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Monday, April 7, 2008

Boy, they grow them big on the farm!

Today I was leaving the bank and while on my way to the train I thought it was a bit early so might as well see what I could find to play with.

I wandered into the shopping district and headed to my favorite stalls.
Well, for being later than usual it was actually full. I could not tell what was there, so I turned around. Don't get all "gasp, he was leaving??" on me...sometimes when it is last minute you just don't care to work for what could be very dull and you all know it!

While deciding whether to head home I looked over and a very hot Midwestern farmboy was at the urinal.
Tight jeans, white V neck t-shirt - you know the kind that is worn for comfort not as a fashion statement so he was really innocent, off the farm looking. He did have a nice full blond beard and you could see a huge patch of hair coming out of the t-shirt.
Since he had not moved the whole time I walked over and took the next urinal.

Just a peak to see if he was as innocent as he appeared...

Sure enough he was horny and looking for some action too - he was already stroking a cock that was longer than mine and not even fully hard.
I am not huge but not short either in the cock length department.
I reckon (just love that word!) he was at least 7 1/2 inches, if not a hefty full 8 inches long, and 5 inches around. Great mushroom head on it too!

You know my mouth was ready to taste that piece of meat.
I zipped up after making sure he saw my pierced, now semi hard cock. Walked over to wash my hands and see if he would follow to take it to a more private/quiet spot.
I hate standing at urinals when you don't know what those stall boys are up to or looking for.

We headed to another bathroom and it was a bit more quiet so we stopped at the urinals again (stall were busy here too) and both started stroking.
He got fully hard. Damn, I wanted that.
He took the first move and reached over to stroke me.
There were guys in the stalls and he did not care so I also reached over and pulled a few strokes on his.
Of course, traffic had to pick up at this point so I suggested a spot I know that has worked in the past.

He agreed and we went over one in the bathroom so we went to one of the far stalls and shut the door.
These stalls have full walls so no peaking under - there was a guy in the next stall but I could tell my farmboy knew how to be as quiet and discreet as me.
I had already assured that he wanted to be sucked at the urinals so right then I just squatted and took him down my throat.

Yes, he was now hitting the 8+ mark and just thick enough to fill a throat without any problems. I sucked and swallowed his meat for a bit and then he wanted to return the favor.
Well, I am all for equal opportunity with a hot, furry blond farmboy. (I think my partner would have been up for this one - he has a fetish for hairy blonds)

He and I exchange blow jobs for probably almost ten minutes in the stall and we are both close to shooting.
I asked if he wanted to blow his load all over my face and he said yes.
I squatted down till I was looking that mushroom head right in the eye and he stroked it long and hard.
First shot went towards my right ear and coated my face, the next three to four shots went on my goatee.

MMM,MMMM good!

Tasty hot cum - of course farm fresh mid 20's cum is always a nice treat.

He is a fantastic cocksucker himself so I was ready to shoot while he was sucking and stroking my cock.
I asked him where he wanted my load.
He answer was that he bent over, put my head in his mouth, stroked a bit more and when I started to shoot he took it on the side of his face, beard and lips.

And to top it off, the sweet farm boy had manners (his mama would be so proud!) and even helped me with the tissue and wiping my face clean before we both left the stall and went our separate ways.

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