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Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking loads in both holes - I love being a cum pig

I woke up horny as hell after last nights cumfest at the bar.

My plan was to head to the video booths in the afternoon and take any cum loads that were offered.
After I got there I saw that one of the glory hole booths was vacant so I went in.

I could see a very hot thick cock int the other booth being stroked. When I looked further up I realized that it was a guy I have had the pleasure of swallowing a load from in the past.
Damn, I do love those foreplay or awkward phase of deciding who is going to do what.

Today he is in business suit attire with his cock out. He is probably late 30's with a full head of short cropped silver hair - which I find very hot.
Reminds me of Richard Gere in Pretty Woman or Sean Connery.

He face fucks me and I deep throat him for over 5 minutes and I can feel him getting close with each thrust.
He finally lets a huge load loose.
I know I swallowed at least 3 times before he pulled out.

Lunch is now being served!

The video I took will be posted once I get it off the cam later today.

After getting dressed I opened my booth door and there was a buddy that has buried his cock in my ass many times and he always like to drop his load in my ass after some serious mutual cock sucking and ass rimming.
Shaved head, clean shaven face, glasses, business casual dress and a cock that I will take anytime, anywhere (David, yes you and I know that is why I won the award for Fucked by Everyone, always willing to help out a business man in need)

I invite him in to the booth and we are now going to tag team some cocks.
The pickings are slim unfortunately but then an older man comes in to the adjacent booth and pulls out a Keilbasa sausage
Damn, I cannot wait to taste that!

He lets me and my booth buddy suck and swallow that 9x6 meat. The hung daddy on the other of the cock tells us that he wants to see me sucking my buddy so I strip out of my jock and shorts and go to town.
I am also thinking that I want at least one of those cocks up my ass.
After sucking my buddy and the hung daddy, my booth guy says he is getting close so I ask if he wants to shoot up my ass again.
He agrees and rims my ass for a minute and I get his cock lubed up with my spit.
I turn around and sit right down on it - full thick mushroom head pushing in to my tight ass and a shaft that just keeps it stretched and full the whole time.

The bonus here is that while I am riding one hot cock I am also still sucking the 9 x 6 dadd cock in the hole.
My buddy blasts his cum in my ass while I am riding it and we finish up.
The hung cock through the hole is not done so my buddy and I tag team suck him and then he begins to shoot a massive load in my mouth. I took it for a few seconds to fill my mouth and then backed off so my buddy get some of the cum too.

My top booth buddy gets dressed and heads out but I am now horny as hell since I have not cum. I decide to see what else may come through the hole
Another very hung guy enters and I sucked him off and on for about 5 minutes but he is obviously there for the long haul and does not want to come but I am not in the mood to be a perpetual fluffer and move on.

Nothing else around so I figure it is time to call it a day - I am still hoping to hear from my buddy that came over from the desert region on his way to Hawaii.

Stay tuned for that one.
The 9x6 cuy wants to see me serving so of course I am happy To oblige.

After about 5 minutes my booth buddy

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