that can offer some privacy.

I walked ahead and it was not long before he followed. Since there were a few guys, I was at the urinal but he walked further in to the stalls. I came up behind him and found he left the door open. I stepped in and he looked over his I locked the door.
He had his cock already out and it was at least 6 inches soft and uncut, with a nice thick bush of dark hair - no shaved balls on this stud...BONUS!
I grasped his cock in my hand and squatted down to swallow it. He let me suck him to erection and then he reached down to my nipples.
He was motioning to see my cock, so I unzipped and whipped it out.
Then we heard the tell-tale sound of a janitorial cart...damn!

We put our cocks back and headed out. He smiled once again and I knew that I had to secure this one and get his load.
While walking back into the retail location, I typed up a note on my phone telling him I knew a better spot.
We exited and I stopped to show him the note...he gave me a puzzled look and then spoke with an accent I could not place, but we were at a crossroads.
After a couple of minutes he understood that I would take him to another spot to finish.

We walked down the street and he kept a step behind me. As we got to the other location I led the way.
He was right behind me as we entered the bathroom. I walked towards the stalls and motioned for him to follow.
His smile said that he was up for it, so after I locked the door we went to work.

This time I had my cock out sooner and took his into my hand. Longer and fuller erect I knew he was going to be a mouth full.
I knelt down and swallowed him to the balls. He was grinning and letting me do everything I wanted.
After a few minutes, he had me stand up and he took a swing on my cock.

As we were standing there, he lifted his shirt so show me a dark chest with one pierced nipple. I leaned in and licked the first nipple and then licked the pierced one. Meanwhile, we both had our cocks in each others hand.
I pulled up my shirt and his eyes got 3x bigger...he liked the pierced nipples and the hairy chest.

I went back to swallowing his cock some more. Once again he had me stand up and he had my cock in his hand. There was so much precum that he asked if I came. I told him no, and then he said "I cum" and I nodded my head and went right to my knees.
Instantly my mouth was on his cock and in seconds he was beginning to unload his balls into my mouth.
I felt the first couple of shots hitting my tongue and then I took the head into my mouth and let him continue.
That thick load filled my mouth and he pulled out to let let a few drops hit my lips.
I saw a thick white drop of cum on his hand, and when I finished cleaning the foreskin and head I leaned forward and swiped up the drops with my tongue.

He was grinning from ear to ear. Now that his balls were empty and we were ready to head out, I paused to let some guys that we heard wander in make their own exit.
Once the coast was clear I walked out and let him know it the coast was clear.
We headed to the sinks and washed up.
I led the way and as we headed for the outside world I asked if he was, he said...okay, I said "Italian?" and he laughed and said no. He paused and said Brazil.
Well, hot damn...I did not place the accent but that just made my cock jump in my shorts.

On our way to the street he asked my name and I told him. He then asked if I was on Face-Book or other online locations. I said yes, and handed him my card. He looked at it and asked about my tattoo. I pulled up my sleeve and showed him. He was excited and told me that he was here for three months and went to class in the area.
Then he told me that he wanted a know what my answer was!

Maybe next time I will ask if he wants to hold my flip cam and I can share the cock and load with you.