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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A quick but tasty load of cum

I had to do some last minute shopping and decided to also check out the tearoom scene.

There were a couple of guys I know from past experience in one tearoom, but it was much too busy for us to accomplish anything.
While chatting with one outside, I saw a guy cruising by. I took him to an out of the way bathroom and when he saw my PA it was seconds before he was blasting semen all over the urinal wall.

That was one for the facial load...

I took one more trip to the previous tearoom and right behind me came a tall hairy blond fella.
Lean swimmer build, over 6'2" and holding a nice smooth cock. Once we both realized that we were stroking together it began to get busy.
One guy kept standing at the wall and watching, which I normally don't mind but I wanted to see this blond up close and get him off.

I motioned that we could take it elsewhere and he nodded yes.
Out the door we went. I asked if he had time to walk down the block and he did, so I led the way.
As we got to my second tearoom location, the janitor happened to be inside and cleaning.
Scratch that one.

We walked out and I told him of one more spot we could try. He agreed and off we went.
On this try, there was no one in the stalls. Yes!

I walked in and locked the door behind us. Right away he was pulling that cock out of his pants and I was on my knees.
He was soft to start, and you know I love to get those rock hard. After a few minutes of slurping and spit shining his knob, he was hard..then he brought out a cock ring and put that on.
Now he was rock hard and I saw the down curve of his cock.

At this point I asked if he wanted to hold my video camera while I finished him off. He said sure and out it came.
I turned it on and handed it up to him, then went back to his cock.
My own cock was out and leaking precum by the bucket.
After handing him the camera and giving him a few more deepthroat slurps and some stroking it was time for the cum.

I tasted the first volley of cum and felt it fill my mouth. As it was going down my throat I came off a bit and instantly a cum spurt flew out of the piss slit and hit my cheek.
Next came a few more quick spurts and the left side of my face had a nice small coat of sperm trailing down to my lips.
He led the way out of the stall, and as I walked down to the sinks I used my fingers to feed myself the remaining spunk.

The whole finale was over in minutes, and I had to say thanks to him as we walked down the street. He mentioned it was time for a nap, and I just laughed and said I had to get back to my regularly scheduled day...but now I had his spooge filling me.

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