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Friday, April 11, 2008

Yes, I am a cum pig!!!!!

I was going to update last night after getting done taking a tasty load from a very hot/cute semi bear in the video booths. I say semi bear because he had the build of football player/bear but was smooth.
He had a nice mouth filling cock and the cutest face. He go me one tasty load and I thought, that made a nice after work snack.
I was meeting my partner at a conference here in town so I went home to get some things and my phone rang.


A guy I have sucked off many times in the past was nearby and got my message online earlier that I would be home alone.
He wanted a blowjob and I am not one to turn down a mouth stretching piece of thick meat.
The catch was that I was heading out the door.
We agreed that he was close by so I said, what the hell - I am sure the conference can start without me.

He drove up and we went to the apartment.
I got stripped down and then asked if he would mind if I had the video cam on my phone going.
He said sure and I handed it to him.
Then I went down on his cock like it was my first - quit laughing, all of you!
I do like to give each cock the same pleasure as if it were the first one.

We both had poppers, and I was just taking his cock for all I could. He is very thick when rock hard and loves to bury it to the hilt!

We went at it for about 10 minutes and he was ready to blow. I had asked in the beginning to take it on my face - well it went on my goatee, some on my back, my shoulder, my get the picture ( and yes that is the load in this pic).

He then gave me a ride to the hotel so I could meet my partner and our friends.
Right away our best friend looked at me and I am inadvertently licked my goatee where the cum still was lingering and he just let out a huge laugh and knew what I had done.

Once I get home officially I will upload the video to XTube.


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