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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brazilian portguguese sausage

It has been quite a long time since I have been able to get time to seek out some cock. So, today I made a point of taking the time to hit my favorite shopping district.

While I was in the tearoom, there were two guys that have repeatedly fed me or covered me in cum. Today was looking up.
While standing at the urinals it began to turn into a high traffic scene. I zipped up and headed out front to give it time to cool off.

When I went back in again, I happened to catch the eye of a tall dark haired young man. Faux hawk, pitch black hair, dark skin and dark eyes. Lean swimmers build and carrying a satchel, which could have meant student or just a guy on a break.
As he walked past me, he gave me a direct look and kept walking.
Not needing to be hit in the head, I turned around and walked away. He has stopped at the sink to wash his hands, but we exchanged glances again.
I walked out of the tearoom and he followed.

First we headed to a retail location that can offer some privacy.

I walked ahead and it was not long before he followed. Since there were a few guys, I was at the urinal but he walked further in to the stalls. I came up behind him and found he left the door open. I stepped in and he looked over his I locked the door.
He had his cock already out and it was at least 6 inches soft and uncut, with a nice thick bush of dark hair - no shaved balls on this stud...BONUS!
I grasped his cock in my hand and squatted down to swallow it. He let me suck him to erection and then he reached down to my nipples.
He was motioning to see my cock, so I unzipped and whipped it out.
Then we heard the tell-tale sound of a janitorial cart...damn!

We put our cocks back and headed out. He smiled once again and I knew that I had to secure this one and get his load.
While walking back into the retail location, I typed up a note on my phone telling him I knew a better spot.
We exited and I stopped to show him the note...he gave me a puzzled look and then spoke with an accent I could not place, but we were at a crossroads.
After a couple of minutes he understood that I would take him to another spot to finish.

We walked down the street and he kept a step behind me. As we got to the other location I led the way.
He was right behind me as we entered the bathroom. I walked towards the stalls and motioned for him to follow.
His smile said that he was up for it, so after I locked the door we went to work.

This time I had my cock out sooner and took his into my hand. Longer and fuller erect I knew he was going to be a mouth full.
I knelt down and swallowed him to the balls. He was grinning and letting me do everything I wanted.
After a few minutes, he had me stand up and he took a swing on my cock.

As we were standing there, he lifted his shirt so show me a dark chest with one pierced nipple. I leaned in and licked the first nipple and then licked the pierced one. Meanwhile, we both had our cocks in each others hand.
I pulled up my shirt and his eyes got 3x bigger...he liked the pierced nipples and the hairy chest.

I went back to swallowing his cock some more. Once again he had me stand up and he had my cock in his hand. There was so much precum that he asked if I came. I told him no, and then he said "I cum" and I nodded my head and went right to my knees.
Instantly my mouth was on his cock and in seconds he was beginning to unload his balls into my mouth.
I felt the first couple of shots hitting my tongue and then I took the head into my mouth and let him continue.
That thick load filled my mouth and he pulled out to let let a few drops hit my lips.
I saw a thick white drop of cum on his hand, and when I finished cleaning the foreskin and head I leaned forward and swiped up the drops with my tongue.

He was grinning from ear to ear. Now that his balls were empty and we were ready to head out, I paused to let some guys that we heard wander in make their own exit.
Once the coast was clear I walked out and let him know it the coast was clear.
We headed to the sinks and washed up.
I led the way and as we headed for the outside world I asked if he was, he said...okay, I said "Italian?" and he laughed and said no. He paused and said Brazil.
Well, hot damn...I did not place the accent but that just made my cock jump in my shorts.

On our way to the street he asked my name and I told him. He then asked if I was on Face-Book or other online locations. I said yes, and handed him my card. He looked at it and asked about my tattoo. I pulled up my sleeve and showed him. He was excited and told me that he was here for three months and went to class in the area.
Then he told me that he wanted a know what my answer was!

Maybe next time I will ask if he wants to hold my flip cam and I can share the cock and load with you.

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