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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot biker and my partner lends a hand to get him off

On Sunday we were at one of our regular hangouts enjoying the sun, warm weather and hot men.
It got to be so packed but no one was in a playful mood so we headed to another hangout.
After my partner got us cocktails I headed off for my usual cruise to see what I could find.
We were both in a nasty, raunchy mood and I headed to the back.

I had already taken all those loads on Thursday and Friday, then hanging out at the pool of the hotel in my speedo thinking about cock all weekend had put me in an aggressive frame of mind.

There was hot blond guy in the back wearing leather jacket and motorcycle pants I believe. When I got back there his hand was already stroking his crotch a bit.

I leaned back and rubbed a bit on my crotch, then started walking over. I kept up the eye contact while making my move.
There was a guy nearby cruising but not aggressive and I was a hungry cock sucker on a mission. I went up and grabbed the blonds cock through his pants.

He was interested so I undid the pants and got down on my knees to get his load.
I always enjoy getting a guy from semi hard to full raging hard on and we were well on that road.

I sensed another person behind me and saw a hand playing with my new buddies nipples.
Right away I knew it was my partner and that he was happy to see me deep throating this hot guy.
While I swallowed the cock and cupped his balls, my partner kept working on the nipples and they were talking about me while I sucked away.

My partner then took over the balls and was pulling on them - found out the nipples and balls are hard wired to the cock and he was instantly twice as big.
Damn, now my mouth was really getting stretched. I had already been taking it to the base and was able to breathe a bit but now I had to switch to nose breathing or suffocate.

While my partner worked his balls, I took it all the way down and then he let loose with a hot thick load.

He must have shot at least 5 thick spurts and I took every drop. I then stood up, with the help of my now drained load giver and my partner.

Hot blond was grinning ear to ear and said "thanks!"
I had to return the sentiment and said "no thanks needed, my pleasure".
I was a content cum pig.

He had been at the same hangout earlier and commented that he was horny and hoping to get off there but could not find anyone.

Well, we chatted a bit more and he said that was just what he needed and we went our separate ways.

Always great to get a helping hand from the people you love.

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