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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy shit, yes I want that !

Below is a new video of the thick uncut guy from past post that I suck regularly. Enjoy

I was in the mood for a load or two and figured there have been enough homeless camping out in the shopping center tearoom so I headed to the video booths.

Well, obviously I should buy a lottery ticket ticket because the fates are in a good mood today.

I was not there 2 minutes before I found an empty booth next to the glory hole.
You always wonder when you see someone walk in, shut the door and then exit within 10 seconds.
Is their father in the next booth or a guy so repulsive that you would rather take on a straight woman??

I took a chance since I know that everyone has different tastes.
After entering I sat down and checked out the hole...on the other side was a guy around my age, thick cock and stroking away.
He did not seem interested at first but something told me to be aggressive.
I have to laugh because my partner just asked me and when I tried to explain why I am smiling he said "what, you pushy and aggressive??"

The guy took a minute to check me out and decided to give me the pleasure of servicing.

Well, I knew it was a mouthful from what I could see but when it came through the hole my mouth had to drop open not only in fascination but also by necessity!

Huge mushroom head, thick and veiny shaft and the length to fill my throat.
You know exactly what I had in mind and I took full advantage.

He and I took turns between me swallowing him to the base and him just pushing it through the hole until I could not get any more cock in my throat.
Jesus, I could not believe how much cock could get shoved through that hole and I was devouring every fucking inch!

As you can guess, I was in the mood for a huge cock today - it has been a bit slow there lately and I needed some cock.

He was also in the same mood I think because every once in awhile he would pull out and stand back a second, then put his cock up against the hole just teasing me.
I could see his shaft and head grow each time so I knew that I could work that cock and give him one of the best blow jobs he has had and make him shoot a thick hot load.

We were going at it - shove down my throat, swallow every inch, pull back and stroke, shove through the hole and down my throat - then repeat.

Finally I could feel him grow in my mouth and began tasting the sweet tangy load. He shot about 6-7 shots of hot cum in my mouth and I kept his cock buried until every drop was taken.
I sucked every last drop out of the cock.

That was load #1 - now on to the second.

The second cock I took is the uncut hung guy I have posted about in the past.
He and I took some video of us cumming after a long suck/stroke session.
Today was no different.

I did start out pulling his cock down my throat and working it all the way to the base through the glory hole.
I knew it was his cock from the aroma of his foreskin ( better than a vintage Dom Perignon) and from the size of him...I may not be good with names but I can usually tell a cock and face from the past.

After about 5 minutes of deep throat glory hole action we took it to a single booth.

I stripped off my shirt and pants, he always likes to work my nipples and ass while I swallow every inch.
He and I went back and forth for about 30 minutes in that booth, stroking, sucking, nipple play and fingering my ass.
In this day of cell phones it is amazing to get a guy alone for that long without interruption and today the fates caught up.

His cell was going off, and we ignored it for a bit until we decided it was time to finish.
I told him I wanted his load all over my ass and he agreed.
We stroked each other, I pulled his nipples and he was ready to shoot.
I turned around and he coated my ass hole and cheeks with a hot thick load, I could feel every ounce hit my flesh and let it run down my ass.

I had to pull my jock back on but did not let any of it waste and let it just pool around my ass while I left the building and walked down the street past all those business people and tourists.

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