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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bred by the cub

This morning I had a message on my phone app.
A few months ago a cub was visiting and we tried to connect but the timing was off.
Today he arrived in town and let me know...and he was within walking distance.

I had an errand to run and told him that I would text when I was back in the area.

Once I was downtown, he and I were blocks from each other and headed to his hotel.

As I walked in the room, we were both smiling and as I reached for his crotch it was already rock hard.
Not wasting any time, his cock was out of his shorts and pants were coming off. In the meantime he was feeling out my chest and commented on the amount of fur that was visible and could be felt.
During the earlier chats I mentioned bringing my video camera.

As I stripped down, I got out the camera and handed it to him. Then it was time to take care of his mushroom headed thick cock.
Being able to grasp the shaft and have that mushroom head flaring out over the end was a mouth watering site.
But, as you know, I don't waste a good head and shaft....I took his cock down my throat and worked that head into my tonsils.

A few times we started and stopped the camera, and then he asked if he could get into my ass.
Hell yes!

Being completely spit lubed at that point, it was a simple matter of just turning around and letting him slide in.

That head slid into my tight hole and I let out a groan of pleasure...and that was his cue to start fucking.
Bent over the end of the bend, I let him take over and control the action.
After a couple of minutes he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and used it to give a real hard piston fucking!

Soon enough he pulled out and went over to lay on the bed. I leaned over his cock and gave it a few more slurps.
Then he told me that he wanted to fuck my ass, blow my load on his chest and he would keep fucking me....he wanted to feel my hole tighten up as my sperm flew out.

I got right on his cock and he took a moment to spit in his hand and start stroking me. Having already been fucked for a short bit, and feeling that mushroom head hit my prostate pushed my load to the edge.
Within minutes I was unleashing a spurt of cum over the tip of my PA and into his hands and on his chest.

What was all over his hand, he leaned up and fed to me. A nice thick mouthful, and then he told me to sit back.
He started to fuck my ass all over again, and it was not long before he was moaning and filling my hole with cum.
As his load blasted out I felt that shaft expand and give a few spasms for each spurt.

Needless to say, we forgot all about the camera and never did that hot fuck on film but he does visit fairly often so maybe next time we will have to set it up on the bedside.

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