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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gets Fucked by Everyone & Best 3 Way Awards....then off to the sex club

Last night was the Golden Dildeaux Awards night and I took one for Hostess of the Mostess - Gets Fucked by Everyone.
The second award of the evening I was named in and won was Club Sandwich - Best Performance in a 3 way which was a joint award with my partner.

I guess the two do go hand in hand in our case. More often that not, when we are in a group or three way situation I do the fluffing and bottoming during round one and then the roles may switch for round two or three.
It is nice being married to a hot, truly versatile top.

Some people who know me well asked about not winning anything about cock sucking.
I said it was actually nice since lately I really have been doing more actual fucking after I suck a guy to full hard on.
Our favorite Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Roma, was rooting for me on the Glory Hole Award.
She knows me very well and has had me on my knees at the bar to demonstrate my cock sucking ability and desire to a group of men she pointed out.

After the awards last night and a short stop to support a new local leather bar we were in a raunchy horny mood and went to a local sex warehouse.

Some hot men were there and as usual some guys that really should have been sleeping off their alcohol and drugs were in attendance.
I was lucky enough to run into a guy that I have seen very often at the beer busts and we just have never been able to connect there.

He was in a jock and I was bare ass naked in a pair of Frye harness boots and a cock ring.
Once in awhile I can still be shy and reluctant to just walk up to someone (pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing David!!) so when I saw him standing there the first thought running through my mind was - I hope he is as interested as I am tonight.
Then I figured that since I really had nothing to hide or to lose I walked over.

He is tall, with those midwestern farm boy innocent looks. The type of guy that in high school your parents would have told you bring home for a sleep over without realizing that you were already thinking about it and trying to figure out a way to get his cock down your throat.

Once it was determined that I would finally be able get his cock out I was slurping and licking the head...very nice mushroom head on a thick shaft. I have seen him in jeans with a hard on at the bar and was already prepared for large but it was even better in the flesh.
During a later suck session with him we moved over to a sling area where I was on my knees and realized there were about 12 guys watching me service.

Since the sling was empty I jumped right in.

My jock strap buddy was not in a topping mode but a nice thick uncut cock walked up to my open ass and slid in while I had the jock strap guys cock in my mouth.
Nothing better than a room full of guys jerking off watching my holes get filled with a bottle of poppers on hand.

Unfortunately there were no loads shot there, the other guys were basically just voyeurs so I got out of the sling and went on the prowl for more cock.
There were some hot ones roaming around and while I sucked a few off, no one was in the mood to cum.
I was ready to blow my load and I ran into a guy that had fucked his load into my ass a few weeks back and then I gave him my load while he was jacking off the second load of his that night.

Last night I fucked his ass for a bit and then when I was ready to blow I shoved all the way to the base one last time and let him have it all. Four to five hot blasts of cum up his ass.

While I was fucking him my jock strap buddy was there and when I pulled my cock out of his cum dripping ass, my jock strap buddy went right down on my cock to swallow it and lick it clean.
Wow, that was not what I was expecting but it was damn HOT.

I have a fetish for tall guys and he is about 6' 4" and having him taste my load after being in an ass was a treat.
We did not discuss if he was a bottom, and even though I may "get fucked by everyone" I never pass up a hot, tall sexy man that wants to taste my cum and an ass at the same time.
My partner laughs as at me when I mention topping a tall guy because I just figure they are tops and am always pleasantly surprised when some are hot ass bottoms.

It will be interesting the next time we see him out... I know I will have a Cheshire cat smile on my face.

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