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Monday, September 26, 2011

Raw Folsom fucks and loads

So, after my Latin cub fed me his load I was ready for the rest of the weekend to start...

Many of you may recall my Folsom top buddy from last year. He came up and his buddy took Xtube video of my hole being pounded, and then he fucked me repeatedly over the weekend.
Well, he wanted more of my ass this year and I just had to be accommodating.

He sent me a text with his hotel room number and I high tailed it over there.

His buddy was there again and asked about taping, and since I had my camera with me...

I got pounded like there was no tomorrow, but that is not the end. On Saturday night we went to a Folsom play party and had to get the action started. A sling was set up in the hosts garage, but no one was using it.
My top buddy and I decided it must be used and I climbed up and in. He used a bit of spit and slid back up my tight hole.
As guests arrived, they were greeted by the site of my ass in the sling and the sounds of man on man hard impact fucking.
Once his load was shoved up my ass, I got on my knees and took another buddies load all over my face and down my throat.

And onto Sunday afternoon....

Met another buddy from Dore that wanted my mouth to fill with his load. I met him in one of the watering holes and immediately he was sporting a HUGE hard on in his tight jeans. Well, I wasted no time in directing him into the darkness of the back and slid him into my mouth.
After minutes of intense throat work and spit, I was rewarded with a mouth full of cum that just kept going and going and going.
By far, one of the heaviest cum loads I have swallowed from a hot young Midwest farmer's son (not sure if he is but that is what I think of when I see him).

And then for the finale...DOUBLE PENETRATION.

My top buddy from the Friday and Saturday night fucks wanted me to meet him at a nearby bar.
It was packed with fairgoers and he had a buddy with him. They had swapped loads earlier in the day but my bare ass in a jock strap was enough to get them both hungry for my hole.
They asked if I would be up for taking both cocks at once...FUCK YES!

I have always wanted to find two men willing and the second buddy was nearly as large but a bit longer than my regular fucktop. It was going to be an ass full of cock and I could not wait.

Words cannot even describe it...just imagine the guy in this video and another cock buried to their balls in my ass. My top buddy gave me one load, then they switched it around a bit so that each would fuck the other while one was always in my ass...

But then the finale - both cocks pounding away for a third or fourth time - I lost count and could barely contain the moans and screams coming from me as they assaulted my still tight hole.
As they were both shoving in, and sliding against each other I heard my regular buddy start to yell out his orgasm and instantly the other guy started to unleash his load.

Since I did not have my camera and we were lacking a fourth camera man, I can't share any clips but next year we have upped the ante and he will be back and we will double penetrate my ass on film.


Bubbinga said...

Fuckin' Awesome!!!

BikeGuy said...

dude!!! one of your best videos EVER.

you were looking especially fine (your beard is just fantastic), but gotta give credit to the cameraman. He's got a gift if he's not trained. He captured everything the right way!

A Lewis said...

Lordy, boy. JFC!

KevinATL said... watching real men fuck. Very nice!