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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daddy, I'm ready for my second load please.

This morning I got an email from my blond park buddy to meet up at the video booths and share some cocks.
I said yes and headed over at the allocated time. I went in, looked around and saw some very promising guys but not my buddy. Walked around a bit and went outside to check.
Next thing I know we are discussing on the phone that he is already in a booth.

I head downstairs and he wants to try to get with a couple of guy in one booth.
He goes in and I decide to entertain myself with a hot newbie.

I go into a booth and the newbie follows behind.
We had already cruised each other so I was ready to get to work. He was around my age, shaved head, salt/pepper facial hair and carpenter pants ( gave him that "I am on a break from the site" look).
I took his cock out, he took mine out and wow - he had a nice thick cock with a big ole mushroom head.
When I got it in my throat I could taste the precum already flowing. He wanted to stroke my cock and play with my nipples. I was also leaking precum from him going back and forth between playing with my nipples to playing with my ass.
Well, you know that just gets me in the mood to deep throat even more.
I went down on him again and thought "it smells like fresh cum" - seems that while playing and rubbing he had already shot a bit of cum on my stomach. Damn that was hot!
I took some of the cum and wiped it on his cock and stroked a bit more before going back to deep throating. Now that he is even thicker and has his own cum as lube for my throat totally buried it in my throat.
He wanted to fuck me with a condom but since we did not have one I told him to shoot on my face.
He put a nice thick load on my goatee. We buttoned up and I went out to find my buddy.

Blond buddy had been in a booth with another cum pig and a very tall dark haired hunk.
He wanted me to suck the tall guy off so we went to a booth and left the door open. Sure enough the tall hunk joined us.
Blond buddy asked him if it was ok to take a video clip of me sucking him off. He said sure.
It turned out to be a bit awkward since our tall dark haired hunk was also into sucking guys - while I was sucking him and my buddy he was trying to get the next gloryhole booth to stick a cock through.
No loads there, so we all took a raincheck (video is interesting to see but no cumshot).

Blond buddy and I waited for another guy to join or take the next booth and an older man came in to the next booth.
At first glance it was not going to be what my blond buddy wanted so we wandered a bit more. He went in a booth to play with someone and I went back to the older guy.
Well, when I saw what he was packing I was on my knees in a second!

This man was a hot, older, daddy type and his cock was at least 8 THICK inches of UNCUT meat.
I motioned him to put it through for me to suck and he did...I was in pig heaven and devouring every inch.
He pulled out after a couple of minutes and said we should get a single booth.
We buttoned up and went in to another booth. We left the door unlocked in case anyone wanted to join.
We were uninterrupted for about 5 minutes - he was rubbing my head, pushing his cock to the base and just letting me have every inch of that cock and foreskin!!!
Eventually my blond buddy found us and came in.

His eyes bulged and what I had found.

( I have learned over the years of being a cum pig that any guy can be a hot intense fun time - never judge a book by it's cover when it comes to cock sucking, boys!!)

I kept up my deep throat action and used my hand a few times to stroke that uncut daddy dick.
He then started playing with my ass - well, shit you know I was up for a real mouth pounding now.
I sucked and stroked him until he was ready to shoot.
It was a sweet tasting load - he later told me it was his fourth so far and on that note told him that next time I want to find him for the first, second and third load.

He also said he would like to fuck me and I said that would be fine by me next time - hope to get that one again real soon.


Anonymous said...

where can we find the video? :)

sfverscumboy said...

I am putting it on Xtube and then will put it on here.
Should be up later tonight if all goes well.