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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pimped out for a bag of Lays Baked BBQ chips

Ok, today I was on my knees for an entire bar full of leather men and Dykes on Bikes.

Our good friend asked me to be a raffle ticket seller at the local beer bust today.
I am always willing to be on my knees for a good cause.

Today we were selling raffle tickets and there were more than a few regular buddies in addition to total strangers looking to be contribute to the cause.

When I sell tickets I have a "patented" technique of making sure to measure the ENTIRE crotch to the floor, no reason to leave one inch untouched!
I was selling to strangers and locals all afternoon, with some guys just shocked at what I would do for a raffle ticket sale.

At one point we came across a hot guy with a German accent. He agreed to buys some raffle tickets so right away I grabbed the crotch to find what I had to work with...well, damn it was the same size as a beer bottle.
I went right to town selling him a crotch to floor raffle sale. When I sell crotch to floor it entails a full grope of the basket and a good hard suck of the jewels if I can manage it.

This guy was HUNG, uncut and not sure what I was doing.
I took his cock out of his shorts and dropped the tickets to the floor to find his inseam.
Of course I had to keep his cock in my mouth to be sure the tickets did not slip and he was short changed,

After selling to this hot guy, there seemed to be a plethora of guys wanted to "be measured for tickets"

On to Cock Sucking #102

After the beer bust and raffle ticket sales was done we went to a local bar we like to hit in the afternoons.
I headed right to the back and who do I see?
I ran into the hot uncut German but he was already buried to the base in friend of ours.

After a good 5 minutes, the bottom that was being fucked by the German accent had enough, it was my turn to ride that huge hot thick cock in the open.

After he was done with my ass and went back to my buddy I had another uncut cock waiting to fill the void.
He fucked me for a good 5-10 minutes and then I saw a young hot latino in the crowd watching.
I reached over and pulled him and took his cock out...another uncut one!
I fluffed him for a short bit and then turned around.
That load was fucked up into my ass nice and hard.

There must have been at least 6-7 guys in the crowd that we did not get to today but they are on my list for next time!!!!

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