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Friday, September 23, 2011

The hot young latin cub and his load

I am really loving my smartphone!

For the past month, this hot little ( 5' 5") latin stud and I have been playing phone tag. He wanted to feed me a load, and you know I love to service the local studs.
Earlier this week I told him that today would be open for me to service.

I sent him a note, and he walked over. We met outside of my nearby stall location, and then went inside.
Once again, it was completely empty and I led the way to a secluded stall.
Before I could even walk over, you could see that he was hard and pushing out the crotch of his jeans.
As I got down on my knees, I asked if he wanted to do a video. He thought for a second and said yes.
I pulled out my handy Flipcam and handed it over. Then he backed up and I reached in and pulled out his cock...Wow!

Naturally smooth balls that looked ready to explode were hanging below a gorgeous cut cock with a hot and tasty looking mushroom head. Perfect proportions for everything and I went right to work on him.

His shirt was pulled up and he played with his erect nipples as I cupped those cum filled balls and swallowed him to the base. I could hear his appreciation as I took all of it, and let him know by slurping and swallowing.
The balls were so silky smooth in my hand that I had to taste them.
Leaving his cock for a moment, I took each of those balls in my mouth and gave them the same devotion I showed his cock.
A bit more moaning from him and I went back to the shaft and head.

Wanting to feel his cock in my hand, I stroked him a bit and then shoved it all the way down my throat.
As he hit the back and the head slid down, I did have a quick gag reflex but it just made us both even more rock hard.
Now that he was well and truly spit lubed and leaking some precum, I got into my rhythm and started to suck without breaking my stride. Down to the base, tongue around the shaft and pull back to the head and slurp all the way up and then back down....and repeat.

His breathing was getting heavier and I knew he was getting closer to the edge.

Once he hit the precipice and had to erupt, he grabbed his cock and let me know it was about to explode.
I tasted a huge drop of precum mixed with the first of his sperm and then he began to shoot.
The first spurt went onto my tongue and upper lip but then his next volley went straight out over my cheek and landed on my glasses.
Fuck, that was a hot sticky shot, and more just kept cumming!!
One, two, three more shots went into my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. As his massive load began to slow down he kept the head at my mouth and just kept draining onto my tongue.

When his balls had been completely drained, I used my fingers and fed the remainder from my cheek back into my mouth.
With his cock in my hand and still rock hard I cleaned up the head and shaft, and asked if he had more to give.
He said there would be more but that we would just have to meet again so he could give it to me.

Then I took of my glasses and not letting anything go to waste I licked the cum from the lenses.
He smiled as I did that and we both knew that I was savoring every last drop.

Knowing that it was still dead quiet outside the stall, I headed out and we agreed to meet outside.
Back on the street, we kissed and headed out separate ways...and then I had to log on and share it with you.

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Bubbinga said...

Mmmm. LOVED the video, and the way you described every delicious detail of the encounter in this post was spot on.

I've always wanted to tell you how much I like your writing style and enjoy reading every post.

Years ago when I lived in LA, I worked at a major department store downtown and used to service the suits during their lunch breaks in the VERY busy cafe restroom, often dragging them into secret stockrooms or out-of-the-way fitting rooms. Often times, there were guys I'd cruise and follow next door to the hotel, through the lobby and down the escalators, past the empty ballrooms to huge, unused men's rooms to fuck and suck in private.

See, I''ve always felt a kinship to you, but have always been too shy to tell you in person.

For financial reasons, I left SF two weeks ago and moved in with a friend in Paso Robles (redneckville, 3 hours south). Talk about a dry spell. I hope to be back in the spring and get back to life; to whoring around again.

I'll make sure to say "hi" next time I see you. Life's too short to shy away from telling someone in person that you think they rock.