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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Links on the blog - found some errors.

To everyone I need to apologize...
I had another blogger mention to me that some of the links and videos were not working.
I am truly sorry that it was not working as I wanted.
This is my first blog venture and I do not work in the computer industry so I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to links, html, embedding and all that fun stuff.

Give me a cock and I know just what to do with it!

I have gone back and tweaked some of the links and I hope they are working as planned.

My goal was to keep this site clear and not overly muddled with too much but give you access to the videos and pics.

If you find something not working, please let me know and I hope that if you are returning and had some frustration in the past it is now cleared up and you can enjoy my blog as I intended.

I will continue adding clips and pics as I can and will have my partner and friends check to see if it all working.

Now to get back to sucking some cock.

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