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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy shit, yes I want that !

Below is a new video of the thick uncut guy from past post that I suck regularly. Enjoy

I was in the mood for a load or two and figured there have been enough homeless camping out in the shopping center tearoom so I headed to the video booths.

Well, obviously I should buy a lottery ticket ticket because the fates are in a good mood today.

I was not there 2 minutes before I found an empty booth next to the glory hole.
You always wonder when you see someone walk in, shut the door and then exit within 10 seconds.
Is their father in the next booth or a guy so repulsive that you would rather take on a straight woman??

I took a chance since I know that everyone has different tastes.
After entering I sat down and checked out the hole...on the other side was a guy around my age, thick cock and stroking away.
He did not seem interested at first but something told me to be aggressive.
I have to laugh because my partner just asked me and when I tried to explain why I am smiling he said "what, you pushy and aggressive??"

The guy took a minute to check me out and decided to give me the pleasure of servicing.

Well, I knew it was a mouthful from what I could see but when it came through the hole my mouth had to drop open not only in fascination but also by necessity!

Huge mushroom head, thick and veiny shaft and the length to fill my throat.
You know exactly what I had in mind and I took full advantage.

He and I took turns between me swallowing him to the base and him just pushing it through the hole until I could not get any more cock in my throat.
Jesus, I could not believe how much cock could get shoved through that hole and I was devouring every fucking inch!

As you can guess, I was in the mood for a huge cock today - it has been a bit slow there lately and I needed some cock.

He was also in the same mood I think because every once in awhile he would pull out and stand back a second, then put his cock up against the hole just teasing me.
I could see his shaft and head grow each time so I knew that I could work that cock and give him one of the best blow jobs he has had and make him shoot a thick hot load.

We were going at it - shove down my throat, swallow every inch, pull back and stroke, shove through the hole and down my throat - then repeat.

Finally I could feel him grow in my mouth and began tasting the sweet tangy load. He shot about 6-7 shots of hot cum in my mouth and I kept his cock buried until every drop was taken.
I sucked every last drop out of the cock.

That was load #1 - now on to the second.

The second cock I took is the uncut hung guy I have posted about in the past.
He and I took some video of us cumming after a long suck/stroke session.
Today was no different.

I did start out pulling his cock down my throat and working it all the way to the base through the glory hole.
I knew it was his cock from the aroma of his foreskin ( better than a vintage Dom Perignon) and from the size of him...I may not be good with names but I can usually tell a cock and face from the past.

After about 5 minutes of deep throat glory hole action we took it to a single booth.

I stripped off my shirt and pants, he always likes to work my nipples and ass while I swallow every inch.
He and I went back and forth for about 30 minutes in that booth, stroking, sucking, nipple play and fingering my ass.
In this day of cell phones it is amazing to get a guy alone for that long without interruption and today the fates caught up.

His cell was going off, and we ignored it for a bit until we decided it was time to finish.
I told him I wanted his load all over my ass and he agreed.
We stroked each other, I pulled his nipples and he was ready to shoot.
I turned around and he coated my ass hole and cheeks with a hot thick load, I could feel every ounce hit my flesh and let it run down my ass.

I had to pull my jock back on but did not let any of it waste and let it just pool around my ass while I left the building and walked down the street past all those business people and tourists.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pimped out for a bag of Lays Baked BBQ chips

Ok, today I was on my knees for an entire bar full of leather men and Dykes on Bikes.

Our good friend asked me to be a raffle ticket seller at the local beer bust today.
I am always willing to be on my knees for a good cause.

Today we were selling raffle tickets and there were more than a few regular buddies in addition to total strangers looking to be contribute to the cause.

When I sell tickets I have a "patented" technique of making sure to measure the ENTIRE crotch to the floor, no reason to leave one inch untouched!
I was selling to strangers and locals all afternoon, with some guys just shocked at what I would do for a raffle ticket sale.

At one point we came across a hot guy with a German accent. He agreed to buys some raffle tickets so right away I grabbed the crotch to find what I had to work with...well, damn it was the same size as a beer bottle.
I went right to town selling him a crotch to floor raffle sale. When I sell crotch to floor it entails a full grope of the basket and a good hard suck of the jewels if I can manage it.

This guy was HUNG, uncut and not sure what I was doing.
I took his cock out of his shorts and dropped the tickets to the floor to find his inseam.
Of course I had to keep his cock in my mouth to be sure the tickets did not slip and he was short changed,

After selling to this hot guy, there seemed to be a plethora of guys wanted to "be measured for tickets"

On to Cock Sucking #102

After the beer bust and raffle ticket sales was done we went to a local bar we like to hit in the afternoons.
I headed right to the back and who do I see?
I ran into the hot uncut German but he was already buried to the base in friend of ours.

After a good 5 minutes, the bottom that was being fucked by the German accent had enough, it was my turn to ride that huge hot thick cock in the open.

After he was done with my ass and went back to my buddy I had another uncut cock waiting to fill the void.
He fucked me for a good 5-10 minutes and then I saw a young hot latino in the crowd watching.
I reached over and pulled him and took his cock out...another uncut one!
I fluffed him for a short bit and then turned around.
That load was fucked up into my ass nice and hard.

There must have been at least 6-7 guys in the crowd that we did not get to today but they are on my list for next time!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My cock sucking visitor from the desert - or "my day as cock tour guide"

I know this is out of sequence but I did not have time to post a good entry after my email buddy from overseas arrived.
We were going to try and meet up Thursday night, the night I went to the underwear party.
With jet lag and his dinner with friends going late we did not connect.

On Friday I got a call and he was in town, ready to meet up and find some cocks and see where I hang out.

He was staying near one of the cities video stores so we went there first.
He paid the way for both of us and we entered the dark area of the video booths.
This store has video running non stop and glory holes in 99.9% of the booths. I think there are about 12 booths.
My buddy saw a guy he thought would be my type and asked if I would suck him off. I said yes so we tried to get a booth next to him.
Unfortunately the guy went in one already closed and the other men walking around were either not interested, only wanted to get fucked or not our type.
We decided to try the spot I know best and get my hottest loads.

We jump in a cab and head over.
My buddy had asked about poppers in the first few emails and I said I prefer Amsterdam.
He wanted to get some but they are so popular that it was sold out.
He has a bottle of poppers from a leather store in town and we took those down into the booths at the new location.
There were more guys here and more our type. We got a few of the guys to put their cocks through the holes but it seemed that everyone else had the same goal in mind - to suck off our cocks.
That is not what we wanted so I suggested we hit the Castro, find the right poppers and head to one of the parks to see if anyone is horny and looking.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day so I thought the park would be pretty busy.
When we first got there I saw a guy that had fucked me and shot his load in my ass but he was not looking for anything today so we continued the hunt.
We came across a hot young guy getting blown and stopped for a moment.
The cock was great my friend told me and the guy sucking was going at it. Then the young guy shot a load apparently but the sucker spit it out.

Totally wrong, we both said!
Why suck a cock and waste the load, at least let the guy shoot all over your face or ass or chest.
If he does not want to shoot in your mouth that is his choice but I do not like to waste a load by spitting it out.
Ok, off my soap box and back to the action.

While my buddy was watching that scene I found a guy in the bushes waiting to get his cock sucked.
Well, I am not one to make a hot man wait. I looked over and he gave me raised eyebrow look of "come get it!".
I went over and took his cock to the base in one stroke - very tasty, great head and smooth shaft nice and creamy white.
He was getting into the blow job and said it felt great but he wanted to delay the cum shot so we took a break.

My buddy and I went looking for a bit more cock. There were about half a dozen guys roaming around but not much action going on.
This is the same park I got one of my earlier blog loads in - from the hung blond guy.
Today though it was just not in the cards to get multiple loads.

We went back to where the guy I sucked earlier was and he realized that we were hunting cock together. My buddy wanted to taste his cock and load so he agreed and my buddy went to town.
Sucking and stroking with his mouth and hand while taking hits of the poppers.
He was a cum pig having a feast.
I had the unique view of just enjoying and watching.
No problem with that, as he was here for a few hours only and wanted me to find him some cock to suck and here was a very tasty one.

The guy was close and ready to blow so my buddy asked to have him shoot it in his open mouth.
After a few more strokes he pulled back and let loose with a nice white creamy load.

It was getting late and my partner had called to say he was on his way (he knew I was playing cock suck tour guide today)so we took a break and went to the Castro for some cocktails.
I showed him where I have found some hot cock on the way and when we got the bar it was humorous to notice that at least 50 of the guys there either gave me a load, have seen me sucking their buddies or watched me suck a stranger off in public.

Such a small town but full of so many hot cocks!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking loads in both holes - I love being a cum pig

I woke up horny as hell after last nights cumfest at the bar.

My plan was to head to the video booths in the afternoon and take any cum loads that were offered.
After I got there I saw that one of the glory hole booths was vacant so I went in.

I could see a very hot thick cock int the other booth being stroked. When I looked further up I realized that it was a guy I have had the pleasure of swallowing a load from in the past.
Damn, I do love those foreplay or awkward phase of deciding who is going to do what.

Today he is in business suit attire with his cock out. He is probably late 30's with a full head of short cropped silver hair - which I find very hot.
Reminds me of Richard Gere in Pretty Woman or Sean Connery.

He face fucks me and I deep throat him for over 5 minutes and I can feel him getting close with each thrust.
He finally lets a huge load loose.
I know I swallowed at least 3 times before he pulled out.

Lunch is now being served!

The video I took will be posted once I get it off the cam later today.

After getting dressed I opened my booth door and there was a buddy that has buried his cock in my ass many times and he always like to drop his load in my ass after some serious mutual cock sucking and ass rimming.
Shaved head, clean shaven face, glasses, business casual dress and a cock that I will take anytime, anywhere (David, yes you and I know that is why I won the award for Fucked by Everyone, always willing to help out a business man in need)

I invite him in to the booth and we are now going to tag team some cocks.
The pickings are slim unfortunately but then an older man comes in to the adjacent booth and pulls out a Keilbasa sausage
Damn, I cannot wait to taste that!

He lets me and my booth buddy suck and swallow that 9x6 meat. The hung daddy on the other of the cock tells us that he wants to see me sucking my buddy so I strip out of my jock and shorts and go to town.
I am also thinking that I want at least one of those cocks up my ass.
After sucking my buddy and the hung daddy, my booth guy says he is getting close so I ask if he wants to shoot up my ass again.
He agrees and rims my ass for a minute and I get his cock lubed up with my spit.
I turn around and sit right down on it - full thick mushroom head pushing in to my tight ass and a shaft that just keeps it stretched and full the whole time.

The bonus here is that while I am riding one hot cock I am also still sucking the 9 x 6 dadd cock in the hole.
My buddy blasts his cum in my ass while I am riding it and we finish up.
The hung cock through the hole is not done so my buddy and I tag team suck him and then he begins to shoot a massive load in my mouth. I took it for a few seconds to fill my mouth and then backed off so my buddy get some of the cum too.

My top booth buddy gets dressed and heads out but I am now horny as hell since I have not cum. I decide to see what else may come through the hole
Another very hung guy enters and I sucked him off and on for about 5 minutes but he is obviously there for the long haul and does not want to come but I am not in the mood to be a perpetual fluffer and move on.

Nothing else around so I figure it is time to call it a day - I am still hoping to hear from my buddy that came over from the desert region on his way to Hawaii.

Stay tuned for that one.
The 9x6 cuy wants to see me serving so of course I am happy To oblige.

After about 5 minutes my booth buddy

Underwear, cocktails, cum and poppers - fuck yeah!

I just got back from underwear night at a local bar..
I was in a jock with cock ring, wearing just my Frye boots and a pre-lubed ass - guess what happened?

I arrived and it was a bit slow but I could see the potential. I took off my clothes at coat check and went in the back.
Right away I see a guy getting sucked on the bench, not bad looking with decent thick dick.
The guys sucking him leaves so I move in and check it out.
I take my shot and it is a satisfactory suck but it is early and I have time to kill waiting for friends to show up.
I take a break from his cock and prowl around the bar.

After heading out for a bit see a guy that has been introduced to me before.
For his privacy and at his wishes I will not disclose any more info other than - HOT AS HELL and HUNG to make my mouth addition to being a very sweet, guy and friend.
He and I chat a bit and I head out for a cocktail.
For this post I will refer to him as my discreet buddy.

I head to the back to check out the new arrivals and find a hot guy being sucked, and once again I take my shot at swallowing another cock - well, at this time a young man that has chatted me up before comes up behind me to start eating my ass.
He rims me for a bit and tries to fuck me while I suck the guy off. The angle was off so we both decide to move on.
I head back to the main bar.

In one corner I see another hung buddy surrounded by about 4 other guys and walk over to ask what can be the attraction.
Right away I see a tall hot man in boxers sporting a very hefty piece of uncut meat!!!!
DAMN that is thick so I do take my opportunity and ask if he minds getting a blowjob.,
His answer is "no, that is fine" - no more talking needed, I am on my knees in the bar with 4 guys around standing around with cocks out.

While sucking this uncut French man ( he spoke and you could hear the!!!!) my hung discreet buddy is there with his thick cock out and two others.
They all see me going to town on this long hung uncut cock and now it is a buffet.
I don't mind of course and they take turns directing where my mouth should go.

Finally I end up on this very hot hung cock that is the absolute perfect fit.
Long and curved just right so I can take him straight down the throat in one full stroke.
After about 5 minutes of sucking I can tell he is getting close but not quite there and he keeps pushing his cock in my throat.
I can feel the gag reflex only seconds away because of his size but I want it so bad that we develop a routine where he is buried to the balls, pull back a few inches and shove it down again - over and over and over. All of this deep throat action while he is kissing a guy.
After about 10 minutes of this we get interrupted by the bar staff....damn, they have poor timing sometimes.

I am now extra horny and roaming...

I head to the back once again and end up in an orgy of cocks with my discreet buddy and a few others I know very well.
We all suck, fuck and swallow for about 10 minutes and then I head back to the main bar.

There I run into a guy that has arranged groups for me and I have arranged groups for him to join so we instantly look for some guys to share.
We check out a few guys and pull our cocks out to stroke a bit and get some action going.

I see a group of guys in jockstraps and decide I have nothing to lose so I go over.
I now have about 4 friends watching and not believing I am talking to this group of total strangers...well you only live once, why waste it being a wallflower?

While I am getting this group of guys in jocks to pull out their cocks my discreet buddy had returned and is watching me in action..
Yes I am determined to get these cocks in my mouth and at least one load.
My two buddies join in and I have poppers so it seems to flow easily,
My discreet hung buddy has been fluffed by me at least three time tonight and after seeing me in action many times now he is stroking for all he is worth.

Will I finally his whole cum load?

He shot 5 - 6 extra thick porn quality blasts.
Most of it is hitting my cheeks, forehead, goatee and a couple ended up on my glasses.
The rest of the cum is hitting my mouth and coating my tongue.

Perfect ending to a night of cocks - always a treat to service a buddy and relieve him of some much needed DNA.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Innocent looking but his load is in my ass

My partner is on a business trip for a few days, and when he we got up yesterday he left a nice thick load up my ass to think of him.
Nothing better than going to work with a load up your ass from the man you love.

He is back tomorrow and I may be out later tonight with a buddy searching for cocks and cum so my mind was on cock all day.
I was headed to the train when I decided to make a swing through my favorite shopping area.

There was not much going on, but I did see a guy at the urinal.
He has been around before but seemed a bit reluctant in the past so I thought there would be no interest.
Blond, average build and kind of the kid next door or football jock look - glasses, short hair, carrying a book bag and looks like a college freshman on the prowl.
A cutie that I would be happy to service.

While I casually entered a stall and "accidentally" left the door unlocked I saw him look back a few times.
There was a guy in one stall already so I went up to the urinal and took out my cock.
We both kept checking each other out.
With an unknown guy in the stall I motioned that we should take it elsewhere.

We left and I was not sure where he wanted to go but he headed towards the department store I have used in the past...used it for the hot twink, the thick load dripping down my goatee, and the farmboy just to name a few past post loads .... so I was ok with taking it there.

I followed him in and he went to the stall in the back.
He and I took our cocks out and I just had to taste his since I could see precum already coating the head.

While I was bent over taking his thick cock in my mouth he was checking out my ass with his hand. I was wearing a new jock and cock ring ( I already knew I was in the mood when I woke up this morning ) and his fingers went right to my hole.

He spit on his fingers while I was deepthroating his cock and his fingers began probing my ass.
Well, obviously there was a chance for a real hot stall fuck.
Fine with me!

I stood up a bit and asked if he wanted to fuck me.
He said yes so I turned around.
He added some more spit to his cock and I added some spit to my ass.
I backed up and guided his thick cock to my hole...he was as eager as me and shoved in.
Damn, that felt awesome...thick, blond, hot, young guy filling my ass with cock!

We got into a rythm where he was riding my ass while reaching around and stroking my cock or pulling my nipples.

He wanted me to shoot my load and I was already stroking. Precum was oozing out of my cock and I could hear people entering the bathroom.
There must have been at least two guys in the stalls while I had his thick cock buried in my ass.

He kept fucking my ass and I could sense that he was close...then he was shoving that cock up my ass as far as he could go and I could hear him breathing hot and heavy behind me.

After three extra hard thrusts he shot a thick creamy load and we slowed down the rhythm while his softening cock slowly slid out of my ass.

That smell of fresh cum is so hot when you are standing there in a jock strap with a load filling your ass!

We timed it right to leave and went to the front of the bathroom, cleaned up a bit and left.
Had to say thanks while we took the escalator out - he had a huge smile on his face and I had the same smile along with a hot load buried in my ass.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How far have you traveled for cock?

Shortly after I began this blog I got an email from a guy overseas where our leaders have decided we need a large quantity of Americans now that we have gotten rid of their ill fated leader...
I fully support anyone over there, in any capacity as my family has an extensive history in the military, law enforcement and engineering in the civilian world.
I am not making any assumptions as this guy and I have never discussed what role he has over there.
He is on a short trip to San Francisco and needs a good dose of local cum.

He stated that while he is a cum pig in his own right, there just is not opportunity for it. While on a short layover here we are planning to meet up and share some cocks and roam the city for a couple of days.

I am looking forward to meeting a hot man that is into cum and sucking, swallowing and cum as I am and sharing the loads.
We will be catching as much of it on pics or clips as we can and of course it will be shared as much as possible

I will adhere to my rule of no faces other than mine for the privacy of the other guys.

Stay tuned for the updates...

Bareback load to start the day off right

Well, once again I have the unique opportunity to post fairly quickly.

A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad on Craigslist - a guy looking for a blowjob. As you know, I do enjoy giving those.
I responded and we had some emails back and forth and then also determined that he was up for trading blow jobs and then me fucking his ass to give him my load.

We arranged to meet at a stall I know that gives us the privacy to do this without an interruption.
On that first day our timing was off and we ended up looking for each other but missed connecting and had to take a raincheck.
We had exchanged pics so it was really just a matter of bad timing.

Today I got an email from him asking if I was around and horny.
I answered yes to being around and said always horny for a hot daytime load.

We arranged to meet at the same spot.
This time we connected....and it was HOT.
He sent pics of his face and cock but both were much better in the flesh.

My first impression when I saw him was hot Spaniard - he reminded me of the young guys we saw and played with in Barcelona.
Dark hair, just a bit of hair on his chest (hot little tattoo on his pec) and a tasty looking cut cock ot feast on.
Business attire for him and casual for me.

We went in the stall, locked the door and pulled our cocks out.
Both of us were pleasantly surprised based on the looks we exchanged.
He was at least 7 inches and the perfect size to take down the throat and let me swallow it all without making any noise.

Since we had mentioned fucking the last time I was not sure what today would bring.
I sucked him rock hard for awhile and then he returned the favor.

After a bit of sucking I turned around - I was wearing a new tight jock, and he rimmed me for a bit.
Well, that was the perfect lube and I was up for taking it then and there.
He came up behind me, pushed in and I pushed back for a perfect fit, not too tight with just spit for lube.

We fucked for a few minutes, and then he pulled out to spit on my ass some more and went back in.
At this time we could hear someone enter the bathroom and go to the urinals.
He was buried in my ass already and we didn't stop.
He leaned in and fucked me good and hard while this guy was just outside the door.
The only sound was his cock sliding out, and the slap of our bodies smacking along with the tell - tale sound of a nicely lubed cock getting buried up to the balls.

He was ready to shoot and I said to go for it.
Damn I could swear I felt all those blasts of hot cum filling my ass.

We both stood up and I asked if he wanted me to shoot my load.
Yes he did, so I said "where do you want it"?
He wanted it in his mouth.

I jacked for quick minute and he licked my balls until I ready to unload.
A nice thick white load of cum shot in his mouth and he took it all.

We then got dressed and headed out.

Now I am sitting here at the computer with a smile on my face and an ass full of cum.
Next time I will have to send him out of there with my load in his ass.

I will have to add my partners load to the mix I later!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gets Fucked by Everyone & Best 3 Way Awards....then off to the sex club

Last night was the Golden Dildeaux Awards night and I took one for Hostess of the Mostess - Gets Fucked by Everyone.
The second award of the evening I was named in and won was Club Sandwich - Best Performance in a 3 way which was a joint award with my partner.

I guess the two do go hand in hand in our case. More often that not, when we are in a group or three way situation I do the fluffing and bottoming during round one and then the roles may switch for round two or three.
It is nice being married to a hot, truly versatile top.

Some people who know me well asked about not winning anything about cock sucking.
I said it was actually nice since lately I really have been doing more actual fucking after I suck a guy to full hard on.
Our favorite Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Roma, was rooting for me on the Glory Hole Award.
She knows me very well and has had me on my knees at the bar to demonstrate my cock sucking ability and desire to a group of men she pointed out.

After the awards last night and a short stop to support a new local leather bar we were in a raunchy horny mood and went to a local sex warehouse.

Some hot men were there and as usual some guys that really should have been sleeping off their alcohol and drugs were in attendance.
I was lucky enough to run into a guy that I have seen very often at the beer busts and we just have never been able to connect there.

He was in a jock and I was bare ass naked in a pair of Frye harness boots and a cock ring.
Once in awhile I can still be shy and reluctant to just walk up to someone (pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing David!!) so when I saw him standing there the first thought running through my mind was - I hope he is as interested as I am tonight.
Then I figured that since I really had nothing to hide or to lose I walked over.

He is tall, with those midwestern farm boy innocent looks. The type of guy that in high school your parents would have told you bring home for a sleep over without realizing that you were already thinking about it and trying to figure out a way to get his cock down your throat.

Once it was determined that I would finally be able get his cock out I was slurping and licking the head...very nice mushroom head on a thick shaft. I have seen him in jeans with a hard on at the bar and was already prepared for large but it was even better in the flesh.
During a later suck session with him we moved over to a sling area where I was on my knees and realized there were about 12 guys watching me service.

Since the sling was empty I jumped right in.

My jock strap buddy was not in a topping mode but a nice thick uncut cock walked up to my open ass and slid in while I had the jock strap guys cock in my mouth.
Nothing better than a room full of guys jerking off watching my holes get filled with a bottle of poppers on hand.

Unfortunately there were no loads shot there, the other guys were basically just voyeurs so I got out of the sling and went on the prowl for more cock.
There were some hot ones roaming around and while I sucked a few off, no one was in the mood to cum.
I was ready to blow my load and I ran into a guy that had fucked his load into my ass a few weeks back and then I gave him my load while he was jacking off the second load of his that night.

Last night I fucked his ass for a bit and then when I was ready to blow I shoved all the way to the base one last time and let him have it all. Four to five hot blasts of cum up his ass.

While I was fucking him my jock strap buddy was there and when I pulled my cock out of his cum dripping ass, my jock strap buddy went right down on my cock to swallow it and lick it clean.
Wow, that was not what I was expecting but it was damn HOT.

I have a fetish for tall guys and he is about 6' 4" and having him taste my load after being in an ass was a treat.
We did not discuss if he was a bottom, and even though I may "get fucked by everyone" I never pass up a hot, tall sexy man that wants to taste my cum and an ass at the same time.
My partner laughs as at me when I mention topping a tall guy because I just figure they are tops and am always pleasantly surprised when some are hot ass bottoms.

It will be interesting the next time we see him out... I know I will have a Cheshire cat smile on my face.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The British are cumming - and cumming.

I got a message a few months ago from a guy that liked my profile and clips.
He was visiting San Francisco and asked if I would like to take his uncut cock and swallow his load.

Hmmm. Hot, tall, hung, and uncut wants my mouth on his cock.
Well, you can guess how fast I typed back an affirmative.

We spoke back and forth and arranged to meet up today downtown.
I wanted to get every inch of his cock and he wanted to get some pics and video of me on my knees so the booths were not my first choice. I am happy to use a tearoom but for this scene I wanted to be bare - ass naked and not worry about interruptions.

I thought of my buddy from Feb 19 blog post Office Bathroom Servicing.

I got in touch with him and described the situation.
The bathroom was still available for us to use and if he could make it down we were going to have a hot threesome on my holes.

My London cock met me and we walked over to the office building. We entered and there was some construction going on but we took the stairs up and found the bathroom.

There were a couple of workmen around so we were going to be having sex in a construction site with guys roaming around....a bit of turn on!

We entered the bathroom and locked the door, then stripped down.
He was not exaggerating his size one bit. It was huge, long and had that fantastic veined foreskin that just begs to be sucked and pulled.
We started out kissing along with some nipple play for a bit but I was ready to taste that pre-cum that was dripping from his cock onto my stomach.

He took out his camera and I also gave him mine and went down on it.
Right away we were both moaning - he was happy that I did not exaggerate my desire to take every single inch of him and I was in my element...thick cock, just enough curve to go right down the throat.

I sucked on him for about 5 minutes and he wanted to taste my cock so we switch places.
I am a cum sucking pig but a hot uncut man can get me hard instantly.
I took a nice short video of him on my cock but in deference to his wishes, it will not see the light of day until he posts it.
He agreed to let me post the clip of me sucking him and when he gets me the pics I will add those.

During our conversations before he came over from London we discussed the Golden Dildeaux Awards and he was kind enough to say he would vote if I could guarantee him a mind blowing blow job.
I told him that from what I could see in his profile, it would be my pleasure to give the best blowjob he has ever had.

He was very close to cumming but had asked earlier if he could fuck me.
I told him fucking was fine with me and he brought lube today.
We lubed up my ass, he slid in...I cannot begin to describe how it feels to get bare fucked by an uncut thick cock.
I was rock hard just picturing the foreskin sliding back enough to expose the head, then the head pops in and you feel all that skin sliding back to allow the head to blow a load in your tight ass.

My partner and I both have a fetish for foreskin - he likes more and I like it to just allow the head to peak out a bit and let me push it back with my lips while going down on it.

Today his goal was to tease my ass and still shoot the load down my throat so we fucked for a couple of minutes (tried to get a pic but my phone did not show well, hope to get some from him) and then he pulled out.

About this time, one of construction workers needed in and knocked.
Not wanting to annoy the crew, we got dressed and headed out. I told him about another private bathroom I had been introduced to if he still wanted to get his load off down my throat.

We agreed to head over and found the bathroom empty. He followed me in and I got down on that cock for the final shot.
We were both so horned by now that we did not take our time. He pushed me to the limit and started to unload.
I could actually see as well as feel the shaft grow with each spurt.
I kept the cum in my mouth and showed him before swallowing it all down.

We dressed, and walked back to the shopping district.

I didn't blow my load so I went to a quiet bathroom where I could strip down, recall every inch of his cock and still taste the load on my tongue while jacking off.
The clip I took while jacking off will be posted but not here since this is all about the other men getting off and walking away with a smile.

I do enjoy hosting and entertaining the lads from around the world - always good for international relations.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Links on the blog - found some errors.

To everyone I need to apologize...
I had another blogger mention to me that some of the links and videos were not working.
I am truly sorry that it was not working as I wanted.
This is my first blog venture and I do not work in the computer industry so I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to links, html, embedding and all that fun stuff.

Give me a cock and I know just what to do with it!

I have gone back and tweaked some of the links and I hope they are working as planned.

My goal was to keep this site clear and not overly muddled with too much but give you access to the videos and pics.

If you find something not working, please let me know and I hope that if you are returning and had some frustration in the past it is now cleared up and you can enjoy my blog as I intended.

I will continue adding clips and pics as I can and will have my partner and friends check to see if it all working.

Now to get back to sucking some cock.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot biker and my partner lends a hand to get him off

On Sunday we were at one of our regular hangouts enjoying the sun, warm weather and hot men.
It got to be so packed but no one was in a playful mood so we headed to another hangout.
After my partner got us cocktails I headed off for my usual cruise to see what I could find.
We were both in a nasty, raunchy mood and I headed to the back.

I had already taken all those loads on Thursday and Friday, then hanging out at the pool of the hotel in my speedo thinking about cock all weekend had put me in an aggressive frame of mind.

There was hot blond guy in the back wearing leather jacket and motorcycle pants I believe. When I got back there his hand was already stroking his crotch a bit.

I leaned back and rubbed a bit on my crotch, then started walking over. I kept up the eye contact while making my move.
There was a guy nearby cruising but not aggressive and I was a hungry cock sucker on a mission. I went up and grabbed the blonds cock through his pants.

He was interested so I undid the pants and got down on my knees to get his load.
I always enjoy getting a guy from semi hard to full raging hard on and we were well on that road.

I sensed another person behind me and saw a hand playing with my new buddies nipples.
Right away I knew it was my partner and that he was happy to see me deep throating this hot guy.
While I swallowed the cock and cupped his balls, my partner kept working on the nipples and they were talking about me while I sucked away.

My partner then took over the balls and was pulling on them - found out the nipples and balls are hard wired to the cock and he was instantly twice as big.
Damn, now my mouth was really getting stretched. I had already been taking it to the base and was able to breathe a bit but now I had to switch to nose breathing or suffocate.

While my partner worked his balls, I took it all the way down and then he let loose with a hot thick load.

He must have shot at least 5 thick spurts and I took every drop. I then stood up, with the help of my now drained load giver and my partner.

Hot blond was grinning ear to ear and said "thanks!"
I had to return the sentiment and said "no thanks needed, my pleasure".
I was a content cum pig.

He had been at the same hangout earlier and commented that he was horny and hoping to get off there but could not find anyone.

Well, we chatted a bit more and he said that was just what he needed and we went our separate ways.

Always great to get a helping hand from the people you love.

A day off for my other half...booth visit?

My partner and I both enjoy public sex when we travel and while he can be more reserved in our home city I have extolled the virtues of glory hole sex to him and he enjoys a good fuck/suck when he can too.

Today he was off for the day and thought of going to a park or maybe see what it is that I love about my favorite video booth location.

I took a break to see what I could find and while I did see him around, we did not do any couple action - I like to give him his space for play as I appreciate the same courtesy when I am on the hunt.

I got one guy off in the booths, nice sized, fairly well hung, uncut and was wearing a leather cock ring. He shot on the floor unfortunately but did let me lick the head clean when he was done.
My partner had seen and tasted it before I arrived - guess you could say he was my fluffer for this load.
As the guy was zipping up, he leaned in and said "Thanks!"
I do love to please the other guy.
Come to find out, he walked past my partner without knowing who we were and also thanked him for a nice suck job (yes, I am married to a versatile top!!! yeah)

I decided to head to the shopping district for a possible "business suit" lunch load.

Well, the pickings at the mall were a bit scarce but I did in fact run into a previous post load contributor.
There was a third guy with a very nice cock that wanted to see me on my knees but he did not want his cock sucked - he was a director.
The director was also a bit nervous and when someone else entered he left and we never saw him again.
We went to the same location as our previous rendezvous and I got his load again on my face.

While walking out of the bathroom I also ran into my farmboy from last week. We did not connect again today.

After getting the load I saw a young man obviously cruising and took him back to the same stall I just took the first load in.

Got the young man off - nice cock, long enough to hit the back of my throat while not too large to cause unwanted noises while deep throating in the stall.
He left a nice tasty load on my goatee.

That is it for was a long weekend of sunbathing and cock sucking so I am a bit tired and will let you know how my London buddies cock tastes later in the week.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Damn, my mouth is almost tired....yeah right!

Today I was able to get out of work early - and you know what my first thought was!
It is an amazingly warm day for San Francisco and I knew the boys would be out.

Cock #1 - Load 1

I go to the video booths on my way to the hotel where my partner is at the conference.
Right away I find a booth with one of the glory holes open and go in.

I can see this amazingly thick cock being stroked. Can't see the face but who gives a fuck - that cock is begging to be taken.

I signal him to put it through and he obliges.

Wow, it was even thicker than I thought and I do believe he would put my park buddy to a close test in the size department but since I am a total pig it was just fine!

I slurped, sucked, took it all the way down over and over and over again.

Unfortunately the staff can be a pain in the ass and came by banging on the doors. Since I was video taping it I was trying to leave the light on.

After more than 5 solid minutes of deep throat and slurping I was rewarded with a very thick, hot load!

I held the camera through it all so you can all enjoy on XTube and check out how huge his balls were too.

Cock #2 - no load, I am just a fluffer.

I found another glory hole booth unoccupied next to a guy so I went in.
Tall, dark hair, mid 30's and good looking.
I had seen him earlier and hoped to get a taste of his cock and load.

At first he did not take his cock out and I thought, oh well - his loss since I was ready to suck him till he blew.

He stood up and pulled his cock out...yee haw!

Good size and some more huge balls (which you can see in the video clip I took).

He was one of those guys that likes to fuck your mouth instead of holding it there for you to suck and that is fine by me.

He fucked my face for a few minutes and then pulled out and zipped up.

Oh well, it was a very tasty cock and a nice appetizer for more.

Cock #3 Load #2

I went to meet my parter and later decided I was horny for more cock since I had not gotten off with the first load of the day so I went back hoping for more.

Well, there is a god and he must have been in a horny mood as well today because he gave me not only another hot cock, the lights stayed on for me to tape it, and the guy was dark, hung and UNCUT.

Triple score!!!

I saw him leaving a booth when I got there and thought damn he must be done.
I went in one of the other glory hole booths and sat down.
Well sure enough he followed into the next one and I signaled to put his cock through.
When I saw it was dark (hot Latino man) and uncut I got hard and could tell I was precumming already.

He was just the right length to go to the back of my throat and the foreskin was just tight enough to slurp and chew a bit.

We went back and forth between him fucking my mouth and me sucking his cock to the base.
Once in awhile he would pull back, stroke and work some precum on the head.
I was in pig slop heaven watching that and just waiting to taste every drop of cum.

After almost 15 minutes of deep throat and mouth fucking action he was getting harder and thicker so I knew he was close and then he started moaning.

I was ready and his cock swelled as he shot the first load.

He must have blasted about 4 loads and since I was taping this one too (love my new camera!!!) I wanted to get some on my face and pulled off a bit.

Sure enough he had more ready to blast and I got some on the corners of my mouth, my lips and my addition to the full load I was still holding in my cum soaked mouth.

Then I figured it was time to call it a day and head back to the conference and see if there are any horny men in the hotel...will keep you posted!

Yes, I am a cum pig!!!!!

I was going to update last night after getting done taking a tasty load from a very hot/cute semi bear in the video booths. I say semi bear because he had the build of football player/bear but was smooth.
He had a nice mouth filling cock and the cutest face. He go me one tasty load and I thought, that made a nice after work snack.
I was meeting my partner at a conference here in town so I went home to get some things and my phone rang.


A guy I have sucked off many times in the past was nearby and got my message online earlier that I would be home alone.
He wanted a blowjob and I am not one to turn down a mouth stretching piece of thick meat.
The catch was that I was heading out the door.
We agreed that he was close by so I said, what the hell - I am sure the conference can start without me.

He drove up and we went to the apartment.
I got stripped down and then asked if he would mind if I had the video cam on my phone going.
He said sure and I handed it to him.
Then I went down on his cock like it was my first - quit laughing, all of you!
I do like to give each cock the same pleasure as if it were the first one.

We both had poppers, and I was just taking his cock for all I could. He is very thick when rock hard and loves to bury it to the hilt!

We went at it for about 10 minutes and he was ready to blow. I had asked in the beginning to take it on my face - well it went on my goatee, some on my back, my shoulder, my get the picture ( and yes that is the load in this pic).

He then gave me a ride to the hotel so I could meet my partner and our friends.
Right away our best friend looked at me and I am inadvertently licked my goatee where the cum still was lingering and he just let out a huge laugh and knew what I had done.

Once I get home officially I will upload the video to XTube.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daddy, I'm ready for my second load please.

This morning I got an email from my blond park buddy to meet up at the video booths and share some cocks.
I said yes and headed over at the allocated time. I went in, looked around and saw some very promising guys but not my buddy. Walked around a bit and went outside to check.
Next thing I know we are discussing on the phone that he is already in a booth.

I head downstairs and he wants to try to get with a couple of guy in one booth.
He goes in and I decide to entertain myself with a hot newbie.

I go into a booth and the newbie follows behind.
We had already cruised each other so I was ready to get to work. He was around my age, shaved head, salt/pepper facial hair and carpenter pants ( gave him that "I am on a break from the site" look).
I took his cock out, he took mine out and wow - he had a nice thick cock with a big ole mushroom head.
When I got it in my throat I could taste the precum already flowing. He wanted to stroke my cock and play with my nipples. I was also leaking precum from him going back and forth between playing with my nipples to playing with my ass.
Well, you know that just gets me in the mood to deep throat even more.
I went down on him again and thought "it smells like fresh cum" - seems that while playing and rubbing he had already shot a bit of cum on my stomach. Damn that was hot!
I took some of the cum and wiped it on his cock and stroked a bit more before going back to deep throating. Now that he is even thicker and has his own cum as lube for my throat totally buried it in my throat.
He wanted to fuck me with a condom but since we did not have one I told him to shoot on my face.
He put a nice thick load on my goatee. We buttoned up and I went out to find my buddy.

Blond buddy had been in a booth with another cum pig and a very tall dark haired hunk.
He wanted me to suck the tall guy off so we went to a booth and left the door open. Sure enough the tall hunk joined us.
Blond buddy asked him if it was ok to take a video clip of me sucking him off. He said sure.
It turned out to be a bit awkward since our tall dark haired hunk was also into sucking guys - while I was sucking him and my buddy he was trying to get the next gloryhole booth to stick a cock through.
No loads there, so we all took a raincheck (video is interesting to see but no cumshot).

Blond buddy and I waited for another guy to join or take the next booth and an older man came in to the next booth.
At first glance it was not going to be what my blond buddy wanted so we wandered a bit more. He went in a booth to play with someone and I went back to the older guy.
Well, when I saw what he was packing I was on my knees in a second!

This man was a hot, older, daddy type and his cock was at least 8 THICK inches of UNCUT meat.
I motioned him to put it through for me to suck and he did...I was in pig heaven and devouring every inch.
He pulled out after a couple of minutes and said we should get a single booth.
We buttoned up and went in to another booth. We left the door unlocked in case anyone wanted to join.
We were uninterrupted for about 5 minutes - he was rubbing my head, pushing his cock to the base and just letting me have every inch of that cock and foreskin!!!
Eventually my blond buddy found us and came in.

His eyes bulged and what I had found.

( I have learned over the years of being a cum pig that any guy can be a hot intense fun time - never judge a book by it's cover when it comes to cock sucking, boys!!)

I kept up my deep throat action and used my hand a few times to stroke that uncut daddy dick.
He then started playing with my ass - well, shit you know I was up for a real mouth pounding now.
I sucked and stroked him until he was ready to shoot.
It was a sweet tasting load - he later told me it was his fourth so far and on that note told him that next time I want to find him for the first, second and third load.

He also said he would like to fuck me and I said that would be fine by me next time - hope to get that one again real soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Boy, they grow them big on the farm!

Today I was leaving the bank and while on my way to the train I thought it was a bit early so might as well see what I could find to play with.

I wandered into the shopping district and headed to my favorite stalls.
Well, for being later than usual it was actually full. I could not tell what was there, so I turned around. Don't get all "gasp, he was leaving??" on me...sometimes when it is last minute you just don't care to work for what could be very dull and you all know it!

While deciding whether to head home I looked over and a very hot Midwestern farmboy was at the urinal.
Tight jeans, white V neck t-shirt - you know the kind that is worn for comfort not as a fashion statement so he was really innocent, off the farm looking. He did have a nice full blond beard and you could see a huge patch of hair coming out of the t-shirt.
Since he had not moved the whole time I walked over and took the next urinal.

Just a peak to see if he was as innocent as he appeared...

Sure enough he was horny and looking for some action too - he was already stroking a cock that was longer than mine and not even fully hard.
I am not huge but not short either in the cock length department.
I reckon (just love that word!) he was at least 7 1/2 inches, if not a hefty full 8 inches long, and 5 inches around. Great mushroom head on it too!

You know my mouth was ready to taste that piece of meat.
I zipped up after making sure he saw my pierced, now semi hard cock. Walked over to wash my hands and see if he would follow to take it to a more private/quiet spot.
I hate standing at urinals when you don't know what those stall boys are up to or looking for.

We headed to another bathroom and it was a bit more quiet so we stopped at the urinals again (stall were busy here too) and both started stroking.
He got fully hard. Damn, I wanted that.
He took the first move and reached over to stroke me.
There were guys in the stalls and he did not care so I also reached over and pulled a few strokes on his.
Of course, traffic had to pick up at this point so I suggested a spot I know that has worked in the past.

He agreed and we went over one in the bathroom so we went to one of the far stalls and shut the door.
These stalls have full walls so no peaking under - there was a guy in the next stall but I could tell my farmboy knew how to be as quiet and discreet as me.
I had already assured that he wanted to be sucked at the urinals so right then I just squatted and took him down my throat.

Yes, he was now hitting the 8+ mark and just thick enough to fill a throat without any problems. I sucked and swallowed his meat for a bit and then he wanted to return the favor.
Well, I am all for equal opportunity with a hot, furry blond farmboy. (I think my partner would have been up for this one - he has a fetish for hairy blonds)

He and I exchange blow jobs for probably almost ten minutes in the stall and we are both close to shooting.
I asked if he wanted to blow his load all over my face and he said yes.
I squatted down till I was looking that mushroom head right in the eye and he stroked it long and hard.
First shot went towards my right ear and coated my face, the next three to four shots went on my goatee.

MMM,MMMM good!

Tasty hot cum - of course farm fresh mid 20's cum is always a nice treat.

He is a fantastic cocksucker himself so I was ready to shoot while he was sucking and stroking my cock.
I asked him where he wanted my load.
He answer was that he bent over, put my head in his mouth, stroked a bit more and when I started to shoot he took it on the side of his face, beard and lips.

And to top it off, the sweet farm boy had manners (his mama would be so proud!) and even helped me with the tissue and wiping my face clean before we both left the stall and went our separate ways.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bar cock sucking pig?...raising my hand !!!

So while I adding the previous post it reminded me of a pic we have that a bartender took a few years ago.

I was with my partner at one of our favorite bars at the time and a group of semi drunk, very hot guys started flirting and chatting.
Come to find out they were visiting from England and very horny as well.
I don't recall how the subject came up - my partner assures me that I started it as usual and he may be completely correct- but cock sucking was mentioned and I was on my knees.

The bar was packed and while I was giving our new friends a San Francisco welcome the bartender took out his camera and shot this pic.
Later I ran in to him at a party and he mentioned that it was his screen saver and said he would send it to me.

The background on the story is that after I sucked a few of the guys there in the bar, we all decided to go up the street to the apartment they were staying in.
It was myself, my partner, the group of English uncut hunks and another couple...we all got naked and a hot bareback orgy was created.

We have remained friends with all of the local boys and speak with the London boys once in awhile (they have even done some porn so we can see them too).

Unfortunately, the bar and the bartender are no longer available for more fun.

New leather bar, friends and their cocks...

Last night we attended the opening night of the newest leather bar here in the city.
Many friends and a few strangers commented to me about this blog and also asked if I was fine since I had not posted for a week...Yes, I am just fine - it was just a very busy week and when I did get out for some lunch the action was not very blog worthy.

Of course, I am set to rectify that!!

Today we are meeting friends for the Mr. SF Leather contest and I am in sleaze mode already. You never know what may happen when a room full of horny leather men get together and a cock hungry cum pig is on the loose.

Next weekend a buddy is flying in from London and we are planning to meet up at least once to get his uncut cock in one or both holes and get it on pic and cam. Of course, you know I will share.
Just today he mentioned that a fuck buddy of his will also be around and asked if I would like to take two cocks - well, shit hell yes!!!

If that happens I will be in pig heaven.

While at the new bar last night I ran into a buddy that has let me partake of his massive cock and load in addition to getting his partner's.
The best part of that visual scenario is that all three of us were in a bar at the time, my partner was also there watching and the bartender kept an eye on me as well (he is a friend and if we are alone he does like to see me on a cock).

My buddy also mentioned to me last night that he is now working a block from my office...well, you know I was sure to give him my business card and mention that I could take care of his cock daily if need be and we can do it right downtown.
He has a hot, huge cock and likes to see it buried to the base - as I do my best to accommodate it and get his load down my throat.

Stay tuned - I hope the next two weeks will be very, very busy and I will have a large infusion of protein added to my diet.